April Runfessions

It’s FriYAY and another month is coming to a close which means it’s time to cleanse our souls or soles …or maybe both! This, quite possibly, may be everyone’s favorite link-up as we runners tend to get pretty uptight about things from time to time and let’s be honest, just like our sweaty running gear …sometimes, we just need to “air things out”. So let’s get right to it, shall we?tumblr_mxrk1aCoT41qft49to1_500


I runfess…

After discovering that one of my only pair of Injinji socks (which I absolutelyĀ have to wear for runs longer than 6 miles) has gone AWOL, last seen in the dirty clothes hamper, I promptly logged in to my Amazon account and orderedĀ anotherĀ multiple pairs. It’s been 8 days now and the lone sock is still sitting atop my dresser, waiting for the return of its mate. I can’t bring myself to move it to the “single sock bin” yet ….because we all know what happens to those! Any other sock would have promptly been relocated, but my beloved Injinji’s ….just no! I’m still holding out hope that it will turn up and in the meantime these new babies better arrive today because there’s a 9 miler on the training schedule for tomorrow. If not, I’ve actually considered wearing the lone sock along with a regular sock …since it just so happens to be the foot that tends to blister. Desperate times call for desperate measures!Ā 66ed1e52c864512290dd273c3344ee30

I runfess….

While I’m ashamed to admit it, I used to think Jeff Galloway and his run/walking deal wasn’t for “real” runners. I know, I know ….I feel the shame. Whenever I would see people doing this in a race, I would think “just run! If you have to stop and walk in the first mile, then just slow your running down” for goodness sakes. But oh, how sweet a big slice of humble pie can be! After trying this method over the past several weeks and not only enjoying it, but also finding that my overall times are improving …I now think the man is a freaking genius! It is perfect for nursing injuries, gettingĀ acclimatedĀ to the heat and humidity and also serves as great speed work if you really push yourself on the run intervals. I’m not sure that I will use this in short distance racing, but definitely will incorporate it into half marathons. And just to quiet those indignant runners (like myself), I’m thinking about sporting one of these shirts …..187e6b4380c30325d29d78f598ee7be1

I runfess…

I have gotten to the point that I don’t even want to look at race pictures of myself anymore. I mean seriously… I either look like I’m walking, crawling, or dying, I’m either wiping my nose or looking spastic. And I truly think that the camera adds 20lbs to my thighs! For every one decent picture they capture, there’s always at least three hideous ones that make me cringe. In an effort of always “keeping it real”, here’s the latest…..

Instead of looking all cutesy like this girl…Vulcan Materials 5K_20170422_0468

….here’s what I getVulcan Materials 5K_20170422_0573

Yep, there it is …isn’t it lovely? I look like a have some serious “junk in my trunk” and my thighs look like tree trunks. And that’s all just icing on the cake to the spastic wave and look of sheer surprise on my face. Geez, this may be the worst one yet. They did get a halfway decent one of me crossing the finish line in which my thighs look a little closer to their actual size…Vulcan Materials 5K_20170422_0597

Clearly I need to either hide from the race photographers or amp up my “leg day” workouts.

I runfess….

After my lucky streak of winning giveaways I’ve had recently and in light of the way my thighs looked in the above mentioned runfession, I registered to win a freeĀ Cool SculptingĀ treatment. I mean, why not? If it’s free, non invasive and could possibly freeze the heck out of some stubborn fat cells that have taken up residence around my mid-section, hips and thighs …I’m all over that. Here’s to hoping my my lucky streak continues!


Let it go, let it go ….let the fat cells go!


I runfess….

My latest guilty pleasure is this little pint-sized bucket of pure sweet and salty deliciousness and I may or may not have indulged in theĀ entireĀ container last week …halo-top-sea-salt-caramel31012017….which obviously went straight to my thighs as evidenced by Saturdays race photos! Shakira hit the nail on the head when she said “hips don’t lie” ….and I’m here to tell ya that neither do the thighs! I’ve given very specific instructions to Major Hubs to limit my intake the next time I sit down with this seemingly innocuous pint of “healthy” ice cream. He gave me the look that says ….”I’m smarter than that!”when-your-hips-dont-lie-liggoafvofficial-little-did-the-horse-8504809

And with that, I’ll wrap up this session of Runfessions! Please joinĀ Marcia, our lovely hostess, and other runners as we bare our soles and souls!


I’m also linking up withĀ RachelĀ andĀ Meranda and LaceyĀ for the Ā Friday Five 2.0Ā link. There’s so much fun on these last Fridays of the month, you’ll definitely want to join in!

Five Reasons I Love Blogging | Friday Five 2.0 | Running on Happy


What’s your favorite Halo Top flavor? Are you guilty of ever indulging in the entire pint? Do you love or hate your race pics? Have you or anyone you know ever had a Cool Sculpting treatment? Pros/Cons?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one runfession at a time!

Challenges Pave the Way for Breakthrough

findingfabulousatfifty.wordpress.comHello and Happy Monday from the LadyBird’s world! It’s been a couple of weeks since I touched base with a “Weekly Wrap” and I know everyone’s just dying to know what’s been happening with my training, right?? Ahhh yes, I thought so! Before we get into the details of the past few week’s happenings, let’s see what my training looked like … Continue reading

Hydration on the Run

With the arrival of Spring and Summer knocking on our door, the inevitable rise in temperatures and humidity makes hydrating for our workouts even more important. This weeks Tuesday’s on the Run topic is all about hydration. And just as unique as every runner is, their hydration preferences are as well. What works for one person may not work for another, but there’s something to be learned from everyone ….so let’s talk H2O!Hydration.png

Pre-Run Hydration

fcde401c40e589cd110eec285cb24bb3Nothing magical here, I have a cup of coffee every morning, so naturally, that means I have coffee before a run …except race day. I’ve never had coffee before a race …too many other things I’m focused on race morning and then there’s that little “bathroom issue” to contend with. All runners know how active the GI system tends to get on race morning …why add fuel to the fire!

I do try to increase my water intake several days leading up to a race, but I will not guzzle a bottle of water on race morning. There’s nothing worse than hearing and feeling too much water sloshing around in the gut during those first few miles …been there, done that, learned my lesson.

There are two packets ofĀ BeetEliteĀ in my kitchen that a friend of the Major’s gave him to try. Based on the look on his face while he tried to drink it, I’m not sure if I even want to try it! However, I am curious about it ..anyone use it? Like it? Any tips on how to drink it other than mixed with plain water?


Hydration During a Run

I will be honest and say that I haven’t really tried a lot of different hydration fuel products and there are so many out there. In the good ‘ole days, it was just plain water and Gatorade. (I still love some grape flavored Gatorade for my long bike rides) Ā Then I started using nuun tablets in the summer months and on all long runs until they changed the ingredients, which unfortunately changed the taste. I just can’t deal with that aftertaste they now have. It’s really too bad, because I used to love mixing the flavors and creating my own tropical explosion in my water bottle! I bought one tube of GU tablets and if it’s possible, I think they may have tasted even worse.

In anticipation of the relentless heat and humidity of summer, I recently ordered an assortment ofĀ TailwindĀ to try. The idea was to try each flavor, decide which one I liked best, then purchase a bag of that flavor.Ā TW-Stick-Packs

….so far, I like all of the flavors I’ve tried, love the subtle taste and feel it is very effective at not only keeping me hydrated but also energized. Even better, there is no nasty aftertaste! Score!

Post-Run Hydration

Well, this all depends on the run, distance, temperature outside, time of day, etc… Ā I’ve been known to re-hydrate post race with a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, glass of wine ….you get the picture. But most of the time, for everyday runs and weekend long runs, I turn to a glass of chocolate milk, for short runs and a protein shake for longer runs. During the summer months and after long runs, I will usually mix a packet of Advocare’s Rehydrate with a bottle of water to replenish the electrolytes lost during my run/workout.618c1e04fbb454a4574c35c53e012cb1

Now, for me, the biggest issue is how to carry this hydration during my run. I mentioned in a recent blog that I was thinking about trying out a fuel belt that I’ve had stashed away but never used. Currently, I’m using a small handheld NathanĀ water bottle and it works fine …if you don’t mind having it in your hand the entire time.59fd9d87717303f687e3cfddb73145fc

It’s small, shaped to fit your hand, doesn’t leak, has reflective straps and the opening is wide enough for an ice cube or two. I will continue to use this for short, hot runs. However, I am still in the market for something that I can use on long runs that does not require being held the entire time. Ā Darlene, fromĀ My First 5k, recommended the Flip Belt hydration bottle.Ā black_main-900x600

This is something I haven’t even thought about! I love my Flip Belt and honestly, had forgotten all about the fact that they now make hydration bottles for it. Anyone else use these? Do you prefer the small or the large bottles? Which is easier to get in and out of the belt?

Another option I’m considering is this nifty little bottle fromĀ Simple Hydrationsimplehydration-splash1

I like the fact the it can be “hooked” onto my flipbelt without actually taking up valuable space inside the belt. However, despite its glowing reviews of comfort, I’m just not convinced. Anyone have one? Thoughts/opinions?

In summary and in response to Deb’s “word of the month” in this month’s edition of Wednesday WordĀ ….. there are a multitude of ways a runner experiences victory. Crossing the finish line, PR’s, rallying back from injuries and even simply lining up at the starting line is a victory for some. But right now, with half marathon training ramping up just when the temperatures are heating up, finding the perfect combination of hydration and how to carry it on all of those long, hot and humid miles is nothing short of a ….


Thanks toĀ Marcia,Ā ErikaĀ andĀ PattyĀ for hosting Tuesdays on the RunĀ andĀ DebĀ for Wednesday Word. Be sure to visit these blogs and others to see what victories they’ve conquered or working towards and to get advice on hydrating your body for more efficient running.



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one victory at a time!








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Ultimate Coffee Date: April Edition

Hello and happy April everyone! Not only is it the first Saturday in April, it’s also the first day in April …and what a beautiful spring-like day we’re having down here in Dixieland! You all know what we do on the first Saturday of the month, right? Of course! We sip coffee over a virtual “coffee date” and catch up with one another. However, as usual, I’m late joining the group and didn’t even have my coffee this morning. Bummer, right? Ā But I did sleep in and got my 6 mile run in and now sitting down to enjoy a little recovery drink …so, let’s chat while I sip my “toddy”, shall we? Continue reading

March Runfessions

runfessionsWow! It’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’sĀ RunfessionĀ time! You know, getting all of that “stuff” off your sweaty souls/soles. Ā I almost let the day get away from me, but never fear …I have a few confessions of my own to make here!

I runfessĀ …that I’m still not running as much as I’d like to be at this point in my training cycle because frankly, I don’t know what the &#@% is going on with my feet and these orthotics! I did go in for an adjustment on Monday and while they felt a tad better, they just aren’t comfortable to run in. But I won’t go down that ugly road again. Let’s just suffice it to say that I’ll be making another appointment next week and I’ll leave this time with a major ‘fix’ or my $400 in hand. Continue reading

HIIT: A Love/Hate Relationship

HateAs many of you know, I’ve been doing quite a bit of cross training lately while my cranky ankle heals becomes less cranky. With this in mind and in an effort to fire up the tired and worn out 50-year-old metabolism furnace, the hubs and I have been attending a HIIT class on Wednesday nights named “Triple Threat”. As I’ve previously stated, I personally believe that the triple threat is that it is designed to either make you puke, pass out or die. I’ve come close to all three, yet have survived to attend another class.

FriFive2I’m linking up withĀ Running on HappyĀ andĀ Fairytales and FitnessĀ for theirĀ Friday Five 2.0Ā link-up where I’m sharing with you 5 things I love/hate about HIIT class! Be sure to visit our gracious hostesses and other bloggers…you just never know what fun topics and helpful tips you may find!

I loveĀ that it pushes out of my comfort zone…. yet IĀ hateĀ getting out my comfort zone.

Yeah, you know what I mean. We all get in that rut of doing the same workouts, exercises and classes. And to be honest, it’s hard sometimes to step out of that comfort zone and try something new. However, I also find that the more I push myself to try new things, the more open I am to venturing out more and more. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to try that Orange Theory class I’ve been stalking for a couple of months now. We all know one of the most popular motivational quotes out there today …”Growth occurs just outside of your comfort zone”? Well, it’s true!

IĀ loveĀ the energy in the room …but IĀ hateĀ the instructor.

Okay,Ā hateĀ is a strong word and I really don’t hate her. However, while I do find her young 20 something year old, energetic, peppy little self bouncing all around the room with the greatest of ease just a tad annoying …I do love the energy she exudes. Even though we are all drenched in sweat, gasping for air, grunting and groaning …we are pushing ourselves harder than normal because of her and it feels amazing, in a sick, twisted sort of way.

IĀ loveĀ that it challenges me physically ….and IĀ hateĀ burpees!if-burpee-gymmemesandmotivation-had-a-face-if-burpees-had-a-2034875 (2)

I know, I know …I sound like a broken record here, but seriously! Why does every single class HAVE to include those damn things? I suck at them. And she has us doing every variation known to mankind and none of them are easy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m old and stiff or just because they’re not a staple in my workouts ..but I have a hard time with jumping back to the squat from the push up position. I can’t seem to ever get my feet to land as close to my hands as necessary to be able to pop up as quickly as everyone else. While everyone else in the class looks like little jack-in-the-boxes popping up all around me, I look in the mirror and see an old jack-in-the-box whose spring is all stretched out and just barely ‘hangs’ over the edge of the box when the lid opens. Yet I feel like I am accomplishingĀ something by attempting them and I’m positive that I will improve!

IĀ loveĀ that it is also a great core workout ….IĀ hateĀ burpees!

Notice a pattern here? Yeah, I thought you would. But seriously though …no matter what exercise we are performing, the core is engaged. Due to the high intensity, reps and the fact that there’s usually a ‘hop’, ‘jump’ and/or hand weights involved somehow …the core is being used to stabilize and help balance you. I can always feel some soreness either in my lower back or abs the next day …which is always a good thing.

IĀ loveĀ that it makes me feel like a badass ….but IĀ hateĀ that it makes me feel OLD.

Just being real here. I’m pretty sure the hubs and I are the oldest ones in the class. When I wonder why our peppy little instructor isn’t at all breathless or nearly as red-faced as I am, Ā I’m reminded of just how freaking old I am. However, when I see someone younger than me walk out mid-way through class, I feel pretty dang accomplished for just completing the class …without puking, fainting or dying. Better to be an old badass than just old!

I’ll be back next Wednesday!

Do you HIIT? Ever feel like you could puke, faint or die from a workout? Ever feel like a total badass when you out last a much younger person? Tell me about it?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one HIIT at a time!