Two Are Better Than One

Accountability. Let’s face it, we don’t always like it but we all need it at times ….especially when it comes to fitness! We often think that taking that first step toward a healthier lifestyle, joining a gym and throwing out all of the junk food is the hardest step. We think that once we make that commitment, it will be a piece of cake (yes, I’m craving butter cream icing at the moment) to hop out of bed before daybreak to get that workout in before work. We will never crave another Reese’s Cup once we’ve actually “acquired a taste” for protein bars, right? Wrong! I’m here to tell you that no matter how far in the fitness journey you are ….you WILL have your weak moments, days and sometimes weeks. We all struggle with staying on track with our workouts and nutrition; especially when we aren’t seeing the results we want.  So, what do we do to combat these weak moments and get back on track? For me personally; it is imperative that I have someone to hold me accountable. Having a workout partner can support, encourage and keep you on track when life gets in the way.

Now let me be clear, I am not one of those people who cannot work out alone. I know some like that and frankly, I think they are missing out on some amazing experiences! To go for a run, alone, is one of the most intimate activities you can experience …hearing your feet pounding the pavement reminds you of your strength, hearing the sound of your labored breathing lets you know you’re alive, and being alone in your thoughts gives you a chance to get to know yourself better! I absolutely enjoy my solo runs, bike rides and gym sessions; however, I feel much more accomplished when I do these things with someone.

I am fortunate that my absolutely favorite workout partner is also my favorite travel companion, dance partner, soul mate and love of my life ….my amazing hubby! He supports and encourages me in everything I do and truly makes this journey one that is not only worthwhile but meaningful and adventurous.

We have done every 5k, 10k and half marathon together and I cannot tell you how much I’ve grown, not only to love, but anticipate seeing his smiling face and hearing him cheer for me as I cross those finish lines (he’s much speedier than me; therefore, always waiting for me at the end). We also lift weight together, hike and ride bikes. The beauty of it is this …when one of us is feeling sluggish, lazy and in a rut; the other is pumped and ready to go, which always helps to motivate and get the other back on track!

Typically, when your workout buddy is a friend, the two of you share similar interests in activities. He or she will not likely be willing to tackle a 3 hour hike if they have no interest in hiking or are afraid of heights. However; if you can secure your spouse as your workout partner, chances are they will be willing to do just about any activity that you are interested in as well. At least that is the case with mine … in point:


Woolmarket Duathlon

Even though the hubs isn’t particularly fond of cycling, he took on this duathlon with me simply because he knows how much I enjoy biking ….and he says it’s also because he likes the way my butt looks in bike shorts!

I’ve been talking about us buying a couple of kayaks to add to our adventure arsenal for several years now. When a weekend getaway to the coast didn’t pan out, my fabulous workout partner bought me this beauty! I promptly took her out for an hour long cruise on the lake while the hubby labored his legs on a 6 mile run ….what a wonderfully peaceful way to start your weekend!

Seriously though, how many wives get this excited when their husband brings this home to them after a trip to the family farm?!? True love, I tell ya! Sometimes, the best gifts really are free and I’ve had a ‘flippin’ good time with this one!




Whether your workout partner is your spouse, best friend, personal trainer or “man’s best friend”; they can be invaluable to your fitness routine, helping you stay motivated, encouraged, challenged and on track. Whatever your passion may be, find it and share it with someone …..because two is always greater than one!


Thoughts?   ….. I’d love to hear from you!

Do you enjoy a workout partner?

What are some of your favorite workouts?

Do you and your spouse workout together?

How do you deal with the struggles of staying on track?






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