No Ifs, Ands or But(t)s!

Okay, I’ll admit it ….as thankful as I am to be healthy, active and pretty darn ‘fit’ for my ripe old age, I’m no different than any other woman out there. I’m always complaining about my ‘problem areas’ and the older I get, the more ‘problem areas’ there seems to be! Besides, I do believe in the old adage that there is always room for improvement!

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
― Ernest Hemingway

The past few years, as the summer months come to an end, while anticipating cooler weather and ramping up my running mileage; I always get the itch for a ‘challenge’ of some sort. So, in keeping with my tradition, September brings with it a new ‘challenge’…Fitness magazines 30-day squat challenge! Because, who doesn’t want a better looking tush?!? Let’s face it, the older we ladies get, the further south our rears seem to drag! We all long for those days when we had perky little butts that sat where they were supposed to rather than behind our knees.

Besides a tighter, more toned and perkier tush, there are many benefits to doing squats:

  • Builds muscle
  • Burns calories & fat
  • Fights cellulite
  • Improves digestion
  • Better for joints (if done correctly)
  • Aids in circulation
  • Increases hormone release
  • Improves strength (great for runners)

Now this isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart …they don’t call it a ‘challenge’ for nothing! But nothing worth having comes easy, right?? Here’s a snapshot of the month …


Click on the link above for a printable version and video turorials on each squat variation. Obviously, these are ‘body weight’ squats with no additional weights. If you are more advanced in your fitness, please feel free to add weight with dumbbells or kettlebells for more resistance. If you are a beginner and find this a little too challenging, modify however you feel is best by reducing the amount of reps you do each day or adding an additional rest day. The two most important things in fitness and exercise is this ….correct form and listen to your body! If your body is telling you to ease up, then please do. However, remember that soreness is a normal part of progression and not necessarily a signal that you need to back off. Here is a diagram to help you with the correct form for a basic squat:squat-canva

Sometimes it helps beginners to place a chair beneath them and act as if you are going to sit down on the edge of it, then raise up just as your bottom touches the chair. Pay close attention to your knees, not letting them move out past your toes when you are lowering.

I’ve done a lot of squat challenges over the years and this one looks ‘extra’ challenging. I’m seeing a lot of sore days in my near future, but I’m excited about the potential benefits from completing this one!

Anyone else want a tighter, stronger more toned tush? Who’s with me on this challenge? It’ll be fun to encourage one another along the way and compare results on October 1st!! Let’s do this, together …30 days to a tighter tush! #septembersquats


finding “fabulous” at fifty…one squat at a time!

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This Week’s Gallivantin’~Dog Days & 5k’s

Monday: Nothing ….was supposed to be Leg day but what can I say; it was a Monday! And the dear sweet Mother in law brought brownies over at 8 o’clock in the evening. Four, I had four! Was pretty mad at myself but went to bed channeling my best Scarlett O’Hara saying, “….after all, tomorrow is another day.” #justkeepingitreal

Tuesday: ’twas a crazy busy day and was so looking forward to Spin class ….no one showed! Ugh, seriously? Okay, fine. I’ll go home and flip my tractor tire; that’ll give me a great leg AND cardio workout!! Got home, prepared a giant bottle of ice water, started to walk outside and …..yep, RAIN! Ugh, seriously??? Normally, at this point, I would’ve just given up and poured myself a full glass of Merlot. But those brownies were still haunting me…with overwhelming guilt! Soooo, I went downstairs and decided to get in a Spin/HIIT workout that went something like this:

*Ran stairs x 10, kettlebell deadlifts x 12, 10 minute seated climb on Spin bike

*Ran stairs x 10, kettlebell deadlifts x 12, 10 minute standing climb on Spin bike

*Ran stairs x 10, kettlebell deadlifts x 12, 10 minutes of jumps on Spin bike

Forty minutes later, drenched in sweat, I was feeling pretty good about those brownies I indulged in the night before!!

Wednesday: Early morning 3 mile run with Tammy. Still humid as heck….fall, where are  you??? The hubby met me at the gym after work and we got in a solid back/bicep workout. I’m really enjoying being back on track with my strength training. Followed this up with a tasty little protein shake and a short little walk around the neighborhood with the hubby and the two ‘knuckleheads’ (Chester and Chaco)

Thursday: Dang deadlifts!!! Woke up with a pretty serious “hitch in my get-up-and-go” (another one of these Southern colloquialism) and I’m blaming the deadlifts. Hurts to bend, stoop and twist at the waist. I’ve signed up to run a 5k this Saturday so this has got to be gone….SOON! Stretched, stretched and stretched some more throughout the day and fired up the old heating pad for the evening. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday: No change. Though it’s not worse, it certainly could be better. I feel like an 80-year-old lady here! I mean, seriously??? Just when the ankle starts feeling better, I have to go and throw a “monkey wrench” in my back. Sigh… I’m beginning to question if I will actually be able to run my race tomorrow. My New Year’s resolution was to run a race per month so if I have to walk the dang thing, I will. No matter what…the race must go on!


Hahaha! Can anyone else relate??? A little running humor goes a long way …but only for a short time.

Saturday: Awake at 4 am to drive an hour and a half for a race that I’m not even sure I will be able to run. Makes perfect sense, right?? Of course it does! I’ve really been looking forward to this month’s race, “Dog Days 5k”, due to the fact that all proceeds benefit a local area service dog organization and that they, not only welcome but, encourage participants to bring their dogs. This was Chester Boy’s race debut! He has been running with the hubs for about 3 years now and absolutely loves it! He’s so funny ….on non-running mornings that we are up early, moving about the house, he gives us the look that says “you guys are really disturbing my sleep here”. But, the minute the hubby walks out of the bedroom with his running shoes in hand …Ole Chester boy jumps up, stretches and begins wiggling around with anticipation of getting a few miles in! So, needless to say, as soon as he saw a pair of running shoes being picked up, the 4 am wake up didn’t bother him in the least! As to my back/hip issue …..thankfully, it was a little better upon awakening but certainly not ‘race’ better. My plan was to walk the 5k, after all, just finishing is the goal, right? Wrong! Who am I kidding? I knew that once I lined up at the starting line, I would start running ….even if it killed me. It’s just how we runners are wired! And that’s exactly what happened. I ran, slow and steady …well, actually it was more like trotting. Although it was one of my slowest 5k times ever (averaging 10:30 pace), I was satisfied just knowing that I didn’t have to walk and I believe the run actually loosened those tight muscles! Now, Ole Chester boy is another story, he had a great run! He and the hubby placed 2nd overall in the ‘doggie division’ with a time of 25:57! I was so proud of them and as you can tell by the pictures below, Ole Chester boy appeared pretty dang proud of his medal as well! They also gave out awards to dogs in varying categories and Chester won a ribbon for having the prettiest tail….who knew?!? They had a swimming pool for the dogs to cool off in, cold wet towels at the finish line for the humans, breakfast biscuits (for peeps) and doggie biscuits were on hand for refueling. It was a fun, well-organized race benefiting a great cause!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday: Rest!

What injuries are you dealing with right now? Do you slow down or run through them?  Do you run with your dog? Have you ever entered a race with your dog? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you!

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Here’s to an injury free week for everyone!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty (while feeling 80…at the moment!)

Sweaty Momentos

Welcome to #turnuptuesday! I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice, MCM Mamma Runs and My No-Guilt Life for their weekly “Tuesdays on the Run” link. Today’s topic, Race Day Memorabilia, struck a chord with me so I thought I’d chime in on this one!

The question has been posed: What do we runners do with all of our race day memorabilia?  Race bibs, tshirts, medals, trophies and all of the myriad of other gifts bestowed upon us for crossing that finish line …do we keep them, display them or throw them out?  After all, we put in a lot of miles, time, sweat and blisters training for these items in addition to paying good money just to pin a bib on our shirts and run for a medal. It’s an interesting question, for sure. However, I think in answering this question; it inherently brings to mind another question. “Why do we do these races in the first place?” I think the two questions go hand in hand.

First, let me answer the original question posed ….

My running wall consists of medals, race bibs, one poster and a motivational quote. I have the race bibs in order with the most recent race on top and on the back of each bib, I write the date, my age, finish time and if I placed in my age group. The medals are hung by categories …half marathon medals, age group medals and miscellaneous ‘finisher’ medals from races other than half marathons. There’s nothing special about the poster other than I really like it because it captures the essence of the South. T-shirts? I have every one of them and rarely ever wear them! I’m just not a t-shirt kind of girl but I can’t seem to part with them. I really should consider sending them off to one of those companies that makes quilts out of them…that would be really cool!

Now, if I ended this post here, one might think this is quite egotistical. In fact, I’ve heard so many times, by those whom are not runners or do not workout, that we are all just ‘bragging’ about our accomplishments by posting about them on social media and that ‘nobody really cares’. With that being said, this brings me back to my next question, “Why….?” Just like with anything else in life, we runners all have different reasons for signing up for these races, getting up before the rooster crows and pinning those bibs on to run until we think we may puke in order to hang a medal on a wall somewhere in our house. For me, it’s as simple as this …..I run races to push myself more than I would on a normal everyday run, to enjoy the comradery of fellow runners and for the sense of accomplishment I feel when I’ve crossed that finish line. My medals are displayed for my purposes only. They’re not in a place where guests would see them because I’m not trying to impress anyone with them. They are there as a reminder to me that I am capable of doing something that at one time I never thought possible. They remind me that with hard work and determination, I can run 13.1 miles and they serve as a reminder to always be thankful for the health to get out there and do what I love!


A dear friend of mine, some of you may know her as MissSippiPiddlin, gave this to me as a Christmas gift and it hangs above my medals as a reminder that running is not easy, comfortable, glamorous or convenient …but it is satisfying! It is my journey, my struggle and my accomplishment. I post about this journey, not to brag, rather to encourage and motivate others who may be thinking the exact same things I thought 10 years ago …I’m too old to start running, I can’t run, my side hurts, I’ll never be able to run a mile without stopping, I can’t breathe, etc… the excuses are endless, I know. Stop wishing for it and start working for it …it’s just that simple. You can do it!

I may not have as many medals on my wall as others, my times may be much slower than some and I do not have any full marathon medals to display. And it’s okay! There’s always going to be someone out there who is faster than you, better than you, thinner than you, stronger than you, etc… We must stop comparing ourselves to one another and start appreciating who were are! I love this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“Do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others, rather you determine your success by comparing your accomplishment to your capabilities.”

The only person we should ever compare ourselves to is the person we were yesterday. While we sign up for these ‘races’, line up at the starting line, eyeing one another to see who our competition may be; ultimately, we know that the only person we are competing against is ourselves. We just want to be better than we were yesterday. Shouldn’t that be our goal in every aspect of life?  How we treat others, helping those less fortunate, in our relationships, our jobs ….striving to be a better version of the person you were yesterday!  Now that is something ‘medal worthy’, don’t you think?!

Thanks for stopping by today and indulging in my thoughts. Head on over to our hostess’ blogs, MarciaErikaPatty, and other running bloggers to find out what fun and/or interesting things they do with all of their race bling!Tuesdays-on-the-Run-2





This Week’s Gallivantin’~Spreading Our Wings

As the summer winds down, this weeks “weekly wrap” finds me feeling a little nostalgic. We moved the middle child to college this week to begin his freshman year.

I know this sound so cliché …but seriously, where does the time go? I know that just yesterday I was tucking him in bed and reading bedtime stories. I can still feel those chubby little fingers wrapped around mine as we walked across streets and little arms wrapped tightly around my neck as he whispered “I love you momma” in my ear. So many sweet memories treasured up in my heart. I read that there are approximately 940 Saturdays between the time your child is born and when they leave for college. As I pondered that for a moment; my first thought was “Did I make the most of those days? Did I play with them enough? Should I have let them play with play-dough more? {because let’s all be honest here ….it’s just so dang messy!}” Sure there were days that I couldn’t wait until nap time just to have a quiet moment to myself and days where I thought I’d pull my hair out trying to get three little boys dressed and out the door on time! There are no perfect children, perfect days or perfect parents. We’re all just trying to navigate life one day at a time and while doing so, life happens …and it happens quickly. Before we know it, we look up and realize that 940 Saturdays have gone by in the blink of an eye!

So, this sweet child of mine is now a young man beginning a new chapter of his life. He’s strong, independent, caring and full of life. While he is more than ready to ‘conquer the world’; he still tells me that he loves me every time we talk or text, regardless of where he lives he still refers to my house as ‘home’ and no matter how old he gets, he still calls me ‘Momma’ ….so, yes, I believe that I have made the most of the past 18 years and we are all ready to spread our wings and fly into the next chapter.

Now that I’ve brought myself to tears …..AGAIN, let’s talk fitness!

Sunday: Church, rest and last-minute college shopping with the boy. I can remember when he was little how much I loved being able to make a ‘Wal-Mart’ run alone, without kids fussing and fighting or having to find a safe place to park the buggy while I took one of them to the bathroom. Oh, but not this time! He drove me, we listened to his music and he pushed the buggy. We talked like two old friends, laughed and reminisced a little. I found a little slice of heaven this day while shopping with my child.


Isn’t he just adorable? He said  “adulting is expensive” 🙂

Monday: Leg Day…again! Dang, that one comes around way too soon! I mean, Mondays suck enough on their own, then I had to go and schedule my leg workouts on the same day! Last week it was the weighted squats that had me crawling around moaning and groaning and this week it was the deadlifts ….hammies were screaming for several days!

Tuesday: Back/Biceps and taught Spin class. What I felt was a pretty tough class was confirmed the next day by one of my spinners when she texted me to say that her quads were extremely sore. Ahhh, a job well done!

Wednesday: Did my Thursday chest/tri workout since I knew I’d be out all day Thursday. Oh yeah, while reading the August edition of Runner’s WorldI read an article entitled “Globe Trotter”. It is about a woman who spent an entire year traveling the world to experience running in different cultures. The article intrigued me enough to order her book, “Run the World”.  If you love running, you should check it out. 

Thursday: College move in day! The only workout done was the five flights of stairs climbed to haul all of the boys belongings up because I did not have the patience to wait in line for the elevator! While it was a pretty good glute workout, it did not make up for the fish bowl margarita I had later that evening in an attempt to drown my sorrows! 🙂

Friday: 30 minutes on the elliptical and a short ab workout. Lunch with a few of my ex coworkers followed by a little retail therapy at TJ Maxx! In anticipation for shorter days, cooler temps and dark morning runs; I picked up this nifty little strobe light …one can never have enough lights on them these days! crazy drivers20160821_164153

Saturday: 5.5 mile hot, humid, hilly trail run with the hubs. I think he actually got 6 miles in due to all of the circling back he had to do to make sure I hadn’t passed out somewhere along the trail. I really don’t mind that he is always ahead of me though …in the summer, the sweat from his body keeps me cool and on the trails he clears all of the spider webs and hopefully runs off any unfriendly critters. See, there are some benefits to being a slower runner!

All in all, a good week. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get too far off my workout schedule despite the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on. Anyone else send a child off to college this year? Or maybe one started kindergarten? What are you reading these days? What is your favorite leg workout?

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This Week’s Gallivantin’~Staying on Track

Seriously, I could sum this week up with one word ….HUMID!  I honestly don’t know if it really is worse this year, my tolerance is weaker or it is merely enhanced by my hormones. I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you aren’t as ‘mature’ in age as I am, humidity and hot flashes just do not mix. When the outside of your body is being smothered by thick, hot, moist air that feels like a 50lb wool blanket while, at the same time, your body is experiencing its own little thermonuclear fusion going on inside ….well, let’s just say it doesn’t end well!

As much as I hate having running injuries, it really hasn’t bothered me that I haven’t been able to run as much as usual this summer. I’ve enjoyed my bike rides and it has forced me to be more diligent in my strength training. However, I am more than ready for some cooler temps and getting back to some longer distance runs again.

With all of that being said, here’s what I’ve been up to this past week:

Monday: Leg day …and boy did I kill it! I had my workout all planned out when my friend, a personal trainer at the gym where I work, said …”let’s do leg together”. I should have known better …I couldn’t walk, bend over, get in/out of my vehicle or sit down without experiencing excruciating pain for 3 days! But it was a good pain, in a sick twisted sort of way! 🙂 I learned that I need to do more weighted squats and not just air squats.


Tuesday: Strength training – Back/Biceps and a 45 minute Spin class. I have been teaching Spin classes off and on for ten years. During the summer months, our Spin class attendance usually slacks up. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve actually taught a class and it felt great to get back in the saddle again!

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical in the morning and rode the mountain bike 7 miles with the hubby while he ran after work.

Thursday: Squeezed in a good shoulder workout with Tammy (my PT friend), then the hubby met me at the gym for a chest/tri workout. Nothing worth having comes easy….right??


Friday: Abs/Core and 30 minutes on the Elliptical. I’ve decided that I really need to work on my balance for a couple of reasons ….one, I tend to keep some sort of ankle injury and two, I look like a staggering drunk while trying to do walking lunges! So, I borrowed this little balance disc to use while at home. I thought it would be convenient to use while standing in the kitchen cooking ….and since I often times enjoy a glass of wine while I cook, it will make the balancing aspect even more challenging! It’s much harder than it looks and I’m now praying that I don’t fall and break my ankle trying to improve its stability 🙂


Saturday: Whoo hoo! Finally back out on the road for a Saturday (semi) long run!  Yes, it was humid and yes, I was struggling …but I was just grateful to be back out there. Just a little side note here, MissSippiPiddlin was feeling spry today. She was climbing those hills like a mountain goat! Six hot humid and hilly miles followed by an afternoon nap and Olympic watching …go USA!

One area I really need to focus on is my nutrition. I’m not the ‘cleanest’ of eaters. I’ll admit that I really like wine and Reese’s Cups. I’ve been trying to educate myself and would welcome any nutrition focused blog recommendations that you guys have to offer. Here are a few things I did try this week…..

Anyone else have breakfast for dinner, or is that just a ‘Southern’ favorite? Right now, my favorite is scrambled eggs, grape tomatoes, fresh spinach and feta cheese ….yummy!! I found these blackened salmon steaks at Sam’s and they are delicious, especially paired with my all time favorite side dish …sautéed asparagus, tomatoes and fresh mushrooms! I saute’ them in olive oil, garlic powder, greek seasoning and a tad of Worcestershire sauce. Last, but certainly not least, I’m loving this Salted Caramel protein drink by Labrada. It’s perfect when you’re on the go with no time to mix your own.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful week. Remember, everyday may not be good but there’s something good in every day!

xoxo, no matter where you are in life …find your ‘fabulous’!

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Smile, you never know who’s watching…

Eleven months ago I left my job of seven years to take one as the manager/bookkeeper of a gym. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make because I would be giving up flexible hours and Fridays off for one of fairly strict hours. However, I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go for several reasons:

  1. I loved being in the gym. After all, it’s where I had discovered the new “me” back in my early 40’s.

  2. I had, at one time, dreamed of how wonderful it would be to have my own gym. What better way to get your feet wet without the financial obligation than to manage one? Test drive it before you buy it!

  3. I thought this would be a great way for me to become even more fit! Makes sense, right? Ha! What a challenge that has been. It seems I have less time to workout now that I work in my favorite place than I ever did before. But that’s a story for another post.

Shortly after I began, a young wife new to the area, joined our gym. She didn’t know how long she and her husband would be in town and didn’t know anyone. I connected her with one of our personal trainers and she became a regular face in the morning hours. With an ever positive attitude and a welcome compliment tossed my way, I enjoyed getting to know this young lady and encouraging her along the way.

Today, she stopped by the gym for the last time to say “goodbye” as she and her husband are moving back to Georgia. As we southerners say ….she brought me a little “happy”, which,in itself, was incredibly thoughtful. A coffee mug with my favorite quote “find joy in the journey”. She said she had noticed my Momentum Jewelry bracelet, which I wore most days, had this quote on it. Honestly though, as sweet as this gesture was; it was her note that meant so much more. “….I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me and being that smiling face every day….” What?? Here I thought she was the smiling face, the one who always complimented me, making me feel pretty darn good about being almost 50!! After all, I was just doing my job, right?


My point is this …all of the reasons that I took this job were for ME and about ME. However, what I have found is quite the contrary. I’m finding that my purpose here may be far greater than furthering my own fitness journey. Instead, it may just be that my purpose is to not only encourage, motivate and educate others in their own fitness journey; but more importantly, my role is evolving into one of a listener, therapist, friend and “smiling face” for everyone that enters our doors.

So, to answer my own question …if being a friend and a”smiling face” to fellow gym goers is my job, then yes, I was just doing my job and I couldn’t ask for a better job!

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~Mother Teresa

🙂  Smile, the weekend is here!

Finding fabulous at fifty, one smile at a time


A Weeks Worth of Gallivantin’~Livin’ Easy

Growing up in Mississippi, you hear a lot of Southern colloquialisms.’Gallivant’ is one I heard on a regular basis from my Mom, and it usually sounded something like this …..”Where are you going and who are you going to be with? Because you ain’t going to be just gallivantin’ all over town!” Well, that’s exactly what I was doing, all the while thinking I was ‘too big for my britches’ (I’ll leave this one for another post}, because there’s not much else to do in small southern towns of Mississippi!  Everyday living in the South is as slow as our southern drawl and these ‘dog days of summer’ are even slower!

With temperatures in the upper 90’s and humidity at 80 to 90%, running outdoors can be difficult. Many take their workouts indoors to beat the heat, some (like my hubby) like to run at high noon just to prove how tough they are, while others just go on a fitness hiatus until fall. For menopausal women, such as myself, the later is just not an option! These days it seems as though just watching food commercials causes weight gain. Can anyone else relate?  I’m having to get creative with ways to get my workouts in while beating the heat and switching things up a bit. So, here’s my weeks worth of workouts and ‘gallivantin’………

Sunday: Never a true “workout” day for me, so if I do anything active it is usually something that I consider relaxing ….like an early evening on the water with the “watermelon” (my kayak) and a beautiful sunset stroll with the hubby. A fabulous way to start the week; don’t you think?

Monday: So far, I’ve been sticking to my strength training schedule very well and I can tell the difference it makes in my ‘frame of mind’. Makes me feel accomplished and I like that! Today was leg and glutes day …lots of squats, variations of squats and more squats. When you’re pushing 50, you can never do too many squats!! Followed it up with a bike ride while the hubby got in his run. This actually works well for us ….I ride alongside him and we chat, catch up on our day then I’ll ride ahead, work up a sweat and circle back for more conversation. Any time spent together is time well spent!20160725_174044

Tuesday: Strength training …back/biceps. Female drama reared its ugly head later in the day which totally ruined any and all motivation for cardio. Instead, I went home and drowned my frustrations in a couple of glasses of wine. Could someone please tell me why the female species has to be so darn dramatic? I’m sure that will be another post for another day!

Wednesday: Early morning 3 mile run with a running buddy before work. Since my ankle injury, I’ve really cut back on my running and I miss it …terribly. Although this heat and humidity makes it easy NOT to run, I am looking forward to cooler weather, hopefully a fully healed ankle and back to longer and more frequent runs. Therefore, this little three miler, literally, made my day!

Thursday: Being the manager of a gym does have its perks! 30 minutes on the elliptical to start my workday then the hubs met me at the gym for a chest/triceps workout. I do love working out with that man …mainly because he pushes me, but also because he flirts with me during our gym sessions! Once I found out that it was ‘national chocolate chip’ day; I knew what was for dinner…. who can resist a glass of wine and an Oh Yeah! One Bar, chocolate chip cookie dough, of course!20160804_192839.jpg

Friday: Day off from work means a day spent with the hubs …my favorite!! So, we took off bright and early with Ole Chester boy (our lab) and headed to the family farm. The hubby had some bush hogging to do ………20160805_203420

….while the hubby and Ole Chester boy got their ‘tractor therapy’ on, I got some serious sun therapy and caught up on my latest Runner’s World magazine. Since the farm has virtually no cell service, one has to find other means of entertainment. Today it was sunbathing in a pasture with the smell of tractor diesel fuel and fresh-cut grass all around and a friendly game of checkers ….it’s how we roll down here in Mississippi!

Saturday: After sleeping in a little, the hubby loaded up the ‘flying purple people eater’ (my mountain bike) and we headed for the trails. Just over 6 miles, 50 minutes and some seriously steep hills later; we were hot as heck, drenched in sweat and worn out. I must say …I’ve run these trails hundreds of times over the years. However, I do believe they are even more beautiful and peaceful while riding two wheels. The hill climbs may be more difficult, but the downhills are crazy fun!

Slow week down here in Mississippi ….but then, according to Ella Fitzgerald, they usually are!

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high..”


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