This Week’s Gallivantin’~Spreading Our Wings

As the summer winds down, this weeks “weekly wrap” finds me feeling a little nostalgic. We moved the middle child to college this week to begin his freshman year.

I know this sound so cliché …but seriously, where does the time go? I know that just yesterday I was tucking him in bed and reading bedtime stories. I can still feel those chubby little fingers wrapped around mine as we walked across streets and little arms wrapped tightly around my neck as he whispered “I love you momma” in my ear. So many sweet memories treasured up in my heart. I read that there are approximately 940 Saturdays between the time your child is born and when they leave for college. As I pondered that for a moment; my first thought was “Did I make the most of those days? Did I play with them enough? Should I have let them play with play-dough more? {because let’s all be honest here ….it’s just so dang messy!}” Sure there were days that I couldn’t wait until nap time just to have a quiet moment to myself and days where I thought I’d pull my hair out trying to get three little boys dressed and out the door on time! There are no perfect children, perfect days or perfect parents. We’re all just trying to navigate life one day at a time and while doing so, life happens …and it happens quickly. Before we know it, we look up and realize that 940 Saturdays have gone by in the blink of an eye!

So, this sweet child of mine is now a young man beginning a new chapter of his life. He’s strong, independent, caring and full of life. While he is more than ready to ‘conquer the world’; he still tells me that he loves me every time we talk or text, regardless of where he lives he still refers to my house as ‘home’ and no matter how old he gets, he still calls me ‘Momma’ ….so, yes, I believe that I have made the most of the past 18 years and we are all ready to spread our wings and fly into the next chapter.

Now that I’ve brought myself to tears …..AGAIN, let’s talk fitness!

Sunday: Church, rest and last-minute college shopping with the boy. I can remember when he was little how much I loved being able to make a ‘Wal-Mart’ run alone, without kids fussing and fighting or having to find a safe place to park the buggy while I took one of them to the bathroom. Oh, but not this time! He drove me, we listened to his music and he pushed the buggy. We talked like two old friends, laughed and reminisced a little. I found a little slice of heaven this day while shopping with my child.


Isn’t he just adorable? He said  “adulting is expensive” 🙂

Monday: Leg Day…again! Dang, that one comes around way too soon! I mean, Mondays suck enough on their own, then I had to go and schedule my leg workouts on the same day! Last week it was the weighted squats that had me crawling around moaning and groaning and this week it was the deadlifts ….hammies were screaming for several days!

Tuesday: Back/Biceps and taught Spin class. What I felt was a pretty tough class was confirmed the next day by one of my spinners when she texted me to say that her quads were extremely sore. Ahhh, a job well done!

Wednesday: Did my Thursday chest/tri workout since I knew I’d be out all day Thursday. Oh yeah, while reading the August edition of Runner’s WorldI read an article entitled “Globe Trotter”. It is about a woman who spent an entire year traveling the world to experience running in different cultures. The article intrigued me enough to order her book, “Run the World”.  If you love running, you should check it out. 

Thursday: College move in day! The only workout done was the five flights of stairs climbed to haul all of the boys belongings up because I did not have the patience to wait in line for the elevator! While it was a pretty good glute workout, it did not make up for the fish bowl margarita I had later that evening in an attempt to drown my sorrows! 🙂

Friday: 30 minutes on the elliptical and a short ab workout. Lunch with a few of my ex coworkers followed by a little retail therapy at TJ Maxx! In anticipation for shorter days, cooler temps and dark morning runs; I picked up this nifty little strobe light …one can never have enough lights on them these days! crazy drivers20160821_164153

Saturday: 5.5 mile hot, humid, hilly trail run with the hubs. I think he actually got 6 miles in due to all of the circling back he had to do to make sure I hadn’t passed out somewhere along the trail. I really don’t mind that he is always ahead of me though …in the summer, the sweat from his body keeps me cool and on the trails he clears all of the spider webs and hopefully runs off any unfriendly critters. See, there are some benefits to being a slower runner!

All in all, a good week. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get too far off my workout schedule despite the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on. Anyone else send a child off to college this year? Or maybe one started kindergarten? What are you reading these days? What is your favorite leg workout?

If you are looking for some motivation to get you moving, go check out MissSippiPiddlin and HoHoRuns for their Weekly Wrap to see what other active women are up to!WeeklyWrap


14 thoughts on “This Week’s Gallivantin’~Spreading Our Wings

  1. I sure did send my middle one off to college last weekend. I also had three boys, by the way. (I don’t know nothing ’bout girls.) Funny, we also had some fun Walmart and grocery shopping trips. He’s been texting me about how to cook certain things too, which warms my heart. I was able to visit him this weekend when I did my race. I bet you teach a killer spin class! Seriously, let’s think about on of those rides. Thanks for linking, Teresa!

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    • Wow, we really do have quite a bit in common! I’m so glad that you got to see your son while doing your race (congratulations, by the way!)…I think they appreciate us Moms more when they are away from us! 🙂 I’m definitely interested in one of the bike rides…check your schedule and let me know which ones might work for you!


  2. Oh the college-bound kids! We also did a quick Walmart run after we got our son’s stuff moved in because there was no room to bring anything else in the TWO cars (his and ours) we brought from home. It wasn’t too hard sending him off, but it will be a different story in two years when we send off the last child….now I need a fish bowl margarita LOL


  3. My oldest is a high school sophomore and I’m already dreading how fast time will fly until its time to take her to college. I think my hubby will have an even harder time with it than I. That book looks great. What a fun adventure that must’ve been to take a year off to travel. Sign me up!

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  4. One of my running friends posted about that book on Facebook this past week, and now it’s on my to order and read list, too.

    My sons are both out of college and out of the house. One lives about thirty minutes away, and the other is married and lives in Chicago. Being the mom of boys is the best! 🙂


  5. Mondays do come around way too fast, I really should consider not doing leg day on a Monday but then I sure don’t want to be sore for the weekend either. I got off light this week, which has me thinking maybe I should prepare myself for next week! Reading that you ran with your hubs, has me thinking I really enjoyed it when Greg was running with me. I just can’t get him excited about getting up at the crack of dawn nor running in this heat, I hope come this Fall when we see some cooler temps he’ll want to get back out there. I think I even feel better when he runs.
    I have no advice about kids going off to college and I’m not complaining. 😉
    Thanks Teresa for linking up with us!

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