Sweaty Momentos

Welcome to #turnuptuesday! I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice, MCM Mamma Runs and My No-Guilt Life for their weekly “Tuesdays on the Run” link. Today’s topic, Race Day Memorabilia, struck a chord with me so I thought I’d chime in on this one!

The question has been posed: What do we runners do with all of our race day memorabilia?  Race bibs, tshirts, medals, trophies and all of the myriad of other gifts bestowed upon us for crossing that finish line …do we keep them, display them or throw them out?  After all, we put in a lot of miles, time, sweat and blisters training for these items in addition to paying good money just to pin a bib on our shirts and run for a medal. It’s an interesting question, for sure. However, I think in answering this question; it inherently brings to mind another question. “Why do we do these races in the first place?” I think the two questions go hand in hand.

First, let me answer the original question posed ….

My running wall consists of medals, race bibs, one poster and a motivational quote. I have the race bibs in order with the most recent race on top and on the back of each bib, I write the date, my age, finish time and if I placed in my age group. The medals are hung by categories …half marathon medals, age group medals and miscellaneous ‘finisher’ medals from races other than half marathons. There’s nothing special about the poster other than I really like it because it captures the essence of the South. T-shirts? I have every one of them and rarely ever wear them! I’m just not a t-shirt kind of girl but I can’t seem to part with them. I really should consider sending them off to one of those companies that makes quilts out of them…that would be really cool!

Now, if I ended this post here, one might think this is quite egotistical. In fact, I’ve heard so many times, by those whom are not runners or do not workout, that we are all just ‘bragging’ about our accomplishments by posting about them on social media and that ‘nobody really cares’. With that being said, this brings me back to my next question, “Why….?” Just like with anything else in life, we runners all have different reasons for signing up for these races, getting up before the rooster crows and pinning those bibs on to run until we think we may puke in order to hang a medal on a wall somewhere in our house. For me, it’s as simple as this …..I run races to push myself more than I would on a normal everyday run, to enjoy the comradery of fellow runners and for the sense of accomplishment I feel when I’ve crossed that finish line. My medals are displayed for my purposes only. They’re not in a place where guests would see them because I’m not trying to impress anyone with them. They are there as a reminder to me that I am capable of doing something that at one time I never thought possible. They remind me that with hard work and determination, I can run 13.1 miles and they serve as a reminder to always be thankful for the health to get out there and do what I love!


A dear friend of mine, some of you may know her as MissSippiPiddlin, gave this to me as a Christmas gift and it hangs above my medals as a reminder that running is not easy, comfortable, glamorous or convenient …but it is satisfying! It is my journey, my struggle and my accomplishment. I post about this journey, not to brag, rather to encourage and motivate others who may be thinking the exact same things I thought 10 years ago …I’m too old to start running, I can’t run, my side hurts, I’ll never be able to run a mile without stopping, I can’t breathe, etc… the excuses are endless, I know. Stop wishing for it and start working for it …it’s just that simple. You can do it!

I may not have as many medals on my wall as others, my times may be much slower than some and I do not have any full marathon medals to display. And it’s okay! There’s always going to be someone out there who is faster than you, better than you, thinner than you, stronger than you, etc… We must stop comparing ourselves to one another and start appreciating who were are! I love this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“Do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others, rather you determine your success by comparing your accomplishment to your capabilities.”

The only person we should ever compare ourselves to is the person we were yesterday. While we sign up for these ‘races’, line up at the starting line, eyeing one another to see who our competition may be; ultimately, we know that the only person we are competing against is ourselves. We just want to be better than we were yesterday. Shouldn’t that be our goal in every aspect of life?  How we treat others, helping those less fortunate, in our relationships, our jobs ….striving to be a better version of the person you were yesterday!  Now that is something ‘medal worthy’, don’t you think?!

Thanks for stopping by today and indulging in my thoughts. Head on over to our hostess’ blogs, MarciaErikaPatty, and other running bloggers to find out what fun and/or interesting things they do with all of their race bling!Tuesdays-on-the-Run-2






12 thoughts on “Sweaty Momentos

  1. Love the reminder not to compare ourselves to other runners. I, too, have a display for my bibs and medals. There’s not a lot to show off, but I earned every single one of them. I keep the display on my office wall across from my desk; it’s a good reminder of what I can do when everything around my may suggest otherwise. Thanks for linking up!

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  2. My sentiments, exactly 😉 I have my medals in a hallway (near the kitchen…right next to the “family calendar”). They are visible but certainly not front & center for people to ogle over (though, on occasion I may ogle…). They are all reminders of what I’ve accomplished…me, the lanky & clumsy gal that all the gym teachers shunned 😉

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  3. I do not find it bragging at all. We earned all our medals and awards. So why not display it. People are passionate about different things. Though running may not be their thing, they may brag about something else. I say go ahead and brag if that is what you call it:)

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  4. I too have been criticized by non runners and told I need to “get a life” when the topic of running comes up. That’s why my running stuff is all down in the pain cave where most guests do not venture. I can tell you as a coach that those who seek running to prove things to others are nowhere near as successful as those who do it for themselves. I love that gift Tricia got you. The leg cramps at midnight totally hit home for me. Thanks for linking!

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  5. I used Project Repat to turn 64 t-shirts into a king sized quilt. Although it is not actually “quilted”, it is more affordable than other companies and makes a fabulous blanket. My running mementos live in our bedroom where nobody sees them. I admit, I do have to work HARD at not playing the comparison game. Love the sign Tricia gave you!

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