This Week’s Gallivantin’ ~ Getting Lost

Wow, another week come and gone! Anyone else feel like the older they get, the faster the weeks, months and years seem to just fly by? When we’re young, it’s as if we are always waiting for time to pass …waiting for that next phase of life which seems to take forever to arrive.We can’t wait to graduate high school and college, get married, buy a house and have children. Ironically, once we’ve gone through all of the ups and downs of getting to and through those phases, we appreciate life much more and enjoy the small, simple things that this life has to offer. We want to savor each day, each moment and each experience; yet we find that the more we try to hold on to time, the faster it seems to slip away. Time is an elusive and perishable commodity, let us spend it wisely.

Speaking of time ….let’s delve in to how my ‘fitness time’ was spent this week!

Monday:  Yay! for holidays and long weekends! The hubby and I had nothing special planned other than a relaxing day spent together. After sleeping in, we headed out for a hot, humid and hilly 5 mile Labor Day trail run. From the beginning of our relationship, the hubs and I have always run together …it’s just what we do and I love it! However, my running has suffered as of late. I backed down to just a few miles per week throughout the summer in order to get this post tibial tendonitis under control and I can definitely tell now that I’m getting back to longer and more frequent runs. My sweet husband was having to circle back for me on more than one occasion; but it was so nice to be back ‘by his side’ running again!  I’m always telling you guys about our trails and how brutal they are, so I included the elevation chart from our run today …..hills, hills, and more hills! But, hey, they’re good for the glutes!











Tuesday: Strength training (Back/Biceps), Squat challenge and plank too!

Wednesday: Strength Train (Chest/Triceps), Squats and Plank.  I decided to skip my usual 3 mile run with Tammy in order to sleep in a little. Instead, I opted for hill repeats. We have a great hill right in front of our house that is around 50ft of ascent covering less than .10 of a mile. It’s so convenient to just walk out of my front door and do these repeats as opposed to having to drive somewhere to meet others to run. Besides, I’m one of those weird runners who actually enjoy hills! hill-repeats-x-15-1

Thursday:  Strength Train (Shoulders) Squats and Plank

Feeling adventurous this evening, I decided to check out a short little single track trail on my mountain bike while the hubs ran the main trails. I was terrified of running into a snake but finally concluded that as long as I was on my bike, it’d be okay. The plan was that I would do this little half mile section of single track then ‘catch up’ with him on the main trail.

Sooooo, 30 minutes, 3 miles and one minor tumble later I determined that I was lost. Well actually, I realized this much earlier; but wasn’t ready to admit it. I’m not sure why I didn’t listen to my gut when it told me that I had made a wrong turn within the first 10 minutes, considering that my husband laughs at me getting lost in hotels! (EVERY time I walk out of a hotel room, I turn the wrong direction…never fails!) As I continued to try to figure my way out of this maze of trails with the sun getting lower, panic began to set in. I managed to get to a point on the trail where I could see the main access road but every time I would follow the trail in that direction, it would switch back and take me away from the road. I then decided to use my “phone a friend” lifeline…no answer. So, standing there on top of a hill, I could see glimpses of where I wanted to be through the woods and the trail leading in the opposite direction. The only thing standing between me and the main road was a wooded ravine, a multitude of spiderwebs and (in my mind) hundreds of snakes just waiting for me to get off “the beaten path”!

So, I did what any woman would do…I uttered a few colorful words, had a long pep talk with myself and took off down the hill, through the spider webs, under the fallen trees, across the rotten logs where the snakes were, no doubt, waiting to attack, crossed the ditch and pushed that bike straight up the hill to safety.

Thankfully, I survived without major incidents and no encounter with a snake …most likely due to all of the fussing and griping I was doing along the way, I’m sure I scared them off! I must admit to feeling a tad bit of exhilaration riding across roots and tree stumps amidst the panic of being lost. I am woman, hear me roar!!! or whine …whining about the spiderwebs all over me, the bug bites and the sprocket abrasion I suffered on my fall. I’ve been doing a little of both. But one thing is for certain, it will be a while before I venture off on those trails again alone; but when I do, I will be braver and stronger….because the saying is true, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”! 20160908_194551-1

Myself and my bike were covered in thick yellow spiderwebs and apparently, I found quite a few chiggers on my way out as well!

For my efforts, however; I was rewarded this beautiful sunset view coming back across the dam after having finally ‘caught up’ with the hubby. Beautiful, isn’t it? 20160908_200303-1

Friday: Since the mountain bike was covered in spider webs, I decided to load up the road bike and take her out for an easy afternoon ride. Knowing that I had a Saturday morning run planned, I didn’t want to kill my quads; so I opted for a flat and easy 10 miler around our local lake and campground. It was a beautifully peaceful and solitary ride; to which I was thankful no one was around to witness me stopping by the lake to get in my squats and plank!img_20160909_173717

Saturday: It’s game day folks! Most everything here in the South revolves around college football on Saturdays. It was Guard drill duty for the hubby so Tammy and I set out for an early morning 7 miler. We decided to take a break from those brutal hills the trails relentlessly dish out and opted for a run around town instead. Good grief, it was almost as hilly as those darn trails! Basically, we live in a hilly town and they will beat you up. But, hey, as the character, Clarice, from Steel Magnolias so eloquently stated …”that which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger”. And so it was, I survived the hills and humidity of 7 miles setting the stage for an afternoon of college football and napping! #hailstate


Chocolate Pumpkin muffins, Merlot and Cowbell!

Sunday: Still celebrating from our win, I put my maroon dress on and headed out to meet the hubby at church. Since he would be driving straight in from drill, he would be in uniform ….dang, I love to see him in uniform! He just looks so stealthy and handsome! However; as I sat down on the church pew where he had placed his belongings, I reached over and picked up his cap and for a brief moment my mind took me back to four years ago when he returned from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan. I remembered how happy I was to see him, smell him, feel him and hold him in my arms once again. But most of all, I remembered how proud I was (am) of him for his deep love, patriotism and loyalty he has for our country! I thought about the reason he had to deploy in the first place, the events of 9/11 and all those that lost their lives that day. I thought that while it was the most difficult year of my life, he came home. He came home when thousands upon thousands of others before him did not. Today, I’m remembering to be thankful for the time I have with my loved ones. Today, I’m remembering that we are a blessed nation, a blessed people and are called to be a blessing to others.20160911_113348.jpg

Let us all remember to use our time wisely ….for it truly is an elusive and perishable commodity!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one blessing at a time

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap. Stop by their sites to see all the fun and adventurous things these two have been up to …you’ll find some pretty amazing ladies linking up with them also!WeeklyWrap


25 thoughts on “This Week’s Gallivantin’ ~ Getting Lost

  1. Wow, I think I’m tired just reading all that! That’s so great that you run together. We walk the dogs together . . . occasionally. I usually have to whine to get him to do it, too (although not since we got Bandit).

    That elevation — it’d kill me!


  2. Oh man, getting lost on the trails sounds like more adventure than I can handle! You bike is purple!!! My fave! Mountain bikes are sore spots around here because when I got my road bike, my hubby took it upon himself to take my mountain bike to the Salvation Army. I’m still ticked about that. I believe there’s chocolate/coconut Roctane. I too need to try that one! Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So true a day is not a guarantee. I should cherish my moments instead of wish them away, but I do need summer to just go away lol Yes time does fly, except the hours I am at work, that drags.
    Good for you – hills and heat! It is easy to get lost in the woods I have done it on familiar trails lol and I got lost on the road one day and had to use my phone to get home! Great job last week 🙂


  4. Ewwwww to the spider webs! When we go to my parents’ place in Wisconsin, just walking down the road will get you caught in webs. And then getting lost? Glad you found your way out…

    I totally agree with what you said about time going faster. I wish I could put on the brakes.


  5. I retired Bertha, my mountain bike. But you make me want to replace her tires and give her new life. She is school bus yellow, btw. We do not have many trails around here. We have Swayback on lake Jordan but I never had enough courage to ride there. I see you are planking with your helmet on (at least you aren’t running!). 😉 I’m impressed with your strength training. I’m such a slacker in that area! Thanks for the reminder about how precious our time is when it comes to the people we love. Thanks for linking, Teresa.


    • You should definitely revive Bertha and breathe some new life into her! I’m no serious mountain biker by any means, I just enjoy switching things up a little. As to the strength training….I used to be so diligent with it but the past year and a half I’ve let it slide. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! It’s so much more convenient now that I work at a gym…probably wouldn’t be doing near as much if I hadn’t changed jobs.


  6. That sounds pretty scary getting lost on the trails but way to get yourself out of that! And I’m learning to love hills too. I definitely love how easy it makes running on flat courses feel.


  7. Yikes! I’ve never been lost on a run! Glad you got out of there okay. Sounds like quite the adventure. And yes, the older you get, the faster time goes (and it really does – because a year when you’ve lived 40 years is a much shorter time overall than a year when you’ve only been around for two years and a year is half your life at that point!).


  8. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Your first paragraph on how time goes sIo slowly when we’re younger and so fast when we’re older is so true! I’ve said the same thing so many times. I definitely value my time here on Earth. My motto is, “Life is too short to not do what you love!” I love trail running, but it’s so hard! That elevation chart–yikes! I am always scared about getting lost on trails. Awesome job braving it and going off the beaten path!


  9. MB Jackson says:

    nice post! I love it that you and the hubby ride together! Your mountain bike rides sound wild! Spider webs, lost – ugh! I live it a flat area of Florida (well most of the state is flat!) so I don’t get a lot of hill training- I am jealous! Love football season! Go Gators! Happy Friday- have a great weekend!


  10. MB Jackson says:

    I love that you and the hubby run together! I can occasionally take mine out for a walk- LOL! The mountain biking sounds like quite the adventure! It is pretty flat here so not a lot of hill training going on! I do love some football! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  11. I’m always up for a challenge but spiders, ummm no ma’am I don’t do them! I have to admit I’ve already gone back to the store for another bottle of wine! Only one glass but I’ve had it like 4/5 nights this week.
    They say wine is good for you right?? 🙂
    I was glad to be back in more of a routine this week, I do miss it when my days are mixed up. I’m glad you and Tammy scoped out a running route near you, I’m looking forward to some different places. Getting tired of the same ol’ same ol!


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