Fahrvergnugen and Lauf Leiden: Driving pleasure and running woes

Guten Tag! 

Being of German descent, I’ve been having a little fun dabbling in the German language this week and I have one word to describe it ….difficult. One could also describe it as a sloppy mess involving quite a bit of spit. I find Mark Twain’s’ opinion on the German language quite humorous…

“When a German dives into a sentence, you won’t see him again until he emerges at the other end with the verb between his teeth” ~Mark Twain

My own personal thoughts on all things “foreign”….

“Speak English, kiss French, dress Italian, eat Mexican and drive German!”

While I don’t see myself buying German edition of Rosetta Stone anytime soon, I did find two phrases which sum up my week …so let’s jump right in!

Monday: This is how I woke up….


….and this is what happened:

Started off the day with 1 min plank/30 sec. russian twists x3, leg day with Tricia and Tammy, followed by hill repeats x15 later that evening leaving me with the sinking feeling that I would not be able to move the next day….as usual. However, I was pleasantly surprised that, although I was sore the next day, I could climb the stairs, bend over and sit without audibly moaning. Progress!!

Tuesday:  Busy day at work and no spin class to teach meant no workout. However, with my Tahoe on the brink of death and a business trip coming up for the hubby, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a new vehicle for me. After 20+ years of minivans and SUV’s needed to haul three boys, their friends and tons of sports equipment over the years, I finally decided to trade the “mom-mobiles” for something prettier, classier, easier to park and more fuel friendly. So after work, we drove an hour and a half to the nearest Volkswagen dealer and arrived home, a little before midnight, with this beauty…


I can attest that the old Volkswagen commercial of the early 1990’s still applies today …driving this truly is “fahrvergnugen”! I do believe I’m going to love my new-found driving freedom!

Wednesday: Early morning 3 mile run before work and strength training

Thursday:  30 min. elliptical and strength training/chest, triceps, shoulders

Friday: The gym I manage sponsored a hole at a local golf tournament; so my Friday was spent hanging out at hole 4. Since the hubby had the day off, he came out for a few hours to keep me entertained. Yes, I know…I really do have the best hubs ever!


Golf cart cruising with my personal chauffeur

Saturday:  What began as a nice early morning run with the hubby and friends quickly turned into “Lauf Leiden” (running woes). That dang left ankle of mine loves to cause me turmoil. It felt fine the first 3 miles, started talking a little to me from miles 4 to 5, which I ignored, to which it responded with a “loud” burning sensation …so, I stopped, walked about a mile then ran (trotted) the last mile. 7 frustrating and disappointing miles. sigh


However, what better way to drown your running woes then to refuel with a petite little steak and a Bloody Mary before settling in for an afternoon of SEC football!

One nap, four football games and a couple of blue raspberry martini’s later, I’m feeling much better! However, the frustration of not being able to run as often and as far as I want right now is still lurking in the back of my mind ….more on that later though. For now, I’m enjoying my weekend and (as ugly as it was) a Mississippi State win!

Sunday: Rest ~ church, coffee and icing the ankle …I can think of worse ways to spend the day. Besides, it’s hard not to smile when you have THE cutest pumpkin coffee mug in the world!!20160925_081518.jpg

Tell me…

Do you dread leg day as much as I do?

Anyone else dealing with nagging injuries?

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Do you change your mug according to the season or your mood?


As always, I’m linking up with these two fabulous ladies, Tricia and Holly for their Weekly WrapHop on over to their sites to see what they have been up to this week, you’re sure to be inspired!weeklywrap


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one running woe at a time!


22 thoughts on “Fahrvergnugen and Lauf Leiden: Driving pleasure and running woes

  1. Oh dang, sorry to hear about your ankle. Has this been an ongoing injury or did it just come out of no where?

    Congrats on the new car!

    I don’t drink coffee so I don’t switch out my mugs. However, just today I decided that I should start buying seasonal kitchen towels and switch them out according to season/holidays.. it’s the little things, right?


  2. Yes to nagging issues. I’ve had hamstring/glute/piriformis “issues” for several years. Thankfully, they’re not much of a burden (MOST days) while running, but sitting for long periods of time is torture.


  3. Yes that IS the cutest pumpkin coffee mug! So darn festive. Aw sorry about that ankle. What a bummer and I hope it doesn’t hold you back. Yes, I dread leg day and confess I’ve been going pretty light on legs since I’ve been in the heavy part of my marathon training. I’m not even sure if my back will tolerate a squat rack anymore….sigh.


  4. Since my feet are a never ending saga I empathize. I can never run as much as I want. It is so annoying. I hope the ice and rest helps get back on track real soon.
    I sometimes avoid leg day lol I confess! It feel good to get it done but it is hard to get started lol
    Love the new car! She is a beauty!


  5. You did leg day and hill repeats together? You are wicked. I hope that’s pumpkin spice coffee in that cup. I change my mug according to what’s clean. LOL. I’m the queen of bad ankles. I’ve actually had surgery on an ankle tendon (non running injury). Is the pain in the front? Inside? My Passat was a ton of fun to drive. I just had a lot of “dealership problems” and I’ll leave it at that… Thanks for linking, Teresa!


  6. I’m so glad you are joining us for leg day! I don’t know why you don’t just love it, you are doing great! 🙂 Ok it is work I know. I’m better at leg day than arms and abs for sure!
    Oh how cool, I had no idea what your new car looked like! Boy she is a beauty. Are you going to name her?


  7. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Cool! I saw those pics on Tricia’s blog! Love when I see bloggers working out and having fun together! I laughed at your first reaction to leg day. Ha!


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