This Weeks Gallivantin’: Mile after Mile

Whew! The last week of October was spent mile after mile on the road. Unfortunately, these miles were not spent running, but rather in the car, sitting on my rear …no calories burned there! Yes, the hubs and I got in a lot of windshield time together and while there is no one on earth I’d rather ride shotgun with; we’re tired. However; I’m happy to report that after three trips to Jackson, we have signed a lease on our new “temporary” home. We decided to rent until our current house sells, allowing us time to look around and be sure of the area/town/suburb that we want to buy a home in. Now, for the “not so fun” part…packing and actually moving, ugh! It’s during these big life changes that my body likes to remind me that I’m not as young as I used to be. The mental “thinking” alone about this move has zapped all energy for running; I’m afraid the actual “physical”  move will shut any and all running completely down for a while. Speaking of…. this is what my week looked like in the way of being active:weekly

While my cardio suffered this week, I was feeling pretty good about how well I had eaten …until I remembered the 2 McAllister’s cookies and one slice of caramel cake I consumed. And for some strange reason, I have been drinking way too much sweet tea. I have got to be more vigilant in making myself opt for the unsweet version. It seems the more sweet tea I drink, the more sweets I crave ….is there some science to back this up?

My half marathon training is off to an “iffy” start. My ankle is still bothering me and, to be honest, I’m not really sure if I have the time needed to dedicate to proper training. January will be here all too quickly and I hope it finds me prepared and healed! If not, I can hobble ….slowly…for race bling, if necessary! If my ankle does not improve soon, I’m thinking about trying the Jeff Galloway method, at least for training. I’ve never done the run/walk method, but it may be necessary under these circumstances.

However, in the midst of everything going on with an upcoming move and job change; we did find time to attend the parent reception for my college freshman’s fraternity. It was the first time I’ve laid eyes, hugs and kisses on him since move-in day!


When DID he grow up?!?

Have I mentioned that we are a house divided??? We are Mississippi State fans and my son is a freshman at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) So, the hubs and I put on our big girl/boy pants and dressed in appropriate school colors and drove three hours just to spend a little time with him ….and I loved every minute of it! I may not can bring myself to actually utter those two little words “hotty toddy”, but I can wear red and blue and immerse myself in his world with pride and joy.

Before long, the freshman had to take off to perform game day “pledge duties”, so we made a quick wardrobe change and drove two hours to Starkville to catch MSU’s homecoming game against Samford. It was a beautiful day for SEC football and a great way to round out the week.20161029_165516(0).jpg

Two college campuses in one day…no big deal, it’s how we roll!

Anyone else out there living in a “house divided”? Did your college team win this week? Anyone else in the midst of a move? Moved recently? If so, how did you manage your workouts? Any Galloway runners out there? 

I’m linking up this week and every week with MissSippiPiddlin and HohoRuns for their Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to stop by and show them some love…there’s a lot of running going on in their world right now!weeklywrap


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, mile after mile!


18 thoughts on “This Weeks Gallivantin’: Mile after Mile

  1. We are a house divided as well…the husband and I are both University of Iowa grads, and the oldest daughter just graduated from (in May) from Iowa State….our big inner state rival. So, yeah. I do have a couple cute (sparkly) ISU shirts…..


  2. You had a busy week! I think going Galloway is a great idea. I used it this training cycle for all my long runs and I used it at my last half and my foot stays a lot happier. 4 x1 which is the most common interval with the Galloway method, but I experimented and tried 3 x 1 and 3 x 40 seconds. The break is refreshing and you will feel really good at the end – usually you can speed up because you conserve energy better 😉
    Your son looks so grown up! very handsome 🙂


  3. I look at you and your son and I think to myself this will be me in 2 years, which is the blink of an eye. Sigh. I need to get my head around it. I’ve not “officially” done the Galloway method but I’m considering it when the going gets tough (mile 5 probably) at this darn marathon I’ve got Saturday.


    • Haha! You’ll do fine and won’t need ot at all, I’m sure! As to your son…it really does happen just that fast and there is no way to get your head around it! You’ll just wake up ine morning and they’ll be leaving for college. 😕


  4. Oh yes, we are a house divided! We are Bama fans and our middle son is in pre-vet at Auburn (choke*cough*sputter). The only reason I did the Chewacla Tri was because it was in Auburn and I could check on him after his first week there. 😉 Thinking about the amount of work it would take to move breaks me out in a cold sweat, even though I’d love a new home. Thanks for linking, Teresa!

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  5. MB Jackson says:

    You are one busy lady! I just remodel stuff so I don’t have to move- LOL! I am a Florida Gator and my hubby is Wisconsin Badger snob! He says, what is the SEC? UGH- keeps it fun, right? You looked fab in both outfits! Keep smiling!


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