This Weeks Gallivantin’: Hello November!

With the wrap of another week, we welcome November…the glorious month of Turkeys, dressing, cranberry sauce and pecan pie. (or as we here in the south say, peCAN pie!) It’s the month that finally ushers in fall like weather here in the deep south and also kicks off the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season. It’s a busy time of year and going to be even busier for this family.

Our house is officially on the market and we will be moving most of our belongings this coming weekend. The hubby has already started his new job and has been commuting each day. Between his new job and commute, his Army job and preaching on Sundays, I can say without a doubt that his ‘wagon is draggin’!  Needless to say, we need to get settled as soon as possible. It is quite fitting that all of this is happening during the month of Thanksgiving, as we are most grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on us even in the midst of the chaos. Life has taught me that the things we often take for granted, someone else is praying for. Therefore, I try to always be thankful in every situation!

I’m also thankful that I somehow managed to get in a decent amount of workouts despite the craziness in my life right now. Still only running a few miles per week, but I’m keeping things interesting with some fun cross training ……….

Sunday: 6 mile trail ride while the hubby ran, love Sunday afternoons like these!

Monday:  3.5 run late afternoon, felt like summerScreenshot_20161031-171404.png

Tuesday: 45 min of elliptical, weights and planking

Wednesday: Rest, got my plank in though

Thursday: Started my back and bicep workout while at work and got interrupted, so I decided to get in a good “old school” workout in the back yard when I got home.img_20161103_202142

Friday: 30 min on elliptical and planking. Half day at work so I spent the afternoon painting the french doors going out to the deck on our house. I absolutely love to paint and I love the smell of fresh paint, so it was quite a therapeutic afternoon.

Saturday: Drove the in-laws to Gulfport, Ms for the hubby’s promotion ceremony. Yep, that’s right ….I’m officially married to a Major now! img_20161105_171439Although I couldn’t watch the dawgs play Saturday, and let’s be honest here..really didn’t want to considering how absolutely terrible they have been playing this year, I was shocked and super excited when I heard the news that they had in fact won! Not just any old win either…they beat #4 ranked Texas A&M!!! (Sorry Sonia) So here’s a great big shout out to Mississippi State ….HAILSTATE!14947628_1371926709486474_2676413882666842578_n

Speaking of dogs ….look at this dude! Ole Chester Boy ….rotten!20161105_082702

I can’t wait to read all about the NYC marathoners experiences and recaps! I do love that city and all the energy that it evokes! So, come on bloggers…”start spreading the news!”

Oh yeah! Speaking of race …even though I’m technically “injured” and not supposed to be running AND have a half marathon in January, I signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day!! I’ve always wanted to do one and have never had the chance. Sooo, when the opportunity presented itself this year, I “gobbled” it up!! 14925713_10157650420255414_5321035771142534727_n

We’ll see how it goes …I’ve never done an 8k so that means automatic PR!

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly once again for their Weekly Wrap link-up so be sure to pay them a visit, they’ve been logging quite a few miles and have some fun races on their horizon! weeklywrap

Is it finally fall in your neck of the woods? Have you built a fire yet?  Are you running a Turkey trot this year?

Tell me about it, I love hearing from you!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one November at a time!


20 thoughts on “This Weeks Gallivantin’: Hello November!

  1. This is the fifth year of a small, local Turkey Trot in our town. A friend, my husband and myself “pioneered” this event to get people outside on Thanksgiving morning (really, once the bird is in the oven, it bakes itself, right?). We also encourage participants to bring non-perishable food items and we donate those to a local food pantry. The event is free, and has routes for 1 mile, 2 miles, or a 5K…and there are walkers and dogs! This year, I will be four days “post-marathon,” so I may be moving slowly LOL


  2. Boy has this week gone by at record speed too! I can’t imagine trying to workout and getting interrupted so much it would suck the life out of what motivation you have built up for sure.
    You had to ask about a fire didn’t ya, I so wanted one last night too! It would have been perfect!
    I’m always out of town for Thanksgiving and I’ve never done a Turkey Trot race but I do always run on Thanksgiving morning, The jury is still out on if I do it so I can eat more or I just need a break from in-laws!


  3. Your trail run looked beautiful! Living in Florida, the closest we get to fall is an occasional long sleeve shirt. I love how you are still getting in some great workouts even though you’re injured right now. As much as I love running, strength work has become my sanity and balance. And it got me strong enough to run again after a major injury. Good luck on the move!


  4. OMG, you can flip that big heavy tire! that is awesome 🙂 I flip a much smaller one on the circuit we do at work lol Congrats to the Major!
    You did do great this week for all you have going on. I hope you can get your unpacking done and feel settled in soon.
    I am not sure if I am doing a turkey trot yet or not…I think we are visiting my FIL


  5. I love doing Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving! There’s just something about running with a bunch of other people getting a great workout before enjoying all the yummy food on Thanksgiving!

    I love your Thursday workout – it looks super fun and lots of variety!


  6. Congrats to your hubby on his promotion! That is awesome. Sounds like things are busy in your neck of the woods with the move. Old Chester boy is one lucky dog. I love that circuit! Now that my marathon is a wrap, I need more of this type of workout in my life!


  7. MB Jackson says:

    Good luck with the move! I loved seeing the pics this weekend of your hubby’s promotion- congrats! Isn’t funny how many ways you can say the word- pecan? It does really tell where you are from! LOL! Yes, we are blessed, November is a beautiful month!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You stayed very active this week! Our Turkey Trot is the weekend before Thanksgiving. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I want to run on Thanksgiving morning and have a big ol’ excuse to eat until I can’t stand up later in the day. Congratulations to the Major! I know you are very proud. Hey, what an impressive win over Texas A&M! Thanks for linking, Teresa!


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