Two Weeks of Gallivantin’: Buried in Boxes

Hello there, remember me?? It’s been a couple of weeks …a wild, crazy chaotic couple of weeks! While everyone else out there is running marathons, half marathons, working out and training; I’ve been tossed back and forth between old house/new house and buried beneath a gazillion boxes to unpack! If packing a 2,700 sq ft house, moving and unpacking it into a house half that size were considered an athletic event ….well, I’d be a gold medalist winner! I haven’t run in two weeks and barely gotten any workouts in, yet I’ve actually lost weight. This could be due to the fact that I refused to do any grocery shopping until I got my kitchen unpacked and set up. Yes, living off of salads and wine seems to the magic combination for weight loss!

While I haven’t been very active in the exercise department; I have, however, managed to squeeze in a few fun things in the midst of our move.

Prior to the move, I was able to get in a few workouts:


…a beautiful “fall-like” 4 miler


…an early morning spin session before work

…and an arm/chest/back workout with planks and shoulder taps!

Oh yeah, my favorite coffee creamer, Leaner Creamerreposted my instagram post …how cool is that?!?



Then there was this…………………


Two thumbs up for Two Men and a Truck! Well, actually…there were 3 men and they did an excellent job!

The next week went something like this….


…and speaking of wine, I did discover a new box wine that is absolutely divine! (Yes, I’ll confess that I like box wine. However, I do splurge on a nice bottled wine when entertaining guests!)


Yes, it really does make unpacking so much more tolerable.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that we woke the morning following our first night in the rental house to find that we had NO hot water? Yes, it was a cold shower for the hubby and NO shower for me…I just can’t deal with that. Thankfully, our landlord was nice enough to put us up in a hotel for a couple of nights until the hot water heater was repaired…AND this was AFTER we were locked out of the master bedroom because some moron had installed keyed locks on the bedroom doors, m!uch to our dismay. Fortunately, the hubs is pretty handy with some tools and was able to get us in the room, but only after I had ruined two credit cards trying to “jimmy” the door open. Ahhh yes, it’s been a memorable couple of weeks to say the least!

This weekend has brought us back to our old house for a family gathering and to gather more ….yep, you guessed it …more boxes! We still have quite a bit of “stuff” left at the house …why pay for a storage building when you can just keep stuff at the old house and retrieve it when you need it??

Saturday, the hubs and I followed our running friends around the course of the Magnolia Marathon to cheer them on and offer support along the way. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin earned herself a course PR …and trust me, this is an incredibly hilly course with some pretty strong head winds to boot! As much as I miss running long distance right now, I truly enjoyed being on the sideline cheering others on. I think all runners should do this every once in a while …it really makes you appreciate the gift of running.20161119_094950

After the race, these two ladies and I joined some others for Mimosas, lunch and “Merry Meridian” marketplace shopping. We had a wonderful afternoon filled with girl talk, libations, shopping and mouth watering desserts! I will surely miss these wonderful women …my tribe, my people, my friends!20161119_134038

Despite all the chaos of moving and a few bumps along the way, we consider it all an adventure and are grateful for this opportunity. While it is always difficult to leave the memories and friends of many years, we are excited to begin our next chapter!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cardboard box at a time!

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap link. Please do stop by these two ladies sites and show them some love …you are sure to find more than enough motivation and inspiration to get you through the week!weeklywrap


19 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Gallivantin’: Buried in Boxes

  1. I used to put flavored creamer but a couple of years ago I switched to flavored syrup and milk. The retweet is awesome! Congrats on your move. Believe me, I feel you on the boxes multiplying!! Sounds like you’ve got it well under control and can soon breathe a sigh of relief!


  2. I’ve been thinking of you and your move! Glad to hear most of the turmoil is behind you and you’re settling in. I can only imagine the boxes. Yay for spectating the Magnolia Half! So fun!


  3. Moving is so exhausting! I must admit my husband did most of the unpacking our last move … except the kitchen – if I didn’t unpack that I’d never find a thing! Enjoy the holidays in your new place.


  4. Yes yes yes, I think ALL runners should take time to support their fellow runners on the race course(s). It really does make one appreciate the gift of running when you encourage others on their journeys. (ugh. Moving. So much work!)


  5. I saw the elevation chart on that race before and after Tricia ran it. She did an amazing job managing those hills and I know it meant so much to have you out there for support. Thinking about packing up my house with it’s 17 years of junk makes me break out in a cold sweat. You are a boss! I hope your ankle is doing well. Hopefully we can all get together for a winter half? Thanks for linking, Teresa.


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