This Weeks Gallivantin’: Giving Thanks

As this years Thanksgiving holiday comes to a close, in the midst of the chaos of a move, I have been reminded of the many, many things I have to be thankful for….

Monday: More unpacking. Although our possessions are spread between two houses, I’m thankful we have been blessed enough to have a roof over our heads and food on our table.

Tuesday: Thankful to finally be back in some sort of workout routine! Weight lifting and cardio with the hubsimg_20161122_201538

Wednesday: Met up with two old friends from way, way back. I met these two ladies at my very first “post college” job and we were good friends for years until life took us in different directions. We’ve remained social media friends over the years, but it was wonderful to get together with them and all of our hubbies for a few glasses of wine, many laughs and shared memories! Thankful for friends, reunited.


Thursday: Finally got to participate in a Turkey Trot! I’ve always wanted to do one but just have never had the opportunity. New city brings new opportunities! Turkey Day 8k brought us a crisp cool beautiful 5 miles to get our hearts pumping and furnaces burning. With about 750 runners, it was very well-organized. If you follow my blog, you are aware of my current running woes (and probably sick of hearing about it). I have been trying hard to rest the irritable ankle and haven’t run two weeks. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to run the entire 5 miles without having to walk some. At packet pick-up, the nice lady at Fleet Feet Sports showed me a new way to tape my ankle and sold me some Rock TapeI have got to say, this stuff is amazing! So much better than K-tape. It stays on for days and it really helped! My ankle felt great during the race and I was able to finish in just under 54 minutes. Certainly, my slowest time ever for 5 miles …but considering my injury and the fact that I have barely been running since April, I was happy with it! Thankful to be able to run …pain free again!

After our race, the hubs and I showered, gathered my casseroles and headed over to my parents house (about 45 minutes away). I really enjoyed spending time with my parents, kids and siblings. img_20161124_203612Although my kids are growing up and not home nearly enough, I’m thankful for their love and health. And although, the stress of moving has brought out the irritable side of me, I’m thankful that my wonderfully patient husband has been incredibly loving, helpful, understanding and PATIENT with me throughout the entire process! 20161124_132345

Friday: Back to the gym for more weights with the hubs and a 30 minute recovery ride on the stationary bike.

Saturday: Early morning 5 mile run with the hubs and Chester boy …still wearing the same Rock Tape from Thursday morning, the ankle felt pretty good! img_20161126_122440

And last but certainly not least….although our MSU Bulldogs had less than a stellar season this year …..20161128_170235.png

….I’m thankful they pulled off an incredible victory in the “Egg Bowl” beating Ole Miss 55-20! (Sorry Tricia!) #rivalryweek

Yes, my heart overflows with Thanksgiving!


Finging “Fabulous” at Fifty, one blessing at a time!


I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap link! So head on over and see what they have been up to and all of the other fabulous women linking up! There was a lot of turkey trotting going on!weeklywrap




16 thoughts on “This Weeks Gallivantin’: Giving Thanks

  1. New reader — I’m sorry to hear about your running woes! No good! I’m glad the tape helped. If you have a roll of KT tape that doesn’t work, just email them and they’ll replace it. It’s happened to me twice and both times they sent me new ones and the adhesive was much, much better. Hope you’re feeling great and you can get back to running soon.


    • Wow, I didn’t know KT tape company would do that…good to know! Thank you, I really need to get in to see an ortho, but afraid I’ll leave in a walking boot!😣 Going to bite the bullet and do it though…better to be safe than sorry!


  2. Great picture of you and your 3 boys! I have 3 boys and can’t imagine the day they are all taller than me! I can’t imagine how much food I’ll be preparing in the coming years! I just started following your blog so I just barely know that you haven’t been running much. I’m glad you got to Turkey Trot! I couldn’t run much for several weeks this year and I spent a lot of time in the gym like yourself. I surprised myself at how much I liked the gym but I totally understand your frustration with wanting to run.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trust me, it will be here before you know it! They grow up entirely too fast. Whenever I see Moms with 3 little boys, I always want to pull them aside and tell them to hold on tight and treasure every single chaotic moment…but, instead I just smile and remember the days when mine were little.

      And, yes…having a running injury stinks but it does have its benefits in that it forces us to do more strength training, which we all need more of!


  3. You have a beautiful family:)
    That is great a different brand of tape helps! You ran a a great Turkey trot. I have never done one, maybe one day!
    You do some great weight training, I need to get back to it, during marathon training I slacked for sure.
    Glad you are settled in 🙂


  4. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    Love the family photos ! and so glad you got to run pain free. I have never done a Turkey trot but would love to. We don’t have Thanksgiving off here… it is an American holiday.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MB Jackson says:

    great pics! I hope you are getting settled! Cool that you found a local turkey trot so quick and jumped right out there! Lots for all of us to be thankful for! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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