This Weeks Gallivantin’:Deck the Halls!

Another week down means another week closer to Christmas! Why do the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to pass so much quicker with each passing year? This week was dedicated to getting the house decorated and planning the a 21st birthday celebration for the oldest boy. I always feel like if I don’t have my Christmas tree up by the 10th of the month, there’s no point in putting it up. With our recent move and with the hectic work schedule of the hubs, we were pushing this deadline and, to be honest, with all of my Christmas decorations still in the attic of our other house (1 1/2 hrs away), I just really wasn’t in the mood to go all out like usual. However, the more I decorated, the more I remembered how much the hubby loves how festive I’ve always made our home during the holidays; so I got in the “spirit” and decorated a little more than I had planned ….

…and with that finally done, I turned my attention to the birthday coming up! Those of you who have more than one child understand the vast differences in personalities that can exist between your children. By far, the college boy (middle child) is the most social of my three. Every day is a party for this one! The baby is a social creature as well, but only on his terms. The oldest ….well, he is a breed all of his own. He is super quiet and rarely says a word. I’ve always referred to him as my “ninja child” because he can be in the house for hours and you will never know he’s there. He can move from room to room without ever being detected. This child of mine is a home-body and never, I repeat, never, wants to go out to eat! He hates social gatherings and all that they entail. Therefore, planning a big 21st birthday celebration was out of the question. So, I settled for dinner out at his favorite restaurant with just his brothers and myself …and as the time neared, even that proved to be too much for him. As much as I wanted an evening out with my three boys, I had to put my desires aside and remind myself that it was his day and should be spent the way he wanted. We did just that …and it was wonderful. He wanted to stay in, order pizza and watch movies. So, we dragged a mattress in the middle of the living room floor for them to pile up on (with two dogs) to watch movies, eat cake, talk, laugh and reminisce about their childhood. I couldn’t have had more fun and know that we had infinitely more meaningful conversations piled up on that mattress than we would ever have over dinner in a restaurant filled with strangers. Lesson learned …sometimes parents don’t always know what’s best!


My week went pretty well as far as working out goes. Still running at the very minimal and have secured an appointment with an Orthopedist on the 29th of this month. Praying that I don’t leave his office in a walking boot …although, that is probably the only thing that would 100% keep me from continuing to run (I’m just hardheaded like that), so we shall see! Here’s what my workouts looked like ….

Monday:  Woke up to a nasty, cold and rainy day so I hopped on my Spin bike, found a virtual class online to follow and started pedaling.~45 minutes of quad burning sweat picsart_12-05-12-15-56

That evening when Major Hubs got home, we hit the gym for a full body strength training and 30 minutes on the zero gravity elliptical

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Legs, glutes and core at the gym followed by 45 minutes on the zero gravity elliptical

Thursday: Rest (legs and butt are seriously sore this morning!)

Friday: 20 minutes on the Spin bike. After a long day of shopping, lunch with the hubs and errands I threw some planking in for good measure …which was hijacked by our attention loving lab …..picsart_12-09-05-48-49

….will plank for eggnog cocktails and this one is divine! 20161208_162259I used almond milk, egg nog, whipped flavor vodka and a swirl of caramel syrup. I’m thinking about trying this with my salted caramel Quest protein powder instead of the syrup next time in order to ease my guilty conscience regarding the calories …but hey, it’s the holidays, right? It’s a time to spread the Christmas cheer!! Enjoy!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, spending time with family and making precious memories. This really is a special time of year to slow down, make time for those who need a little extra attention, help those in need, give back to your community, indulge a little in the sweets and treats of the season, listen to your favorite Christmas music, load your family up in the mini-van and comb the city looking at Christmas lights and above all ….remember and take time to focus on the true meaning of Christmas!

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. ~John 3:16

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Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!





18 thoughts on “This Weeks Gallivantin’:Deck the Halls!

  1. Ahhhh, it’s great that everything worked out perfectly (after all) for the birthday “party.” We’re getting ready for pour first-ever (since 1994) Christmas without our oldest daughter ;-( She came home (from Pennsylvania) for Thanksgiving, so she’s staying out east for Christmas. It’s gonna be so strange not having all three kids here…but, alas, we raise our kids to (one day) send them off on their own, right? Your house looks beautiful!!!


    • Oh my, I know that will be difficult for you especially (always harder on tge Mammas). You’ll have to find a new “normal” for the holidays. Ever since I left the nest, on the years I couldn’t be home for Christmas my Dad would always call me first thing that morning and sing “Blue Christmas” to me. It was so sweet and became something I looked forward to on the years I couldn’t be home 😍 You guys will have to come up with a special way to include her even though she’s away!!


  2. It sounds like your oldest is very similar to mine! He’s kind of my stealth child…sneaks in, goes to his room, comes down the kitchen…he’s definitely a homebody. He started a new job this week with “normal” hours and I miss having him around in the daytime!


  3. Wow to not go “all out” I think you did just that! Let me ask though was wine involved in helping with that Christmas spirit, cause I need to get in it too??
    I’ve so got to try that egg nog drink!
    Your right it is so very easy to get caught up in all the hoopla of the holidays and forget the real meaning of Christmas. I think you showed it when you stayed in for your boy’s birthday. The gift of time is by far the better choice! 🙂
    Love an miss ya friend!


  4. It takes time (and space, and patience with the furkids) to decorate — afraid I’m kind of short on all of those! But I love looking at what everyone else does. It’s so lovely.

    And you sure seem to be getting your workouts in!


  5. How right you are about kids being different. I’m guilty of trying to make my three sons the same. The night of pizza and movie watching sounds like a wonderful bonding experiencing. I always say I’m not decorating…and then I do. But at least ONE of my sons helps me with that. LOL. I need to try your cocktail. I’m a huge eggnog fan! Thanks for linking, Teresa!


  6. MB Jackson says:

    I love all the decorations! You are so right about kids, mine 2 are as different as night and day! Enjoy all the holiday days- and a few cocktails thown in never hurts!


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