2016: Mission Accomplished

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday behind us and the excitement and curiosity of a new year right before us, it is natural to find ourselves reflecting back on the year. Was it everything we had hoped it would be when we were in this same place last year? Did we accomplish the goals we set for ourselves? Did we gain strength, both physically and mentally?

These are questionstuesdays posed in this week’s edition of  MarciaErika and Patty‘s  Tuesdays on the Run link-up. Everyone is “wrapping up their year” of running/workouts so please be sure to stop by these ladies blogs …you will be absolutely amazed at some of the impressive goals accomplished by some determined and dedicated ladies!

Overall, 2016 was a great year for me even with the few bumps that life loves to throw at us occasionally. This time last year, I had decided to set a fitness goal, something I had never done before. With a full-time job and three teenage boys (one heading off to college), I decided on something fairly doable …not too complicated or time consuming. So, I told the hubby that I wanted to run at least one race per month. That’s it. Simple enough, right?  I didn’t want to set in stone the distances those races would have to be, but secretly, I was planning on 12 races consisting of 10k’s and half marathons.

I’m happy to report that I accomplished my goal of a race-per-month but unfortunately, due to the “angry ankle” rearing its ugly head after my half marathon in April, I had to settle for quite a few 5k’s.  I was quite frustrated at first, but it really is all good. I’m just thankful to still be running, albeit short distances for now. I’m so thankful and blessed to have a husband who not only supported my goal, but also ran every single race with me!(with the exception of one in which Uncle Sam called him off to duty. It just so happened to be the duathlon …he really does not enjoy cycling that much, so I think he was secretly happy to miss that one!)PicsArt_12-16-05.58.48.png

We had a blast and made so many great memories traveling around the states each month for our “running adventures”. Even Chester, our beloved black lab, supported my endeavor by entering and placing in his first ever 5k race! It truly is a “family affair” for us!

Then there was this incredible vacation to Wyoming this summer in which we covered miles and miles of distance and altitude while hiking …talk about an “active” vacation!

However, the past year was not just about races … I also shared some wonderful miles of running, biking, kayaking and quite a few torture sessions in the gym each week with a few of my favorite running buddies …including MissSippiPiddlin!

As of today, I’ve logged 444.2 running miles, 331.5 cycling miles and too many Spin classes and time on the elliptical to count. While this may have been my lowest year for running miles, the time spent with great friends and my amazing husband out on the road, in the gym, on the water, sipping wine, eating waffles and simply encouraging one another throughout this journey more than makes up for the miles not run. After all, it’s not always about the quantity of miles run, but rather the quality ….and let me tell you, those 444.2 miles are filled with beautiful memories.

Who knows what 2017 holds for us, but no matter the number of miles we are blessed to run in the coming year …may we treat every mile as if it’s our last. Find joy in the journey, not just the destination!

Happy Running!

Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one mile at a time!


15 thoughts on “2016: Mission Accomplished

  1. Oh Gosh…total agreement that it’s the quality of miles (and not quantity) that matter. My husband runs some of my races with me (well…we both cross the start line together LOL), but he has no interest in going any further than 13.1 miles. And that’s OK 😉


  2. Great job hitting your goal, even if it had to be a revised one. I’ve gotten my husband to start running races with me, but he quickly leaves me in the dust. So far I’ve managed to get him to run a 5 miler and he’s said he’ll run a 10K, but that’s as far as he plans to go LOL.


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