Another Year, Another Birthday

Another year has come to an end and as the entire world celebrates the dawning of a new year ….I, too, celebrate the dawning of a new year, a new decade, another birthday! I breezed right “over the hill” and now I eagerly anticipate this new chapter of my life!

The hubby and I spent the New Year’s weekend celebrating my 50th birthday and ringing in the new year Savannah style! We had a fabulous time touring the city, indulging on their famous pralines and ringing in the new year on River Street at their “Up the Cup” countdown. I will posting soon about the beautiful city of Savannah and all of the fun things to do. So, if you’re interested in visiting, stay tuned for my personal favorites from this beautiful and charming southern city!

Last week was busy, as the week between Christmas and New Years usually is for everyone. I was trying hard to get back on track with my workouts and healthier eating on Monday, all the while knowing that my birthday weekend was coming and I would just fall right back off that wagon again. Nevertheless, I put forth a decent effort and here’s how it played out …..

Monday: The hubs had the day off from work, so we hit the trails near our house. I rode 14 miles on my road bike while he ran. I decided not to run knowing that I had my doctor’s appointment coming up regarding my ankle. My half marathon is coming up all too soon and I haven’t trained AT ALL  …saving the ankle for 13.1 miles. If it gives out on me, it will be on race day, not on just any old run. I know, it’s a completely idiotic “plan” …but runners will do anything to get through a race, right? We followed up with an hour-long sweat session in the gym.

Tuesday: Back in the gym for cardio on the Powermill. 45 minutes of alternating 2 minutes 2 steps at a time, 2 minutes side steps to the left, 2 minutes side steps to the right and 2 minutes 1 step at a time. This is a great glute workout …works all angles of the tushie!20161227_100044.jpg

Check that out …132 floors climbed! I love this machine. Going for an hour next time …gotta have goals, right?

Wednesday: 30 min. on Spin bike at home then “undecorated” the house of all Christmas decor. This is the worst part of the holidays for me ….I love decorating, but absolutely hate the undecorating!

Thursday: D-day!! Yep, you guessed it ….the long-awaited Dr’s appointment. I’ve got to confess that I really was expecting bad news, and I may have received it and I’m just too dumb or stubborn to realize it! But basically, I was diagnosed with stage 2 PTTD (post tibial tendon disorder). What does that mean? Well, it means that the “damage to the tendon has already been done” and I can run as much as I want or as much as I can tolerate the pain. There’s no reversing or “fixing” the problem but there is no “real” danger of making it worse either. If I can tolerate the discomfort, then I can run until my heart is content. He does, however, want me to get fitted for a new set of orthotics, do a lot of stretching and would prefer I wear the orthotics in all of my shoes, not just my running shoes. Of course I did like any runner would do and asked the most important question of all (and the real reason I made the appointment to begin with) ….can I run 13.1 miles in one week without this tendon snapping in half or being ripped from my body requiring me to have to have surgery? His answer …YES! Hallelujah! I almost kissed him! He did say, however, that he wanted me to limit the miles after the half marathon until I get the new orthotics and allow my ankle time to get adjusted to them. I can do that. So, I got my answers …some good, some not so good and I’m okay with it all. I will run and continue to cross train as long as my body will allow it and enjoy every mile until that point.

Friday: On the road to “fabulous” Savannah bright and early, ready for a “fabulous” weekend with my “fabulous” husband, to celebrate finding “fabulous” at fifty!20161230_073704

Saturday: Spent the day walking the city resulting in quite a few miles….screenshot_20170102-095151

…7.97 to be exact. Really? Why couldn’t I have just walked a few more steps to round that out at 8 miles! Went back to the hotel for a little rest before the evenings countdown to the new year. As I said earlier, I’ll post more on our trip later this week. However, I will leave you with a few fun pictures from the weekend.

I pray that 2017 brings bountiful blessings, much happiness and many, many miles for all of you!

Happy New Year!

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly with their Weekly Wrap where we all share our struggles, successes, frustrations, goals, tips and encourage one another throughout our fitness journeys. So pop on over and check out these great ladies and as many others as you can. You’ll be glad you did!weeklywrap


Have you ever been to Savannah? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do there? Anyone else ever run a half marathon injured and with zero training? How did you ring in the New Year?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one birthday at a time!


24 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Birthday

  1. I consider that good news at the doc appointment. It’s just like they told me about my foot neuroma. You can’t hurt your foot — it will only hurt you. Well, alrighty then! Welcome to the *ahem* club. 50 is the new 30, right? I look forward to hearing the details of your Savannah trip (being a GA girl and all). Here’s to a wonderful 2017. Hopefully we can scheduled a ride together this year. Thanks for linking, Teresa!


  2. Happy birthday. Be careful with the PTTD. I am a podiatrist and one thing I can tell you is that you have to be extremely careful. Unfortunately its a common disorder that happens to us women as we get older (it kind of sucks ). You might want to try and use KT tape on it during the half marathon, just to give your ankle/foot some extra support. I hope that helps.

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  3. milebymileblog1 says:

    Happy Birthday! Well its good that you got the ok to run and you will be getting orthotics! I have never been to Savannah but I would love to go there some day.


  4. Darlene says:

    Happy birthday and happy New Year. That is good news. I am glad you can run.

    I had the same worry after I broke my ankle and had surgery. It hurt to run but I was told that it would not break again.

    And yes I ran a half not properly trained but I was cautious and walked half of it.

    Good luck! Be careful!!!!!


  5. Happy, happy birthday and happy, happy new year! You make me want to be 50 because you look fabulous!!! Just love how you are still getting in quality workouts without running. I know it can’t be easy keeping the motivation in the gym when you just want to run. Been there, done that!:) Keep up the hard work!


  6. Happy birthday!

    I have always wanted to go to Savannah, never really been to GA at all. Just passing through it. I *think* it’s where I plan to run my half in GA, but we’ll see.

    It sounds like you’ve done plenty of cross training, and I know quite a few runners who have done that & completed halfs.

    For me, personally, not training and running a half is very painful — and I know that from hard experience. Good luck!


    • Thanks Judy! Yes, I’m anticipating this half to be even more difficult and painful than usual …but I’m hoping if I just slow down, take walk breaks and throw out all time goals, I’ll do ok. Savannah is beautiful. The Rock n Roll Savannah half is usually in November, I believe. Still very nice weather in November! 😉

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  7. Happy belated birthday and happy New Year!

    That’s great news about your ankle and even if PTTD isn’t the best diagnosis, it could be worse. It sounds like if you run smart you’ll be able to keep running. My custom orthotics have made a world of difference for me. I have two pairs – one for my running shoes and one for my other running shoes that I wear when I train clients. I add arch supports to all of my other shoes, but since I don’t regularly wear non-sneakers that often it seems to be enough.

    Good luck! Hope it all works out and you’re able to run your half with no problems!


  8. Hey I am so glad you finally got some answers on that ankle! It’s going to give new meaning to the phrase “Run through the Pain” huh! Well I hope it will surprise you and not give you a bit of trouble!
    Ahhh Savannah, I so want to go back and run there. We got just an afternoon there last year not hardly enough time to do anything but it did reassure me I want to come back!
    I’ll see you this weekend Ms. Fabulous!


  9. Happy Birthday Teresa and welcome to the 50+ club! Savannah is such a great place to celebrate, I wish flights there were cheaper I’d run RnRSAV. Sorry to hear about the PTTD. I had a strained peroneal tendon and I never want to revisit that. Ok buckle in for a fabulous decade! I hope I meet you IRL this year!


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