Singin’ the Blues but Feelin’ Fabulous!

Good morning from Mississippi, where the top half of our state is covered in ice! the-ultimate-coffee-date2-1-600x600I should have been up bright and early this morning running a half marathon …however, I’m curled up in front of the fire tuning in to this month’s Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and CoCo.  Not that I’m complaining, I do love a good “coffee date”! So grab your cup of coffee, hot tea or beverage of choice and let’s chat!

If we were having coffee …..I’d tell you that the state of Mississippi, along with most other southern states, just aren’t prepared or equipped to handle these nasty little ice storms that periodically land right on top of us. Schools begin to announce closure at the mere mention of ice in the forecast and usually government offices follow closely behind. Wal-Mart and liquor stores (thank goodness) are about the only stores that will keep their doors open during these “winter storms”, which leads to the inevitable jokes about “snowmaggeden” , folks flocking to the grocery stores to stock up on bread, milk and batteries, pictures on social media of kids making snow angels in a quarter of an inch of ice/snow and countless memes making fun of ourselves …two of my favorites:

On the other hand, we have those crazy idiots who have never driven a day in their lives in these types of conditions, yet they think they can hit the interstate and highways (which haven’t been de-iced) driving 70 mph like a bat out of hell! These are the ones who end up slip sliding all over the roads playing “bumper cars” with those who are trying to take it slow and easy. Yes, we can make fun of ourselves because we understand that we do not have the equipment needed to keep roads clear and open. Therefore, everything literally shuts down. At this moment, traffic is backed up on I20 for miles and miles due to at least three 18 wheelers having jack-knifed. It’s just a slushy mess, and we love it! Heck, this type of thing only happens around here once every couple of years and it will be back in the 70’s by Wednesday of next week …we have to make the most of it!

If we were having coffee….. I’d tell you that due to said “winter storm”, the Mississippi Blues marathon and half marathon was cancelled late last night. To be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel about this many emotions! (tongue in cheek) Most of you know that I’ve been injured and have not trained in the least for this half, but I was ready to tackle it anyway. I had a plan and was ready to execute! That big honking medal with 10 guitars surrounding a guitar pick, which I had originally found quite hideous, had actually begun to grow on me and I could already imagine it hanging around my neck after struggling for 13.1 miles in these frigid temps. On the other hand, 21 degrees with a wind chill of 11 degrees while running on icy roads really didn’t have me chomping at the bit to get out of bed at 5 a.m. either. So, I support the race directors decision to cancel and will accept my discounted registration for next years race …which, hopefully, will find me 100% injury free and trained up! Let the record show that Flat Teresa was ready to run though!20170106_205255

If we were having coffee…. I’d tell you that I finally turned 50!! (January 1st) Yep, that’s right… Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, is now officially the BIG 50 and I’m feeling quite fabulous! The fabulous hubby took me to Savannah for a fabulous weekend of celebrating the  50th and to ring in the New Year. We had a wonderful time taking in a musical, exploring the city on foot and carriage ride, indulging in great foods and enjoying Savannah’s “Up the Cup” NYE countdown. I promise I will get a post done soon with more details of this beautiful and charming city. You can see a few pictures on last week’s weekly wrap if you just can’t wait. 🙂

If we were having coffee…. I’d tell you that for my 50th birthday, Major Hubs gave me the sweetest gift ever! He presented me with three gifts representing three of our favorite cities …Rome (a bottle of Italian Wine), Paris (Parisian …ahem “clothing”) and New York City (a Tiffany’s box)!screenshot_20170101-192247

…..he’s so romantical!! I’m still swooning!

If we were having coffee…. I’d tell you that one of my goals for 2017 was to read one book per month. And I’m happy to report that it is only the 7th of January and I’m already half-way through my first book of the year. A long way to go, I know …but hey, I’m building momentum!

If we were having coffee…. I’d tell you that I also set a goal to run 50 miles per month and was really counting on this half to help me reach that goal for January. Soooooo, with that being said …it’s time to wrap up this coffee date and head to the gym, I’ve got a date with the treadmill. I told Major Hubs that we should wear our race bibs while running on the treadmill to help us channel those “race miles” ….I’d like to get at least 5 of those 13.1 in!

Thanks for joining me for coffee on this “wintry” day! I can’t wait to hear what you all have been up to as well. See you next month!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!


27 thoughts on “Singin’ the Blues but Feelin’ Fabulous!

  1. I decided to run my first half (although it was my second, long story) for my 50th birthday. Basically, that was my present and my husband was away on a business trip on the actual day (and still away on it while I was running my half!), so your husband sounds like a winner to me.

    I am so sorry about the half. I’m sure it’s probably a good thing for you ultimately, but still, it’s got to be disappointing.

    I lived in TX for 17 years . . . I know exactly what it’s like in the south in an ice storm (but have spent most of my life in the northeast, unfortunately).


  2. MB Jackson says:

    You are so right about the southerns! Hell people in Florida can’t drive when it rains! You looked like you had a fabulous birthday and I love the gifts- the Major is a major keeper!!! Sorry about your race and I hope you got a few miles in on the mill! Stay warm this weekend- your crap is headed my way! I put a long sleeve shirt on- Im ready! 🙂


  3. I had friends signed up for the MS Blues race and they were able to go pick up their medals at the expo this a.m. They’ve made up the miles on the treadmill today. I hate it when the south shuts down for the snow, but I’m always thankful because, when it does finally snow, since it only snows once a year I feel like people don’t remember how to drive in it. We got about 4 inches of powder where I live in TN and they’re urging people to just stay home. Even though i’m getting cabin fever, I’m happy to play in the yard here at the house 🙂

    Loving that walmart meme – I haven’t seen it before!


    • I know, I really felt bad for those that flew in or drove a long way and didn’t get to run. I’m glad they gave them their medals. I knew I wouldn’t be doing 13 on the treadmill, so didn’t bother to pick mine up. Enjoy your powder!


  4. Happy birthday! What lovely presents and a nice way to celebrate. I like Savannah and hope to make it again there someday. Things should shut down when there’s no salt on the roads! Sorry the race was cancelled but for your next race you’ll be able to train more and feel even better! What book are you reading? Always looking for recommendations!


    • You’re exactly right Sonia! It’s for the best I’m sure and will give me time to properly train for the next one. Right now I’m reading “The Magnolia Story” about Chip and Joanna Gains from the HGTV show Fixer Upper. I love that show and it’s a great book. They’re such a cute couple 😉

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  5. Darlene says:

    Sorry about the weather and your race.

    Us in the NE are better equipped to deal with that weather/.

    Sounds like your goals are very doable.

    What fabulous gifts. He’s a keeper.


  6. Happy Birthday! Those are great gifts — and the special meaning behind them makes them even better. D.C. also shuts down with a bit of ice/snow. I like to think that all the power-brokers know they are powerless over mother nature.


  7. What beautiful, thoughtful and memorable gifts for your 50th! Even though cancelling was most likely the “right” call I can totally understand your disappointment. I chose to DNS a 10 mile race last winter (it really should’ve been cancelled IMO) and I heard so many reports of people who’d fallen on the ice multiple times. I don’t need a broken hip (or anything else) and neither do you. xoxo


    • You’ve got that right! The hubs and I had signed up for a 15k while in NYC a few years back and decided to not attempt it due to unexpected ice as well. Glad we did because one of the elites wiped out at the finish line banging himself up pretty good!! Sometimes, you just have to write them off and move on!


  8. I have to echo Wendy’s comments. Several years ago, we were driving from Michigan to Florida in late February…we got to Kentucky, and there was a thin layer of snow on the roads and EVERYTHING was closed. It was 7:30 in the evening and our kids were hungry, dammit LOL We were like,”Is it a Sunday night or something?” We, literally, had no idea what was going on…it was like a Twilight Zone experience…. 😉


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