This Weeks Gallivantin’: Easing on down the road

Happy Sunday from the sunny and 70’s South! Yep, that’s right …this time last week, we were covered in a thin sheet of ice, completely shut down and slip sliding all over the place! Mother Nature is one hormonal woman; but I’m neither judging her nor complaining as I, myself, can go from hot flash to freezing cold in the blink of an eye and I do love a nice warm 72 degree run!

It’s been a great week of workouts as I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable easing back into more running and slowly increasing the mileage. Here’s how my week played out …

Monday: 4.5 mile treadmill run with some half mile sprint intervals and a solid leg workout

Tuesday:  Tough Spin class with a 35 minute hill climb followed by 5 minutes of sprints and a chest/tri workout. Oh yeah, and this happened ….thanks Kim! (5 total minutes of planks per day)20170110_111319

Wednesday: 5 mile easy run outdoors …the warm temps were just too nice not to get a few miles in and knocked out my 5 x 1 minute planks right after my run

Thursday: Hit the gym for some back/bi weight training and got 45 minutes in on the powermill recording 135 flights of stairs climbed! Decided to take my planking to the gym for some bosu ball planks and dumbbell rowsimg_20170112_162128_912

I texted Major Hubs around 4 o’clock regarding supper …he responded with “why don’t you let me take you out?” Why, of course! I do love how he spoils me! We tried a new restaurant (as we are still exploring our new town) and it was wonderful. The candlelight, 2nd floor window view gave it a big city “romantic” feel in the middle of small town Mississippi. Oh and the Cosmopolitan I ordered was to die for! When the waiter asks which vodka you prefer …you know it’s gonna be a good drink! In case you’re wondering …Grey Goose, of course!img_20170112_192253_708

Friday: 5 minutes of planking and work …lots of work! The year-end crunch is upon me and the next week will be filled with quarterly payroll tax returns, W2’s, 1099’s, OH MY!

Saturday: 4.5 mile trail run with Major Hubs and Chester boy.  We spend almost every weekend back in Meridian since we still have a house on the market there and the hubs has a church he pastors. We got up early to hit the trails that we both love and miss dearly. The old adage …”Absence makes the heart grow fonder” could not be any truer regarding these beautiful trails! It was so nice to tackle those beautiful, yet brutal, hills once again.picsart_01-15-04-12-02

We spent the rest of the day raking leaves and a little touch up painting in the house. At the risk of sounding like a wimp ….oh my goodness, raking leaves will work muscles that you had forgotten even existed! #thesorenessisreal (Yes, I realize that most of you guys are shoveling snow and here we are down here …STILL raking leaves in January!)

In other news ….if you follow MissSippiPiddlin and I, you know that our half marathon (Ms Blues) was cancelled due to weather. As I completely understand and supported the Race Director’s decision to cancel, there were quite a few disgruntled runners who let their frustration be known all over social media and through emails. Well …the people spoke and the powers that be answered!screenshot_20170115-161821

Yes! FREE transfer of registration to a RnR half …six options to choose from! Now that’s pretty sweet! Where, oh where, shall we go? I know some of you ladies need to check off Tennessee …we could meet up! The option for a virtual run is also nice and I’m thinking of tackling that this week. I know it will be a slow 13.1, as it would’ve been on race day anyway, but I would much rather “earn” that medal than just take it simply because it’s been paid for.  Major Hubs and I have a lot to consider and a short time to decide …stay tuned!

…and that’s a wrap for this week’s recap. There’s this little football game on that is distracting me from my writing here! Go Cowboys!


“From Cowbells to Cowboys!”

Have you ever done a virtual run due to the race being cancelled? Have you ever done any of these RnR races listed above?  

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap where we all support, encourage and motivate one another to a healthier and more active lifestyle! Please stop by their blogs and show them some love …they’ve been up to some pretty cool stuff lately!weeklywrap


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one run at a time!


22 thoughts on “This Weeks Gallivantin’: Easing on down the road

  1. WOW! That’s a sweet deal getting to do a R’nR transfer! I had my eye on (possibly) doing Nashville…then I realized it’s the same weekend as our daughter’s dance recital. #someday Thanks for planking with me…care togo another week? 😉


  2. I know y’all were disappointed to not run The Blues. That’s a pretty nice consolation prize! I ran RnR NOLA last year. The city was fun but I thought the course was really crowded during the first half of the race. It is very flat! I’ve already run a half in Nashville (but not RnR). That city is a BLAST (one of my faves!) but the course will be hilly. I hope your ankle is feeling better now! I feel you about the end-of-year work stuff! UGH. Thanks for linking, Teresa!


  3. Darlene says:

    That’s nice that they gave you a free transfer. So far, I’ve been lucky not to have a race cancelled.

    Glad you see you’re running again,

    5 minute planks! I’m super impressed. I have a hard time doing 1 minute.


  4. You had a great week of runs. Trail running is so good for you, I have been slacking getting to my trails!
    That is great they gave you a transfer option! I have a race I am planning to run March 11th or I would say come to DC. I hope to have a few more meets ups in 2017!
    I am with you, I would much rather earn my medal 🙂 I have done a 10K virtual with a friend because our race was canceled due to a storm.


  5. That trail is stunning! Reminds me of October here. Haha! I’m glad the race cancellation wasn’t a total loss. Now what race will you and Tricia ever choose?? So tempting to join you ladies although I’m so not trained right now. Top bad RnRChi isn’t’ on there…


  6. I’ve done a couple of RnR halfs, but none of those. That is awesome! I looked briefly at Nashville, but I’m not sure I really want to pay that much for a half right now. Never been to Nashville, though.

    I have to say your arms look great! I’m envious!


  7. You know that is the perfect answer to what’s for dinner question right? I’m jealous you have so many options now that you’ve moved to eat at. We get stuck in the same few restaurants. I laugh at the Goose comment. When Greg and I first started dating when I had vodka it was Grey Goose. He said I was high maintenance with my liquor, imagine that! 🙂 No I just like good vodka, not the cheap stuff!


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