January Runfessions

Wow! How can we already be at the end of the first month of the new year?!? Time sure flies when you’re having fun, desperately trying to stay fit, chasing down escaped dogs, buried in year-end taxes and bookkeeping and just loving life in general! As always, the last Friday of every month begs us to bear our sweaty souls with a myriad of confessions or “runfessions”, if you prefer. Thanks to Marcia for hosting this fabulous link up …because it does feel good to vent from time to time!runfessions

Without further adieu …I just have to get this one off my chest right away, and I know it is not run/fitness related but it did occur to me while I wan on a running hiatus due to my injury. While looking for a TV show to binge watch, I came to the very quick and definitive conclusion that I absolutely HATE  Gilmore Girls. There, I said it. I know it’s not popular and maybe not even politically correct to say, but it’s true. I HATE IT. Lorelai and Rory have got to be two of the most obnoxious, rude, sarcastic, narcissistic, self-absorbed and immature characters ever created. Their love of and pride in the ridiculous consumption of junk food is quite repulsive and their “we’re best friends” relationship is just so pathetically “junior-highish” ….oh and their voices, oh my gosh, those voices …like hamsters on crack! I could go on and tell you how I really feel, but I think you get the picture.Gilmore-Girls-is-Shit.png

Second …I must runfess that I have been extremely frustrated with the Spin instructor at my new gym. Yes, I admit that part of my frustration could be that it’s hard to be the student when you’re accustomed to being the teacher. But geez …this woman will not shut up! She yaps throughout the entire class and I don’t just mean instructing. That part is okay …but the incessant narrative about why every song she plays is important to her and has some special meaning that dates back to high school or college, that is just too much. I just want to scream “Shut up! I don’t care if that song reminds you of your first boyfriend, I just want to get lost in the music and the pounding of my lungs as my quads are on freaking fire here!”  Then there’s also this annoying little habit she has of changing songs mid way through …just when we are getting into the rhythm, she decides to change songs because she wants to get the entire playlist in before the class is over. Really? Why don’t you just shorten your playlist then??? Ugh. Yes, there are other instructors, but I really like the time slot of this class so I continue to endure the constant jabbering  …kind of like having Lorelai (see above) for a Spin instructor. Sigh….

Third ….20170127_083955if you follow me on IG, you know that I have been toying with the idea of doing a 3 day juice cleanse. I love the idea of completely detoxing my body and starting fresh; however, I do not like the idea of an all liquid diet for three days ..unless, of course, that is a coffee and wine diet! Anyway, I purchased a few juices at my local grocery store to run them past my taste buds before embarking on this challenge. So far I have loved them all …until today. Oh my goodness, this “Radiant Probiotic” drink is like drinking moldy grass with an abundance of pepper. Yuck, spit, sputter, gag …I managed to get half of it down before giving up …thought I was tougher than that, but I am woman enough to admit defeat. Guess I will just have to get my radiantly glowing skin from my beauty products rather than my probiotics!


Fourth ….another non-run related runfession here, but I have witnessed these many times in the gym and I just have to ask. Have you ever seen another woman’s eyebrows so jacked up that you just want to help the poor girl out by giving her your Estheticians name?


When you have that surprised look all day, every day!

And my fifth and final runfession for the month ….I runfess that no matter how hard I tried, I just could not bring myself to wear the uber cool jacket I received from the Mississippi Blues half marathon that was canceled due to the ice storm. I have reached for it several times while heading to the gym or out for a run and had to put it back. The race did offer a virtual run option which I wasn’t going to do since I really wasn’t trained for this distance. But dang, that jacket …just hanging there teasing me with its perfectly placed zippered pockets and longer length for just the right amount of coverage! So yeah, I went out on Monday and ran 13.1 miles and it sucked. Well, the last few miles sucked …the first half felt great, the next few were challenging and last couple just plain sucked. But hey, I did it and I’ve been wearing the hell of that jacket ever since! #earnednotgiven


Major Hubs was feeling the pressure and ran his last night …I think he really just wanted to wear his jacket too! 

And that’s a wrap on this month’s runfessions. Thanks for listening, I feel so much better! I’m also linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for their Friday Five 2.0 linkup so please drop by all of these great blogs to see what they’re up to. You’ll be inspired, motivated, encouraged and even entertained …I promise!frifive2

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy running!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one runfession at a time!


25 thoughts on “January Runfessions

  1. Awww I’m glad you’re wearing the hell outta that jacket. You certainly did earn it. I feel the same way about my jacket from my first Chicago Marathon. The race was cancelled when I was at mile 22. I finished the race but it still doesn’t feel right. I think the jacket reminds me of how it was a billion degrees that day. Pretty sure I’d need to chew off a limb before I made it through 3 days of juice. Thanks for linking up!


    • I know, right?? Some of the reviews I’ve read about these juice cleanses says that they didn’t even have the energy to work out after the first day! I don’t think that is exactly the results I’m looking for either. May end up just going with the one day option. We’ll see.


  2. Never watched the Gilmore Girls.I keep thinking I should, but seriously, my husband & I watch a couple of shows we’ve DVR’d each night and I never have time to watch my girl shows anyway!

    Great job earning that jacket. That had to be tough.

    I’m not really into the whole detox/cleanse thing, but never say never, I do like to try stuff. I also like to chew. I will sometimes clean up my eating when I’ve been a little loosey goosey with it (hello, last week I’m looking at you), but that’s about it.


    • Take my advice …if you are easily annoyed by fast talking, whiners who are self absorbed …don’t watch it. You’ll hate it. Just my opinion.

      I really like to chew as well ..this is why I’m not so sure I can do this. May end up just doing the one day option.

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  3. That is a sweet jacket! I would have sucked it up, too, and ran that &%$# virtual to get it done and out of my head LOL You can officially move on, now, in the comfort of the jacket 😉 And, oh gosh…the people who do not talk, but Jabber nonstop. Seriously, do they not listen to themselves? (probably too busy talking to listen? maybe?) 😉


  4. I love all your runfessions. I haven’t even tried to watch GG because I know my husb would it more than he hates cauliflower. LOL on the juice. It’s amazing how much wheatgrass tastes like …. grass … which rhymes with …. :-p

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  5. Yeah, the eyebrows are annoying…but I’ll runfess what is worse in my opinion. Bad Lipstick. Too much, wrong color, dark liner, etc. It even looks scary on some women. Do they not look in the mirror? Wear that jacket proudly! You earned it.


  6. Doesn’t look like I’m missing out by never seeing Gilmore Girls. Now not doing another half even virtual to get the medal and jacket from Blues, that I may be missing out on.
    I did go ahead and transfer my entry to RnR Raleigh so I’m pretty excited to visit a new city and run in a new state.


  7. MB Jackson says:

    oh my! CAn’t say I have ever watched the Gilmore girls and by golly it sounds like a good thing! Now, for the jabbering….what would happen if you walked into class with a roll of duct tape and hang it on your bar? Think she would get it?


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