The World is Your Gym

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to February, the month of love! This week’s Friday Five topic, with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness is all about our favorite gym workouts/equipment. Now before we get started, let me first just say that I am a self-professed gym rat! I love the atmosphere and I feed off the energy from everyone else around me.I love that while lifting weights, there is the one guy over in front of the mirror with arms like Hulk Hogan while at the same time, there is the sweet little elderly lady on the leg press working one leg at a time to try and maintain enough muscle strength to keep her from having to use a walker.  I love that at any given time while on the treadmill, there may be one person to the right of me that is a lean mean running machine working on speed intervals while to the left of me there may be someone huffing and puffing just trying to walk a couple of miles …and they all inspire me! I’m moved by the fact that in one building there are all of these people on their own personal fitness journey, all at different levels and with different motivations and goals. There’s no judgement and no competition, just everyone striving to be a better version of themselves. That’s motivating and inspiring to me and I love it!

However, with all of that being said …there are those days that I either can’t make it the gym due to time constraints or it’s just too dang pretty outside to be inside! (And when given the choice …I’ll always choose outdoors for cardio) For those days, I have my own little arsenal of workout equipment and venues I enjoy and incorporate into my workout routine …some regularly and some not so regularly.

  1. Bikes of all kinds: What respectable spin instructor doesn’t have their own spin bike at home? Although, I’m not currently teaching a class and I am enjoying being a student in a rather large class, it is nice to have this at home for those days I just don’t feel like getting out. I bought my road bike about 9 years ago to use as a cross-training workout after a running injury and fell in love with it. While Major Hubs was deployed to Afghanistan, I rode every weekend with a group of cyclists and we would usually ride anywhere from 25 to 40 miles. A few years ago, I bought a mountain bike to ride the hellacious hills of the trails that we frequently ran….talk about a leg and butt workout!!
  2. Miscellaneous Indoor Equipment: a couple of weights, a kettlebell, stability ball, weighted ball, pilates bar w/resistance bands, glide discs and foam roller is about it. I’ve never really focused on building a legitimate “home gym” because I much prefer going to a gym. This is enough to get me through those few days that I either can’t make it or just don’t feel like getting out. I would like to add a bosu ball and TRX training system to our little makeshift home gym.20170203_085024
  3. Tractor Tire and Kayak: People are sometimes surprised that I actually have a tractor tire in my backyard. Yes, it is definitely unusual but just one of the many perks of being married to Major Hubs (he surprised me with it several years ago). There are so many ways to incorporate it into a workout …besides the obvious flipping, I have also used it as a box jump, toe taps, push ups, leg lifts and used it as a target for the sledge-hammer.  The kayak isn’t necessarily a piece of workout equipment and is used mostly as a way to relax, however; it certainly can serve as an excellent arm workout and the fact that I can slide it out the back gate of our yard and right into the cove is definitely a perk!20170202_17092620170202_1709494. Ridgeland Multi-Use Trails: The Natchez Trace runs right through our town and the city officials have done a bang up job of promoting an active lifestyle by providing a running/biking path which runs parallel to the Trace for about 15 miles. It’s a beautiful place to ride your bike and run/walk.

    5. Stairs: I absolutely love a good stair workout. I’ve been incorporating these stairs in my workout routine for years and miss them terribly now that I’ve moved. Thankfully, I will still have the opportunity to enjoy these on occasion over the next few months on some of my weekend trips back to Meridian. However, I’m hoping to find some great stairs around my new town to get a good heart thumping, quad burning, butt busting workout in. 14725542_10209735138869054_7119054075706983393_n

Here’s the bottom line …you don’t need a gym membership, bikes, tractor tires or fancy equipment to get fit. You just need the desire, committment and motivation. Whether you choose to hit the gym to pump some iron, hit up every group fitness class there is, become a treadmill goddess, crossfit fanatic or choose to take to the streets running or cycling …whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it! After all, the world is your gym and your life is your workout.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite outdoor workouts? Does anyone else have their own personal tractor tire? Do you enjoy a good stair workout? (I know Kim does!) What one piece of home equipment can you not live without? Be sure to stop by our hostess’ blogs and some of the other fabulous ladies who have joined in …you never know what new and exciting workout you may be motivated to try or you may just find that perfect new addition to your home gym that can take your fitness to a new level!frifive2


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one workout at a time!


27 thoughts on “The World is Your Gym

  1. Darlene says:

    I think that’s great that you take advantage of the gym. I hope that I will someday.

    I currently own nada – my old tm does not work (it died way before I became a runner.)

    Running is my thing with some occasional tennis. In the summer, I love to walk and hike.


  2. I can’t live without my DVD player! And my treadmill! And my weights . . . I could go on & on. I don’t belong to a gym (although I have in the past).

    I would love to have a tire. And TRX. And battle ropes — I really want those (not that I have a place for them).


  3. When we moved here I was preggo with our first and the Caveman had a big commute so we created a pretty nice “pain cave” which has been awesome. We’ve since joined a gym, not least of all for pool access. I’m coveting those stairs. That would be cool to have here in the flatlands!


  4. I agree, you definitely don’t need a gym to get in good workouts! I do belong to Planet Fitness as a back up for bad weather. I mainly run outside or lift at home. I invested in “big girl weights” and it’s so nice not to have to drive to the gym to lift!

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  5. What a wonderful post. I love that everyone in the gym inspires you.

    I’m looking to add battle ropes and a tire to my stash this summer. The problem is I have nowhere to use the ropes inside which will limit my use. It might not be worth adding them.

    And kayaking ftw!!


  6. Love this post! I enjoy meeting a friend at the gym and doing the workouts together….definitely am motivated to try harder. I do find myself 50/50 doing workouts at home and the gym. Like yourself, I have enough stuff for a solid workout and it just saves me time not driving. Love your tire!:) The battle ropes at the gym are awesome. I do them on the Bosu often at the end of my gym workouts. Btw, I do have a Bosu at home and love, love it! Keep up the hard work!


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