For the Love of Running

Why do runner’s love to run so much? 756cdc45d7e218676f4f969eb5918191It’s a question all runners are asked from time to time by their non-running friends and family and no matter how hard we many try to explain it …no one will ever understand until they become a runner themselves.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all of the love that is being shared today, this week’s Tuesdays on the Run link poses the question “What do you love about running?” For many of us, even though the journey which brought us to running may all be different, we all fell in love with it for many of the same reasons. That is what makes the running community like none other and is a great place to kick off my list!


I love this about running! You never meet a stranger when you are among other runners. You can go to a race alone and will most likely be engaged in conversation with a complete stranger before you even get your bib pinned on and quite possibly be Facebook friends with someone new by the time you get to your car post race. And those Saturday long runs …that look you get from other runners you meet while out getting those miles in. You know what I’m talking about here …the nod, the half wave and the slight smile you get from them that says they understand why you’re out there early on Saturday morning when everyone else is still in bed. Yes, runners get each other and though our goals, paces and abilities may be different, we support, encourage and celebrate one another in those endeavors.3e93921d1980ff0174da472ad79920b2

Runner’s High

It’s real folks. Those wonderful magical endorphins that fill the brain and body during a run and can turn the crappiest of Monday’s into the best of Friday’s! Well, okay, maybe they’re not quite that strong, but they are pretty dang powerful and always keep you coming back for more!462080f43728f5991d74bd0ceffc5db5


Need I say more? Remember that first half-marathon or marathon you finished? That last mile was so painful and you were so tired that you just kept telling yourself that if you ever finished this thing you’d never do another one. Then something magical happened. You crossed that finish line and they placed that big heavy medal dangling from a brightly colored ribbon around your sweaty neck and you suddenly forgot all the pain you were in and immediately began telling yourself that it wasn’t so bad after all and most likely starting looking for another one to sign up for within 24 hours ….kind of like childbirth without all the diaper changes, worrying and college expenses. Beware though, bling is addictive and before you know it, you find yourself saying things like this …..2871525f75aa0b622efe6a8d0cb6dfe4

Endless Supply of Safety Pins


Sometimes it’s the little things, you know? Since I took up running, I’ve never had another one of those “in need of a safety pin” emergency. I’ve never had to buy them or search for them either. There’s an ample supply of them in the console of  Major Hubs truck  and in three different bowls in my house.


Best Running Friend (BRF)

Every runner loves their BRF , the one who holds you accountable, pushes you up that hill when your wagon is draggin’ and always listens to you rant about anything  and everything (annoying co-worker, Mother-in-law, your ex, an injury, etc…) I know I’ve said this multiple times, but I can’t express how thankful I am that my BRF just so happens to be my spouse. He pushes me when I’m want to give up and challenges me to be better than I was the day before.  We are the perfect balance for one another ….more often than not, we motivate the other to get out there and get our miles in when the other is just “not feeling it” that day. We’ve run every race together since we’ve been married with the exception of three. Although he’s much faster than me, he’s my biggest fan and always waiting right there at the finish line cheering me on. When your BRF motivates you, encourages you, rubs Biofreeze on places you can’t reach, kisses you goodnight and wakes you every morning with “Good Morning, Beautiful” ….well, life is just good!12670_1455468765

….and yes, we have actually run a couple of races on Valentine’s Day together, one of which was Major Hubs first full marathon which, for the first time, I  got to see him cross the finish line since I ran the half. That’s romance, folks!

What are some of the reasons you love running? Do you run for bling or for those PR’s? Anyone else’s spouse their BRF? 

Be sure to check out MarciaErika and Patty for their Tuesdays on the Run link-up and see what all the fuss is about running. Who knows, you just might find a little motivation to get you in a pair of running shoes and out the door for your first run. But be careful …as you can see, it’s quite addictive!tuesdays-on-the-run-2


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one run at a time!


18 thoughts on “For the Love of Running

  1. Aww that’s great your hubby is your BRF! I tried with the Caveman but it’s like running next to a sweat sprinkler. No bueno. Did you notice back in the day they kept the medal a secret until the finish and now they’re a huge selling point? Haha!


  2. The husband runs with me some of the time, and occasionally will join me for a race. I think I’d go crazy if he did EVERY race with me, though LOL (He might expect me to go on every bike ride with him….)


  3. Darlene says:

    Nope. My hubby doesn’t run. I wish he did. I am sure that he’d be great at it.

    I agree with all your reasons esp. the one about Camaraderie. but not the one about pins. I attach my bib to my running belt so I don’t take any safety pins.


  4. christyruns says:

    All those reasons for sure! and running clothes are some of the funnest much funner and easier to shop for than normal clothes for me. But the I think overall the camraderie is the best! No one gets a runner like a runner.


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