March Runfessions

runfessionsWow! It’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s Runfession time! You know, getting all of that “stuff” off your sweaty souls/soles.  I almost let the day get away from me, but never fear …I have a few confessions of my own to make here!

I runfess …that I’m still not running as much as I’d like to be at this point in my training cycle because frankly, I don’t know what the &#@% is going on with my feet and these orthotics! I did go in for an adjustment on Monday and while they felt a tad better, they just aren’t comfortable to run in. But I won’t go down that ugly road again. Let’s just suffice it to say that I’ll be making another appointment next week and I’ll leave this time with a major ‘fix’ or my $400 in hand.

Speaking of running ….I runfess that I have never run with a fuel belt of any kind in all of my 10 years of running. I have run a few miles with a hand-held water bottle, but only for a few miles. I purchased a fuel belt which holds two small water bottles several years ago and I’m thinking of giving it a try on tomorrows long run. The older I get, the less tolerant I am to the heat and humidity of the spring and summer months down here. Knowing that all of my training for Utah Valley will be during said heat and humidity, I’m sure I will benefit from having plenty of Tailwind handy. But geez…I just can’t imagine running with that thing hanging around my waist! Does it not drive you nuts? Bounce around?  Figure I’ll try it out on a semi long run before I commit. If it doesn’t work out, then there’s always this ……main-qimg-278b235db8d56164311385b093e0ba0e-c

I runfess that lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with life. Ever feel like the “powers that be” are just simply working against you and interfering with your race planning? Ugh! It seems as though every time I find a race that I’d like to sign up for ….KAPOW! My pretty little running balloon gets popped by life’s ‘more important’ obligations and responsibilities. Adulting is hard sometimes, right?!?

Speaking of adulting …like being a 50-year-old adult woman…. I runfess that I’ve become my Mom. Yes, it’s true. It happens to us all, in some form or fashion, given enough time. I can remember years ago when I was young (in my 30’s) and full of estrogen, she would all of a sudden have this ‘fit of frustration’ over the uncomfortable-ness of her bra. I would watch her tugging on it with that wild look in her eyes until she couldn’t take it anymore and eventually would retreat to her bedroom to remove the evil contraption. Honestly, I would think to myself that she had to be overly dramatizing the situation. Thanks to Aunt Minnie and her vicious little hot flashes …I now know first hand the complete and utter senselessness of wearing a bra! Who am I kidding …sometimes all clothes are optional when those suckers hit.

…and last but not least, speaking of clothes (see how my brain works?) … I runfess that this Spring Fever I’ve caught is going to get me in trouble with Major Hubs because it makes me want to shop, shop, shop! All of the new spring workout clothes, sandals, shorts, sundresses, strappy little tops and swimsuits …I need them all! Winter apparel just doesn’t appeal to me and I rarely buy anything new during the fall and winter months. But I can break the bank between March and July! He loves me though and when he sees me in them, he’ll forgive me! f39a5e737f10693c00b475088dc73913

Well, that concludes my runfessions for the month and I really do feel much better. Thanks for listening! Be sure to visit other bloggers along with our hostess, Marcia to see what sole cleansing runfessions they have to come clean about as well.

I’m also linking up with Rachel and Meranda and Lacey for their Friday Five 2.0 link-up so be sure to stop by and visit them too …Rachel has some pretty exciting news to share!runfessionsfrifive2


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one runfession at a time!


21 thoughts on “March Runfessions

  1. Fuel belts. I’m not a fan, but they (sometimes) are a necessary evil. I think it’s my body shape, but every belt I’ve tried has shimmied up on me. I have a pretty small (defined) waist, and that’s the belts’ destination! I wish the belts would stay low (on my hips), but simply NOT happening on me. #frustrating


  2. I’ve done fuel belts & I liked them while I used them, but eventually the chafing & bouncing got to much for me.

    I buy all the clothes . . . all the time . . . I’m a terrible shopper (or a good one, depending on how you look at it). Love to shop, love to try stuff!


    • I know… those dang feet. Can’t run with ’em but sure as hell can’t run without ’em! 😂 Maybe we both should just get us a “wine rack”, fill it up and go. After a few miles of sipping on thag, we won’t feel our feet!😂


  3. I wore a fuel belt for years (almost 10) until I got so frustrated I threw mine in the bushes. Mine sat fine until I grew a gut. I do have 2 brand new ones sitting in the garage I was going to donate.


  4. Darlene says:

    I could never wear a fuel belt. it would drive me batty. I even have a hard carrying a water bottle.

    Yes, let’s go shopping together. We only have several months of warm weather here yet my closet is full of summer clothes. (I hate dull winter stuff). And yet I go out and buy more sleeveless tops and sundresses!! Go figure!


  5. What fuel belt do you have? I wore the Camelbak fuel belt with 2 bottles in it for my first marathon and it was a bad decision. It kept pushing on my bladder making me (falsely) believe I had to go. After the second bathroom stop my sister decided to wear the belt for me and then I didn’t have stop after that!

    Now I have a flip belt where the bottle slips right in. I haven’t worn it for a race yet but during training runs I forget it’s even there!


  6. That Wine Rack is hilarious! Yeah as I got closer to 50 my tolerance for heat & humidity went right out the window so I learned to embrace the fuel belt – I have one from SPIbelt that I like (full disclosure I’m an ambassador) and another one from Fitletic that works really well.


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