Ultimate Coffee Date: April Edition

Hello and happy April everyone! Not only is it the first Saturday in April, it’s also the first day in April …and what a beautiful spring-like day we’re having down here in Dixieland! You all know what we do on the first Saturday of the month, right? Of course! We sip coffee over a virtual “coffee date” and catch up with one another. However, as usual, I’m late joining the group and didn’t even have my coffee this morning. Bummer, right?  But I did sleep in and got my 6 mile run in and now sitting down to enjoy a little recovery drink …so, let’s chat while I sip my “toddy”, shall we?


….see that cute little nose of my furry photo bomber? He really just wanted the asparagus from my Bloody Mary!

If we were having drinks ….

…I’d tell you that I’ve been a somewhat of a lucky streak lately winning several giveaways! In addition to winning the February Leaner Creamer giveaway, I also won these awesome giveaways from Zenaida and Clarinda.

However, 20170326_210813my most recent win I’m super ecstatic about are these uber cool Plantronic BackBeat Fit wireless ear buds from Marcia! I’ve used them on three runs now, this morning’s being the longest and I really do love them! I really love the fact that if I receive a phone call while running, it automatically answers without any interruptions and my music resumes immediately once the call has ended without any buttons to fiddle with. Super user-friendly, wireless yet high tech….I like! Thanks ladies for your great product giveaways. Now I need to go purchase a lottery ticket since I’ve apparently got Lady Luck on my side!

If we were having drinks….

I’d tell you that I’ve been working really hard on eating even more healthy than I thought I was already doing. In doing so, I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more whole and natural foods. With that being said, there’s been quite a bit of this type of stuff being whipped up in my kitchen as of late …..

….okay, so the last one isn’t healthy. However, it is green and it is good for ones mental stability. 🙂

If we were having drinks….

I’d tell you that our summer vacation has been decided on, accommodations and airfare booked and activities already being planned. We are so excited about this trip for so many reasons, one of which you will find out later. Now if I can just find a race for us to run while we are there! Oh, you are curious as to which destination we decided on? Well then, I’ll give you a one word clue ….aloha

If we were having drinks….

I’d tell you that Major Hubs and went to see Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago at our local movie theater. Since our kids are all grown, we decided to go the really late showing so that we wouldn’t have to deal with everyone else’s kids. As we were parking, the hubs saw this baby raccoon under another car across from us. I was going to ease up on him to get a picture without frightening it away. He let me get really close without any hesitation. The hubs wouldn’t let me get too close and said he’d probably be gone by the time we got out of the movie and I hoped that he didn’t get hit by a car. Sooo, after the movie as we were walking to our truck (there were hardly any cars left in the parking lot due to the late hour) we noticed that the racoon was now under our truck! I immediately went into “Momma” mode by saying “awww, he just wants a safe place to hide” and the hubs was in “Protector” mode and said “stay back, those things carry rabies and such”! He made me stay back while he pulled the truck around for me to get in …well, when he did, that little fellow came running out from under our truck straight for me. Not in an aggressive way, but more like it was frightened and wanted my help. I felt so sorry for him. I got in the truck and looked down at it …he had lain down in the middle of the parking lot with its little head to the side of its front paws. Well that was all I could take, the tears started flowing and my husband said ….”no, don’t do it. We cannot rescue a raccoon. It’s probably sick anyway”. Even more reason in my mind to rescue it, right? Apparently not. I know they’re wild and I know they can be vicious and carry diseases…but geez, he was so cute and apparently liked me!

I don’t know what happened to the little coon but the movie was delightful! Speaking of Beauty and the Beast …I’ll leave you with this little gem for your very own viewing pleasure …the hubs wearing more eyeliner than me!



Yes, you guessed it…. quite a few years back, Major Hubs played Gaston in our local theaters version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Of course, in my humble opinion, he was the star of the show!

And on that note, I’m wrapping up this little “toddy date”. Thanks for stopping by, it’s always fun to catch up on all of the non-running things going on with everyone too! See you next month …and I’ll try to be on time. Be sure to visit our hostesses Deborah and Coco along with the other ladies linking up with the Ultimate Coffee Date!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one sip at a time!


19 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: April Edition

  1. Darlene says:

    Lucky you. You should buy a lottery ticket.

    Hawaii sounds like a perfect vacation. Someday.

    I’m trying to be healthier. Red wine is good for your health, right?


  2. What a fun post! Really enjoyed catching up with you! I hope the baby raccoon made it somewhere safe. He was a cute thing, but yeah, got to be careful with them.

    Looking forward to following along on your Hawaiian vacation this summer. Sounds so fun!


  3. Aloha! What a great trip that’ll be. The girls so and I were plotting all week where we’d make the Caveman take us since he so rudely worked through the entire spring break this year. Hawaii is definitely on the table. I’d feel the same way about that poor little guy. I hate when wild animal babies are in unsafe places. Makes me wanna fix it. Love that photobomb!


  4. Whatever is in that kiwi and banana concoction looks amazing! As for the raccoons, they can be vicious! We have a family of raccoons that live under our deck and they drive me nuts. I’m always so careful whenever I go outside at night because I’m afraid one will be lurking on the deck and I’ll startle it…

    Have a great week!


  5. Haha… May be you might win my first giveaway coming up next week! Congrats on your lucky streak.Giveaways are always fun! Gaston – that’s pretty cool! I watched BnB….twice…loved it!


  6. MB Jackson says:

    I loved Beauty and the Beast too- we waited until spring break was over and headed to the matinee only to be followed by 26 four year olds from the local preschool! Please send me that good luck streak! You are on a roll! Hawaii sounds fabulous by the way!


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