Hydration on the Run

With the arrival of Spring and Summer knocking on our door, the inevitable rise in temperatures and humidity makes hydrating for our workouts even more important. This weeks Tuesday’s on the Run topic is all about hydration. And just as unique as every runner is, their hydration preferences are as well. What works for one person may not work for another, but there’s something to be learned from everyone ….so let’s talk H2O!Hydration.png

Pre-Run Hydration

fcde401c40e589cd110eec285cb24bb3Nothing magical here, I have a cup of coffee every morning, so naturally, that means I have coffee before a run …except race day. I’ve never had coffee before a race …too many other things I’m focused on race morning and then there’s that little “bathroom issue” to contend with. All runners know how active the GI system tends to get on race morning …why add fuel to the fire!

I do try to increase my water intake several days leading up to a race, but I will not guzzle a bottle of water on race morning. There’s nothing worse than hearing and feeling too much water sloshing around in the gut during those first few miles …been there, done that, learned my lesson.

There are two packets of BeetElite in my kitchen that a friend of the Major’s gave him to try. Based on the look on his face while he tried to drink it, I’m not sure if I even want to try it! However, I am curious about it ..anyone use it? Like it? Any tips on how to drink it other than mixed with plain water?


Hydration During a Run

I will be honest and say that I haven’t really tried a lot of different hydration fuel products and there are so many out there. In the good ‘ole days, it was just plain water and Gatorade. (I still love some grape flavored Gatorade for my long bike rides)  Then I started using nuun tablets in the summer months and on all long runs until they changed the ingredients, which unfortunately changed the taste. I just can’t deal with that aftertaste they now have. It’s really too bad, because I used to love mixing the flavors and creating my own tropical explosion in my water bottle! I bought one tube of GU tablets and if it’s possible, I think they may have tasted even worse.

In anticipation of the relentless heat and humidity of summer, I recently ordered an assortment of Tailwind to try. The idea was to try each flavor, decide which one I liked best, then purchase a bag of that flavor. TW-Stick-Packs

….so far, I like all of the flavors I’ve tried, love the subtle taste and feel it is very effective at not only keeping me hydrated but also energized. Even better, there is no nasty aftertaste! Score!

Post-Run Hydration

Well, this all depends on the run, distance, temperature outside, time of day, etc…  I’ve been known to re-hydrate post race with a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, glass of wine ….you get the picture. But most of the time, for everyday runs and weekend long runs, I turn to a glass of chocolate milk, for short runs and a protein shake for longer runs. During the summer months and after long runs, I will usually mix a packet of Advocare’s Rehydrate with a bottle of water to replenish the electrolytes lost during my run/workout.618c1e04fbb454a4574c35c53e012cb1

Now, for me, the biggest issue is how to carry this hydration during my run. I mentioned in a recent blog that I was thinking about trying out a fuel belt that I’ve had stashed away but never used. Currently, I’m using a small handheld Nathan water bottle and it works fine …if you don’t mind having it in your hand the entire time.59fd9d87717303f687e3cfddb73145fc

It’s small, shaped to fit your hand, doesn’t leak, has reflective straps and the opening is wide enough for an ice cube or two. I will continue to use this for short, hot runs. However, I am still in the market for something that I can use on long runs that does not require being held the entire time.  Darlene, from My First 5k, recommended the Flip Belt hydration bottle. black_main-900x600

This is something I haven’t even thought about! I love my Flip Belt and honestly, had forgotten all about the fact that they now make hydration bottles for it. Anyone else use these? Do you prefer the small or the large bottles? Which is easier to get in and out of the belt?

Another option I’m considering is this nifty little bottle from Simple Hydrationsimplehydration-splash1

I like the fact the it can be “hooked” onto my flipbelt without actually taking up valuable space inside the belt. However, despite its glowing reviews of comfort, I’m just not convinced. Anyone have one? Thoughts/opinions?

In summary and in response to Deb’s “word of the month” in this month’s edition of Wednesday Word ….. there are a multitude of ways a runner experiences victory. Crossing the finish line, PR’s, rallying back from injuries and even simply lining up at the starting line is a victory for some. But right now, with half marathon training ramping up just when the temperatures are heating up, finding the perfect combination of hydration and how to carry it on all of those long, hot and humid miles is nothing short of a ….


Thanks to MarciaErika and Patty for hosting Tuesdays on the Run and Deb for Wednesday Word. Be sure to visit these blogs and others to see what victories they’ve conquered or working towards and to get advice on hydrating your body for more efficient running.



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one victory at a time!









25 thoughts on “Hydration on the Run

  1. Darlene says:

    I drink coffee at work every morning but like you, not before a race …same reason. LOL

    I don’t usually carry water unless it is very warm and I use my Nathan handheld.


  2. I am so with you about the coffee on race on morning. There is no way I could add fuel to the fire of an already overactive stomach. However, I do usually take some amino energy at the starting line. If i take it too early, I have to pee a lot! I have found that if I start drinking a bottle of water the second I wake up, then I can hydrate before a race. It wasn’t making sense that I wasn’t drinking before a race. I also found myself over hydrating the day before a race and I seem to have found a better balance. On a daily basis, I mix up my water a bit: coconut water splashed with pineapple juice, love NUUN(cherry limeade, pink lemonade and limeade), also use pineapple flavored Skratch.


  3. I really don’t deal with dehydration well, and I drink the same things before a race that I normally do. I also make sure to get there early enough to not have to stand in a portapotty line forever, but one visit is usually enough. As you pointed out, everyone is different!

    That simple bottle looks really interesting. I’ve never heard of it. You know me, always experimenting. Hmmmm.

    I do use the flipbelt bottles, but mostly I prefer to just stash them in a pocket. I have used them with a flipbelt, though. Generally I use the smaller ones, but I have a large one, too, and have been known to use the large one AND two smaller ones on a long run. Like I said, dehydration and I are not friends.


    • That’s good to know about the flip belt bottles. Can you get all three in the belt with your phone?

      I think I’m going to order one of those simple bottles… I can hook it on the flip belt! I’m always experimenting too … Sometimes too much 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I usually have my phone in a pocket, I think.

        It’s actually been quite a while since I used the flipbelt — I know I could get all 3 bottles, but it’s a little annoying (better than a fuelbelt though).

        Me too, the experimenting thing, a little too much.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I like to live dangerously and coffee up on race morning. :0. I’ve got something called Beet Boost that’s a mix of beets and tart cherry juice. I find it quite pleasant but I think one must enjoy beets. The Caveman wouldn’t go near it.


  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I wish I could drink coffee but it doesn’t really agree with me, LOL. There are so many fuel carrying options, which I think is great! I probably need a new small handheld, I’m always worried about leaks. The Orange Mud Hydraquiver has been my main method lately.


  6. Hydration is such a trump card. It’s taken me a lot of experimenting to figure out my own plan of hydration action. I hate handhelds…but I put up with them (on very hot days). Belts never fit me properly, and always ride up and/or bounce. I did get a vest, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would…but only use it in the summer for long runs (again…on very hot days). I LOVE the aid stations during races 😉


  7. MB Jackson says:

    I can’t start my day without coffee and I love my tailwind! I am working with a hand held too- think you just have to get used to it! Have a fabulous weekend!


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