Ultimate Coffee Date: May 2017

With April in the rearview mirror and the first Saturday of May upon us, it’s time for another edition of Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and CoCo where we have a virtual coffee date with one another to catch up, chit-chat, gossip, shoot the bull, etc. So, grab your favorite mug, get comfy in your favorite chair and let’s chat!May 2017 (1).png

If we were having coffee ….. I’d tell you that if you are reading this Saturday morning while sipping your coffee, I’ll actually be running a local 10k and won’t be indulging in my coffee until I’ve finished.  I decided to sign up for this race at the last minute to use as a “test run”, so to speak, for next weekends 10k. I’m going to run this one with the run/walk intervals I’ve been training with to see how I will do run/walking in ‘race mode’. If it works out well, I will use it next weekend ….if not, I’ll just race as usual.

If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that Major Hubs and I have been hitting the movies quite a bit lately. Two of our most recent favorites …. Boston: The Documentary and The Zookeeper’s Wife. Both were fabulous! I had read the book, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” several years ago and it really touched me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie followed the book closely. I highly recommend it. The hubs and I also love Broadway musicals and next week we’ll be seeing 42nd Street on tour!

Image result for 42nd street musical

If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that I had a wonderful time last month at “Parent’s weekend” for the college boy’s fraternity. It wasn’t the activities they had planned for us that was so great, but rather the time spent with the college boy.  I’m a fairly ‘tough’ woman, but when the boy voluntarily took me for a spin on the dance floor …well, my heart melted into a pile of mush. And when he proceeded to ask me, while dancing, “so is this what college was like for you?” …I realized then that our relationship had shifted a little. While I will always be his ‘mamma’ and he will always be my ‘little Davey Baby’, we have become friends. Good friends. I realized that his Dad and I have done a really good job of raising him and now we get to enjoy watching him flourish and develop into his own. The hard work has been done. The fact that he calls me for advice on how to handle certain situations because he sincerely wants my input, not because he has to do what I say anymore …well, that makes it all worthwhile! I’ve said before, when the doctor places that sweet little bundle of joy in your arms, it seems like a lifetime before they will be leaving for college…. but when the time comes that they actually leave for college, it seems like only yesterday that doctor placed them in your arms.

If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that I seriously have the best hubby in the world! I may have mentioned before that he always brings me some sort of gift or “happy” when he comes home from guard duty. Well, last month he surprised me with a bike carrier! Since I traded my Tahoe in on a car, I haven’t had a way to transport my bike ….so, the hubs, being so freaking wonderful and thoughtful, brought this one home for me. I know, I know …I really don’t deserve him, but dang ….I sure do love him!!20170420_132509

If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that I kind of, sort of, got sucked into the S*Town podcast. I listened to two episodes during my 7 mile run on Wednesday and couldn’t wait to hear more. Sooooo, I went to the gym on Thursday, got on the Spin bike and listened to another. I ended up listening to three more throughout the day and finished it up on Friday morning. It seriously was the most oddly disturbing, yet intriguing story I’ve heard in a long time. It was like a train wreck ….in the sense that you don’t want to see the wreckage, yet you can’t help but look. Now, I’m in the market for a new podcast to listen to on my runs as I don’t think I can go back to music. Any suggestions?

Image result for stown

And with that, you are either thinking “Yes! What an odd and eccentric man …but who really did end up getting those gold bars?” or ….”hmmmm, now my curiosity has really been pricked so maybe I should give it a listen!” ….I’ll leave you to ponder over your coffee. Thanks for joining me, it is always nice to catch up!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!

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Ultimate Coffee Date


30 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: May 2017

  1. MB Jackson says:

    Ok now I do need to check out this podcast, what am I waiting on? I can remember when my mom came to University of Florida for my sorority parents weekend- special times you always remember and yes things start to shift a little. Enjoy it! I hope you had a great 10K this morning and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


    • I don’t know Skippy, what are you waiting on??? 🙂 10k was pretty good. The walk/run intervals seem to be working well as I managed a 10:21 pace with the walk breaks ….although it was a cool 50 at the start time. Probably wouldn’t fair so well in hot and humid temps.


  2. I haven’t really joined the podcast wagon. Too much to juggle! I’ve got the ipod, the garmin, an app I’m testing out, taking photos (that’s another thing run/walk is great for!).
    I wanted to see the Zookeepers Wife while we were away, but it wasn’t playing a theater close to us & navigating that traffic is hard.
    Nice job for Major Hubs & the bike carrier! Enjoy it!


  3. I’m sipping my coffee while catching up because my race doesn’t start until 10! Hoping the wind dies down before we take off!
    I know you’re running as I read this–I hope your race went well. I laughed about you “turning to mush” with your son–I never used to be a crier but my boys can bring it out in me! If I can have a good relationship with both of them–well, that’s all a mom can want, right?


  4. awwwww…what you said about your son has ME in a pile of mush right now LOL Our son just graduated last night from his community college, and he did so with honors. It has brought us so much joy watching him mature these past two years. You already know about our daughter, living on her own in Pennsylvania. And the other daughter, still at home, is becoming more of a “friend” instead of a know-it-all teen. There are so many times we question what we do as parents, and then it comes full-circle and we realize we did alright. Excuse me…I need a tissue…. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Everyone seems to be listening to S town! I don’t know when I have time to fit in podcasts but I hear it’s good. Hope your race went well today! I am curious to hear how the run walk method went for you. One of my friends swears by it. Thanks so much for joining for coffee today!


    • Well my advice as to Stown …don’t start it until you have time to binge listen because you won’t want to stop until the end. And even then, you will want more. 🙂

      As to the run/walk …it seems to be working well for me. You know I started it to help me get my feet used to my new orthotics… but now I’ve come to kind of like it. My pace had slowed down quite a bit since last April when I became injured and with the intervals, I’m able to get closer to what my race paces used to be. Today I averaged 10:21 for the 10k using a 3:1 interval ratio. I’m good with that …it’s progress!


  6. I just love what you shared about your son – put a huge smile on my face.

    I have not heard of Stown, but you have peaked my curiosity.

    It’s great to hear that the run/walk intervals are working for you – I’ve just started to try them so it’s great to hear success stories!


    • Hope you have success with the run/walk intervals as well. I was a skeptic for so long, but what they say really is true! 🙂 As to Stown….it is “disturbing” and, as a Southerner, embarrassing ….but it’s such an intriguing story as well. It does leave you unsettled though.


  7. Oh, I will have to listen to S-Town. I listen to random podcasts but none that are series. I am with you 100% on the college boy mush powers. Mine already offered to cook on Mother’s Day. Double swoon. 🙂


  8. A new bike rack for you and flowers for me, both “just because.” Yes, we do have the world’s best husbands! 🙂
    I love being the mom of adult sons! They still melt my heart and seek advice from my husband and me, but I love having adult conversations with them.


  9. How did your 10k go with the trial of run/walk? I’m a Galloway runner, so I use them all the time.
    I also went and saw the Boston Doc! It was SO great, glad I went out to see it.
    Oh, and now you’ve got me going to find out what this podcast is all about… LOL!


    • It actually went very well! I averaged a 10:21 pace using 3:1 intervals. Considering how slow I’ve gotten due to my injury a year ago… I was pretty pleased with that! I think I’m falling in love with Mr Galloway 😂😂


  10. Major Hubs is a keeper for sure! What a sweet and thoughtful treat! I so know what you’re saying about kids growing up. Our oldest is finishing her sophomore year of high school and I know she’s going to be off to college in the blink of an eye. I’m a podcast flunkie. I’ve listened to a few then fell out of the habit. My bad.


    • Isn’t it though! I told Tricia (MissSippiPiddlin) that I think I’m going to have to listen to the whole thing again because I feel it’s one of those stories that you are sure to miss some things the first time around! 🙂


  11. I hope you had fun on your 10k! :] Your husband sounds really sweet!

    I haven’t listened to S Town yet but it’s been on my radar!! Wish I had suggestions for you but I’ve mainly just been trying to learn languages/medicine on em’.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking an iced coffee with milk. You would hear me complain that I really want one of those new Summer Starbucks Frappuccinos but they aren’t on the summer bikini plan!😂 How sweet of your baby dancing with you! Oh, I’m definitely not ready for my boys to grow up!


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