Keep on Dreaming!

And it’s ‘Always Dreaming’ for the win at the 143rd Kentucky Derby, the fastest two minutes in sports! I can’t think of a more appropriate name for a race horse, can you?Keep on.png

Before I go off topic this week and since this is the Weekly Wrap, here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

  • Monday:  4.5 mile run
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 7 mile run
  • Thursday: 16 miles on the indoor bike (b/c I had to listen to more S-town!)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Magnolia Meltdown 10k (Recap coming soon)

This wraps up week 8 of half marathon training leaving me with 4 more weeks until Utah Valley Half! I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet those of you who will be there! The run/walk intervals are working well for me although, I will admit that I’m still skeptical that I will actually be able to run 13 miles with these orthotics. As of right now, 6 miles seems to be the magic mile where they start to bother me. I may ditch them for the half …we’ll see.

Now, back to ‘horse talk’ ….

I read a little bit about the history of Always Dreaming and found that in his first season of racing, he placed 3rd and 2nd at Belmont and Saratoga, no wins. His new trainer decided that he would benefit from a short break. This time off would prove to be beneficial. He won the next three races he ran and followed that up with his win on Saturday at the Derby.

Why am I telling you all of this, you might ask? Well, first of all, I have always had a fascination with the Kentucky Derby and attending it has been a dream of mine since childhood. Second, I think we can all take away a valuable lesson from this horse …..sometimes we all just need a little ‘time off’, a break, from what we love. Maybe it’s to recover from an injury, maybe it’s to mature a little or maybe we’ve matured ‘too much’ and need to find our new place in running and racing. (as in my case)  I’ll be completely honest, every time I’ve ever had to take a break from running, I’ve always feared I’d never make a comeback ….yet, I always have. Sure, as I’ve aged, my comebacks haven’t brought me faster times and race trophies, but they have brought me confidence in knowing that with determination and a little hard work, I can continue to do what I enjoy ….albeit a little slower. That’s okay, slower makes it easier to take in the scenery!

The owner of Always Dreaming said that she gave him this name because she’s always been a dreamer and she says that she will name his first foal “Keep on Dreaming”.  I love that! Isn’t that exactly what we all need, in every aspect of our lives?  …we need to keep the dream alive, in us, in our children, in our communities and in our world.

In 2013, after a year deployment in Afghanistan, Major Hubs and I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams by attending the Kentucky Derby. It was every bit as exciting and steeped in rich tradition as I had dreamed it would be. Although it rained throughout a good portion of the day, it cleared up about 90 minutes before the horses took their post and after hearing the famous bugler ‘Call to Post’, announcement of ‘Riders Up’ and singing ‘My Old Kentucky Home’, we watched Orb come from behind to win the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby. I still get chill bumps thinking about it.936557_10200645132944587_1084773318_n

Here’s a few fun hat pictures ….you see everything from classy and elegant to totally tasteless! And unless you get invited to a VIP room, you’ll see a lot of tasteless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mint Julep anyone? This one was mostly bourbon with the biggest ‘sprig’ of (wilted) mint I’d ever seen!945751_10200645142024814_374482007_n

The paddock area …watching the jockeys and horses heading to the track.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Race time! Over 151,000 in attendance …absolutely amazing!

Orb comes from behind to win by 2 1/2 lengths!


While the weather may not have been ideal for a horse race, any day is a perfect day when you make a dream come true! So, whatever you’re dreaming of ….set out to make it a reality. If you haven’t already, sit down with pen and paper and make a bucket list then proceed to check them off, one by one. Whether you’re dreaming of traveling the world, seeing the Northern Lights, or embarking on an African Safari …start planning, start saving, do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality. If your dream is to run your first marathon or your 20th, become an Ironman or to simply run your first 5k, start training and do whatever it takes to cross that finish line. We only get one shot at this crazy, beautiful adventure called life …make it count, enjoy it and appreciate every step of the way!

WeeklyWrapI’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap. Thank you ladies for hosting this fabulous link up which allows many of us to find the encouragement and motivation needed to reach our goals and dreams. Be sure to read as many of the other blogs linked up as well …there are so many inspiring ladies out there and you never know who will have just the right words that you need to hear this week!



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one dream at a time!


23 thoughts on “Keep on Dreaming!

  1. I totally missed the Derby…it wasn’t something on my radar (I know, my bad). I’d love to go see it in person sometime,though. I’d probably pay more attention to all the fancy clothes and hats, though, than t he horses LOL I LOVE your hat!!


  2. I so love this analogy! And I adore horses. When we moved to England I took up English riding. Each horse has its own distinct personality and each needs to be ridden a certain way to bring out their best. Always Dreaming is SO beautiful and had the sweetest, craziest little gleam in his eye. I would ADORE going to the Derby one of these years. How awesome you got there and you looked spectacular. The media has a way of not showing those um…less polished…spectators.


    • Oh yes, they certainly do. Going in person, you see it all …good bad and ugly! 😉. How wonderful that you got to take up riding. I’ve only done western style riding but would love English riding. It’s do elegant. I agree with you…horses are such majestic creatures!!


  3. Love everything about this post! I have been to the Stakes a few times, and the Preakness once, but never the Derby. Mr. Judy is neither a horse person nor a crowd person (all of those races were long before we were married).
    I know, I know, here I live right near Saratoga . . . and never go. 😦 I’ll have to hit up a girlfriend sometime.
    I’ve never run in Orthotics. So good luck with that!


  4. Nice! I’m not into horses at all (well… I do love to see them in the pastures here while I’m out running, but that’s about it… long story, involving me as a 10 year old being thrown off a horse…) but I can imagine how special a trip to the Kentucky Derby could be! And you look fabulous in the photos of course!


  5. I haven’t been to the Derby (and missed it this year due to my trip) but I have at least been to a horse race. LOL. You look fabulous, by the way. We saw some odd hats while we were out gallivanting Saturday afternoon but didn’t make the connection to the Derby until much later in the day! All I can do is embrace the new slower me right now. But that is much better than the non-running pitiful me, so I can’t complain. I’ll just keep dreaming! Can’t wait to meet you in Utah!


    • That’s exactly right Holly! We have to embrace where we are at the moment and be thankful we’re at least still moving 🙂 I loved seeing yours and Wendy’s posts …I know you two had a fabulous time. And yes! I can’t wait to finally meet you in person! 🙂


  6. Oh, I wish I was going to be in Utah!! It is going to be so fun. I won an entry, but I couldn’t do the travel 😦
    I am just catching up…I am glad the intervals are working well for you. It is amazing how they can sustain us. I hope you can adjust to your inserts and enjoy the race 🙂
    You look beautiful in your hat! Glad you got to experience a dream event!

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