June Ultimate Coffee Date

While the calendar marks the official beginning of summer in June, let me just say that we’ve been under the blazing hot blanket of summer for quite some time now and I think I’ve gotten too old and too menopausal to tolerate it! Wait, what? June? Already? Seems like just yesterday we were packing up Christmas decorations and setting goals for the new year! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! So, let’s continue the fun by catching up over coffee …. well, over virtual coffee with Coco and Deborah and their Ultimate Coffee Date link-up.

UltimateCoffee Date

If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that this time next week, I’ll be in Utah taking in the majestic scenery of the canyon, meeting a few fellow bloggers and getting ready to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon! The training wasn’t stellar, but it is finished and now comes the weather stalking and agonizing over what to wear race day. Even more agonizing than that is the fact that I’m attempting to pull off a traveling feat which I have never tried ….pack just a carry-on. Yep, that’s right …no checked bag. I have no idea where to even begin and I’m pretty sure that Major Hubs will be super impressed if I’m actually able to pull this off! I mean, how hard can it be?? Well, let me remind you that my suitcase was so large for our trip to Italy, that our driver in Positano nicknamed it “The Beast”! But considering this will be a quick, whirlwind of a trip ….I should be able to accomplish this.



If we were having coffee …. I’d tell you that our return from Utah will officially start the two month countdown to our BIG summer vacation and I am super pumped about it ….Hawaii, here we come! If you have any tips, favorite places to eat or must-see spots, feel free to pass them on. While most of the trip is already planned, there’s always wiggle room for something special. We will strictly be on the island of Oahu, so I don’t want to hear about any fantastically tempting thing to do on another island …there’ll be no island hopping on this trip.


Perfect example: This was in January!

If we were having coffee …. I’d also tell you that upon completion of this half marathon, I’ll be putting long runs on the “hot as hell” back burner of these Southern summer months and focus more on cycling. This training cycle’s long runs in the heat and humidity has just about gotten the best of me. I know, I know ….many of you can’t wait for the heat to come your way and wish I’d quit whining, but let’s face it …we’re much closer to the equator down here and heck, it’s been hot and humid here since March and will continue at least through September …maybe longer! Now don’t get me wrong, we Southerners like to have our cake and eat it too …..we do love our warm tropical weather, we just don’t like running in it!  So, with that being said, I have a short little duathlon on my radar and I’m still holding out hope that Holly and I can pull of a century or half century ride before the year comes to an end. Let the saddle sores commence!




If we were having coffee …. I’d have to tell you that while I rarely set monthly goals because I just don’t usually keep them up, I have decided to do a June challenge.


I’m hoping this will help me improve my “push up” stamina and reach my goal to be able to complete at least half of them as full body push ups, rather than from the knees, by the end of the month. And I will not do crunches every Wednesday/Saturday …instead, I will do 100 of a different type of ab exercise each Wednesday/Saturday in order to mix it up and work different areas of the abdominals. Between this and getting back to my regular strength training routine …I’m hoping to be able to rock unashamedly wear a bikini in Hawaii!

If we were having coffee …. I’d have to share my latest shoe purchase! Shhh….don’t tell the hubs, but I couldn’t resist them ….I mean, they are red, scalloped and suede. Just too much cuteness in one shoe not to be in my closet! Besides, it’s justified since my red patent peep-toe pumps have finally bitten the dust. 4931564_600


And with that, I do believe we are all caught up. Besides, it’s FriYay and almost “wine-o-clock”! Whoop whoop! Speaking of Friday, I’m also linking up with these precious ladies, RachelMerenda and Lacey for their Friday Five 2.0 link up. Be sure to stop by these ladies along with CocoDeborah and as many others as you have time for….you never know what new friendship awaits you!


Have you been to Hawaii? What would be your “must-do” activity? Are you an over-packer or a carry-on gal? Any big summer vacations on your horizon?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one coffee date at a time!


28 thoughts on “June Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. oh those red shoes!!!!!!! Adorable! Oahu is beautiful…the USS Arizona is pretty neat, but kind of eery. We went on a tour of a bunch of lava tunnels (??) when we were there. And, of course, you got to do a luau!! You might want to find a cute grass skirt with a cocoa nut bra top… 😉


  2. So jealous that you are going to Hawaii! I have been twice, but most recently I was on Maui. The first time I went we started in Oahu. Im struggling to remember what we did there but I remember Pearl Harbor, some hiking, and swimming with sharks (which I would not recommend, haha…we were on our honeymoon and that was my hubby’s only request for the trip)


  3. I always struggle with packing a carry on–I never bring the right things, or so it seems. I’m having FOMO about Utah! You guys are going to have a blast!


  4. I’ve actually never CHECKED a bag when I travel so I can always give you some pointers if you need them! haha I totally hear you about heat and humidity. I live in TN and I don’t run outdoors in the summer. In fact, my last outdoor run was last week. I’m going to be inside at the gym if anyone needs me… 😛


  5. Those shoes are CUTE!!! Hawaii sounds amazing. Definitely jealous but I am hoping to go there one year to also run a race. I always take just a carry on when I travel to run in another state. There is not much stuff I need and I am in fear of the airline misplacing/losing my luggage if I were to check it in.


  6. We only went to Oahu our first trip (we’ve been a couple of more times) & the reason was to go to Pearl Harbor. We took a cruise, so we hit the main 4 islands. But since we just spent a day on Oahu, I’ve no advice!
    You can do the carryon. I did it when we went to PCB. I will admit I found packing much easier before I started to run — once went to Paris for a week with just a carryon.
    I definitely did a carryon for this trip, though!


  7. MB Jackson says:

    The red shoes are super cute! I am packing a carry on too- I think the key will be to just wear the running shoes then I will have a little more room! We can do it! I am so looking forward to meeting you- it will be a fun race! I am looking forward to fewer miles in the summer myself and working harder on my cross training. See you soon!


  8. Have a blast in Utah!!! You’ll do great. As for Hawaii, I spent a lot of time over there. My brother did his last tour of duty in Hawaii before retirement. Take advantage of the military beaches. I’m trying to think of the secluded ones on the east side of the island that was only for military and families. It was one of my favorite beaches. Can’t wait to see pictures from both trips.


  9. Ok. Those shoes definitely belong in your closet! They are super cute!! Your 30-day challenge looks great. I like how you’ll also be mixing up the abs work, but that the challenge is pretty easy to follow.

    Good luck packing just a carry-on! Last summer, we went Costa Rica for 2 weeks with 1 carry-on each. LOL. So, I guess I’m a pretty light packer. Of course, I did skip the running gear, and it wasn’t really a pleasure trip (dental surgery for the hubs), so there wasn’t as much need for variety. 😀


    • I’m definitely not a light packer…I need to work on that! lol If I pack a bunch of black clothing items, then I’d be just fine! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m liking this June challenge for just that reason…it’s easy to follow. I won’t have to check it regularly to see what I’m supposed to be doing. That’s important for someone with menopause brain! lol


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