This Week’s Gallivantin’: Still Coasting

Last week I titled my Weekly Wrap “Coasting in to Utah” because I had been feeling a few aches, pains and niggles during my long runs and had decided to ease up and just coast on in…. so, this week, the coasting continued with only two runs and a few ‘coasting’ miles on the bike. While occasionally, I have a small moment of panic thinking that I haven’t gotten enough miles in …overall, I feel ready and I’d rather arrive in Utah with fresh legs and no niggles!

Weekly Wrap.png

Monday:  4.5 mile early morning Memorial Day run before gathering with the Major Hubs family for grilling out. As I posted on IG …my geraniums have been really showing out this year! I also said that I couldn’t remember ever having this many blooms on a plant at once. Well, since Monday, there are six more about to open up! Nothing says summer for me more than red geraniums. IMG_20170529_102001_641

Tuesday: Cross Training with 15 miles on “Lexi”! I can’t wait to get more miles on her after my half in Utah is done! I do love beautiful views “behind bars” 🙂Screenshot_20170530-131826

Wednesday: 11 hot, humid, hellacious miles to wrap up my long runs for this training cycle….if you can call it a training cycle. It hasn’t been the best, but keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll get me to the finish line! On a good note …this run pushed my May mileage total just over 80.IMG_20170531_161434_440

Thursday: Started Day 1 of my June Challenge with 100 push ups and a back/bi workout at the gym. With this half marathon training, I’ve let my strength training slip a little lot, so I’m anxious to get back on track with that as well.

Friday: Day 2 of June Challenge – 100 squats (50 with a 15lb kettlebell)

Saturday: Woke up to rain so I decided not to run, which was fine since I had only planned on running 5 anyway.  Instead, we loaded up a few pieces of furniture to take to the college boy. He loved his first year of college so much that he decided to stay in Oxford and take a few summer courses to get ahead. What this really means, is that he is trying to lighten his fall semester load so that it doesn’t interfere with his social life too much! 🙂 Speaking of social life ….Major Hubs and I have decided that college kids today have it so much better than we ever did. For instance, I lived in the dorms throughout all four years of college (I did attend a small liberal arts private college though, which makes a big difference in regards to housing) ….my son?  He just moved into a house that he will be sharing with two other guys, which I realize is the norm these days. However, when we pulled into the driveway of his house, we just started shaking our heads in disbelief …..yes, we were picturing the typical college rental house that three fraternity brothers would be sharing. You know the one, circa 1960’s, paint peeling, shutters hanging on for dear life by only a couple of hinges, folding chairs on the front porch with empty beer cans lying around. Instead, this is what we pull up to….20170603_114716

….this house is brand new! They are the first to live in it. The grandfather of one of the boys bought it specifically for him to live in while in college. While it obviously isn’t big, it has all the modern amenities and is nicer than many people twice their age live in. I mean, it has a refrigerator with a Keurig built in! Wth? I don’t even have a built in Keurig in my fridge and the Keurig I do have, sitting on my counter, leaks! CR-Home-II-Coffee-Fridge-11-15

After a quick tour of the new “college pad” and after me asking why no one was parked inside the garage, the college boy opens the garage door to explain ….20170603_113348

…..they had to have a place to hang out, have parties and play pool. Silly me. I thought it was for parking your vehicles. Ahhh, the life of a 19-year-old truly is bliss. I hope to one day be able to live as well as my kid does!

And that’s a wrap! This time next week, Utah will be in the rearview mirror and my focus will be on cross training, cycling and push-ups ….lots of push-ups!

As always, every Sunday we link up with our fabulous hosts, Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap. This week’s guest hostess is Mary Beth so please show her some love by visiting her blog in addition to the regular hostesses along with as many other bloggers as you can! We are here to encourage, motivate and help each other as we navigate this roller coaster called life!WWGuest

What races do you have coming up? Will you be easing up for the summer months? Do you have a kid in college? If so, how are they “living”? Will you be in Utah?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


35 thoughts on “This Week’s Gallivantin’: Still Coasting

  1. Wow. Yes, times are definitely different! I did move into an off campus apartment my last quarter but no refrigerator with a Kerrigan (of course there weren’t any keurigs back then, anyway.
    You did 11 miles; you’re ready.


  2. My husband is a construction superintendent at Northwestern University and he tells me how the students live–the dorms are amazing and way nicer than my house. While I’d be thrilled to have my sons live comfortably, is that real life? Northwestern owns the frat and sorority houses too–they redo those as well. The frat houses are “disgusting” as he puts it! Boys will be boys…


    • I’m sure your hubby has literally “seen it all”! I agree, these kids are in for a rude awakening when they are out on their own and have to foot the bill themselves! I told mine to enjoy it while it lasted! 🙂


  3. Oh, wow, what a bachelor pad! 🙂 I think you are being smart “coasting” towards Utah. It’s better to be slightly undertrained than injured!


  4. Your geraniums are amazing! Those are some sweet college digs! The last frat house I visited was at my BIL’s graduation about 15 years ago. The house was condemned shortly after!


  5. Darlene says:

    11 miles – you are ready.

    Hey, I didn’t have internet way back when I went to college.

    I ran exactly the same number of miles in May!!


      • Darlene says:

        It works for me. I enjoy running that way. Maybe I would be faster if I had a coach or followed a plan. But it would be too rigid for me. And it would make me stressed.


  6. I think coasting to Utah will work out just fine. You have the fitness it’s not that and your right better to be on fresh legs!
    I so enjoyed seeing the pictures from this weekend in Oxford. Careful you just might convert over! 😉
    Speaking of running, my running…. I can’t even call it that with a straight face, more like shuffling. But a mile is a mile no matter how long it takes you right?


    • That’s right girl! Remember what I used to say all the time when we were running together … doesn’t have to be pretty, just have to get it done. 🙂

      This heat and humidity makes it so miserable. It’s hard to enjoy a few miles when you’re struggling to breathe!

      I actually like Oxford a lot! It’s very pretty and there is so much to do on the square. But now Jason? He tolerates it for mine and Davis’ sake! 🙂


  7. Wow, that house is really nice! I would have also pictured an old fraternity house. I lived on campus in dorms for 3 years and then off campus my senior year, but it didnt look anything like that. Great job with your training! Sounds like you are ready for your race!


  8. Umm…I would love to live in a “college pad” that looks like that – it’s fantastic!

    Your geraniums are so pretty! Congrats on another great week of workouts and for rocking some great mileage in May!


  9. MB Jackson says:

    Geez I lived in a dorm and then upgraded to a mobile home- oh yes! We were so poor we didn’t drink coffee! LOL! I am a couple of short runs left and I am Utah ready and maybe a little yoga 🙂 Thanks for linking up and all the love!


  10. Wow, that’s a nice pad for the college son to call “home.” The dorms now days look like modern bistros with all of the food stations (not the “glorified” hot lunch line at high school). I remember taking the oldest daughter (now graduated) to orientation and being surprised there no longer were phones in the dorm rooms!


  11. College boy cracks me up!!!! Seriously the Keurig? I always worry about my children and the realty of surviving on their own considering the life they have been given. I try so hard to teach them to work hard in school and dream big but worry if they get it. Carlos and I worked so hard in school to get to this point. I’ll take any advice along the way…


    • I know! Sounds like you guys are doing a great job with your kiddos. I don’t know that we did a superb jib, but the main thing is not giving them everything tgey want just because you can. There’s a balance there and you’ll find it. College boy has worked summer jobs throughout high school and will be starting one next week for the summer. I’ll give them the moon as long as they are willing to work hard and show appreciation 😉


  12. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I would have loved to do this race since I love Utah, but it didn’t fit my schedule. I’m sure you’ll do great! Enjoy!


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