This Week’s Gallivantin’: Rain, Rain, Go Away

While tropical storm Cindy has made her presence well-known here in the southern portion of the US; those of us in her path (and even indirect path) are beginning to research design plans for Ark building. We’ve had 9 to 10 inches of rain just in the past week and we are almost 200 miles inland! While I would love to blame all of this wet weather for my lack of running miles, I can’t. I’ve done exactly what I said I would do once the Utah Valley Half was done …..cross train through the remaining ‘dog days of summer’. However, I can give credit to the weather for encouraging me to hit the gym and lift all the weights. bitmoji-20170623113014

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday: Cycling (15 miles), 100 push ups
  • Tuesday: 100 squats and more moving
  • Wednesday: Stepmill (30 min intervals), back/bi’s/abs 
  • Thursday: Running (3 miles), 100 push ups
  • Friday: Indoor Cycling (60 min/14 miles), 100 squats/leg day
  • Saturday: Cycling (16 miles)

Totals: 45 miles cycling/3 running

In addition to getting back on track with my strength training, I’ve also been sticking to my June Challenge exercises at home and I can already see progress with the push ups. Several of you have asked what this “challenge” is, so I”ll include it here once again. It is simple and basic yet effective. FB_IMG_1496408775658

….and for the sake of full disclosure, I do not do 100 push ups at once and they are not all full push ups. I break them into sets of 25 but I do try to get all four sets in within a couple of hours. However, as long as they are done in the same day …you will reap the benefits. This is actually where I’ve seen the most progress. I started out doing 5 full and 20 “girl” (from the knees with feet raised) push ups x 4. This week I was able to complete 15 full/10 girly ones for each set!  I’ve never been able to knock out a bunch of push ups, so I’m pretty dang proud of that! Do you think I can get to 100? I’m going to try …which means this will probably become my July Challenge as well. Anyone care to join me? Nothing can tone those “bat wings” we ladies tend to get better than some good old-fashioned push ups!

This week’s workouts in pictures:


Deadlifts = Screaming sore hammies!


Tropical storm Cindy “blowing” my plans for a shaded trail run.

For kicks and giggles, I took my sister up on her invitation to attend a preliminary night of competition for the Miss Mississippi pageant. My hometown of Vicksburg has been the host city for the state pageant for 60 years and I’ve never attended …not even once. While I do love to dress up, wear make-up, accessorize and can never have too many handbags or pairs of shoes ….I’ve never been a pageant girl. In fact, I think they’re kind of cheesy and have always been thankful that the good Lord gave me all boys; because I just don’t think I could stomach all the dance recitals, bedazzled dresses and hair bows the size of Texas. (No offense to any of you pageant girls out there!) With all of that being said, it’s a pretty big deal for my hometown and my sister’s boss happens to be the pageant director which means she gets some really great seats. So, we made it a girl’s night out including dinner and wine. Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the pageant a lot more than I anticipated. While there were segments that were, exactly as I expected, cheesy …there were some amazingly talented young ladies participating and the entertainment was top-notch. While there’s no chance I’ll be purchasing tickets for final night, I would definitely be up for another night out with the ‘sis’ at next year’s event.20170622_193125_1498178455544

Major Hubs and I topped the week off with a 16 mile bike ride followed by a little afternoon grilling and sangria sipping. This was such a treat for us, as our weekends have been so hectic lately with the sale of our home nearing.IMG_20170624_130630_838PicsArt_06-24-07.41.39

While my running mileage has been pathetic the past two weeks, I do plan on running a little more than 3 miles per week while focusing on building my cycling mileage over the next few weeks. Holly and I are getting closer to nailing down a date for our much talked about Century ride! I think the ‘southern sole sisters’ are ready to take on 100 miles …together! Stay tuned!

Are you a pageant girl? Ever attended a state pageant? Have you completed a century ride? If so, any training tips? Are you in Cindy’s path as well? 

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32 thoughts on “This Week’s Gallivantin’: Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I’m of one mind with you in terms of the pageant and being a boy mom! My mom loved all those pageants and we watched Miss USA, Miss America, etc, growing up. But it sure wasn’t for me! I don’t think I could stomach all the girl drama. I do love having boys! They keep me strong.


  2. I need to get back to a regular routine of push-ups…I still do them, but I have not been very consistent in the past several weeks. I was really hoping to get back to some consistent lower body strength stuff…but that all tanked these past two weeks. UGH.


  3. You are slaying the crosstraining! I typically do 30 pushups a day. Maybe it’s time to ramp up. Ha! As a girl mom, I can’t stand the pageant thing either. I really don’t care how anyone looks, I wanna know what they can DO. That’s what I tell my kids.


  4. Darlene says:

    I hate rain – messes with my running (since I hate treadmills).
    What a full week from dressing up to working out to biking with the hubs – Life is good, right?


  5. Hello beautiful!

    I am one that has bat wings. 🙂 I told my trainer that my goal is to get some nice looking arms and get rid of those wings.

    I will admit that 100 push ups a day did intimidate me but I like how you say that you break it up throughout the day. That makes it more doable and less intimidating.


  6. I have a friend in Lake Charles so I was thinking of all you southerners last week hoping you were safe!

    I could care less about watching those pageants on TV but I did go to the Miss America pageant once in Atlantic City and it was an amazing experience to see it all live!


  7. The pushups don’t hurt your elbows? Oh, maybe that’s just me. 😉 I’m a girly girl — but only when it comes to pushups. Like you, I enjoyed being a Mom of three boys as I was raised as a “tomboy” myself. Ok, Ok. I’ll get on my bike already. I swear. (twist my arm…harder…)


    • Push ups don’t hurt my elbows but when I don’t do “girly” ones, they do hurt my lower back …which means I need to keep doing them to strengthen it. Like you, I think I’m the perfect blend between being feminine without being too high maintenance. I don’t mind getting dirty! Now get to riding!


  8. MB Jackson says:

    We have one of those pageants here this week- might be Miss Florida 🙂 I have not run much either and you are killing the gym workouts- you go girl! Cheers to some fabulous summer arms!


  9. We are too far inland to get hurricanes, but we do get the remnants sometimes.

    I bet you & Holly will have a blast. I don’t bike at all, so no tips. It’s almost like we live in different continents, because summer is our main racing season — although it still gets hot here (just not as hot as down south, at least not for long), and I’m not super fond of racing in the heat.

    I’m getting back into ST,slowly, and it’s sorely needed!


  10. No pageant fan here, but my husb and I are eyeing a Century on our anniversary in October. What better way to celebrate 29 years of wedded bliss? 😀


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