Coffee, Confessions and Recapping …I missed it all!

If we were having coffee, I’d confess to you that for some inadequate reason I could not seem to find the time this past weekend to participate in Marcia’s Runfessions link or Deborah and Coco’s Ultimate Coffee Date and it’s killing me! I feel like I’ve missed out on some pretty important stuff happening in the lives of my fellow bloggers and no doubt I’ve missed some juicy tidbits of runfessions as well! But, not to worry, I will be catching up on my reading this week as I can’t wait to hear what all I’ve missed. In the meantime, let’s look at what my week of workouts looked like.

  • Monday: 3 mile run/100 push ups
  • Tuesday: Spin class/100 squats
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Spin class(Hill intervals)/2 mile run/100 push ups
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: Strength Training with Major Hubs (1 hr total body)

Yes, that’s right folks ….5 running miles for the week! And I’m not even the slightest bit bothered by it.


Hill intervals will get the heart rate up!

My ankle is appreciating the break,  my legs and glutes are enjoying the cycling, my muscles are digging the increased strength training and my metabolism is loving the change in routine! Sometimes you’ve just got to keep the old body guessing. I’ve really enjoyed my June challenge …well, the push up portion of it …and plan to continue doing those at least 2 to 3 days per week.

I also didn’t realize how much I’ve missed my spin classes. Just like with anything, you get out of it what you put in it. Once I started my half marathon training, I eventually quit going to the classes because I could tell that I was holding back for fear of having sore legs for my scheduled training runs. Now that I don’t have that thought lingering in the back of my mind, I can go all out and really push myself ….and it feels great!


And with that, I wrapped up the month of June with numbers kind of all over the place.

preview (1)

….by the way, doesn’t everyone close their eyes and bite their lips when lifting weights????

In other ‘non-workout’ related news …. since my MIL keeps me supplied with fresh picked blueberries during the summer and Major Hubs loves blueberry cobbler, I had to find a little more healthy version of our Mother’s cobblers. I found a 3 ingredient recipe on Pinterest a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. What are the three ingredients you ask? Well, fresh blueberries of course ….a box of yellow cake mix and half a stick of butter (or your favorite butter substitute). Place blueberries in baking dish, stir the butter/butter substitute with the dry cake mix until it becomes a little “crumbly” and pour over the berries. Bake at 350 until golden brown. That’s it, no sugar, eggs, flour, salt or milk and it is delicious!20170628_184851

Tuesday’s mail day = Happy Feet for me! I may need an intervention …..but seriously, who can resist leopard print toe socks? #injinjiobsessed20170630_105632

On Wednesday, this little nugget of mine, the baby …the caboose, turned 16! Geez …..a word of warning to all of you Moms of little ones. Don’t blink!


And drum-roll please! The big news of the week can be summed up in four letters ….


Yes! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll recall that we moved back in November and have been renting until our house sold. Well, Friday we closed! The housing market in Meridian is saturated, to say the least, with more houses being listed every day. The attorney who handled our closing has had a house on the market for a year now and has had only 4 showings. They all kept telling us how “lucky” we were to have sold ours so quickly (as if 8 months is quick). The hubs and I just smiled and corrected them ….no, we are not lucky, we are blessed! Needless to say, this was definitely cause for celebration over Mexican and Margaritas ….like I ever really need a reason!bitmoji2002248467

…..and that’s a wrap.  I’m linking up with TriciaHolly and guest blogger Kim for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by these ladies blogs and as many others as you can ….our tough-as-nails  guest blogger this week is pulling hosting duties from her hospital bed, so be sure to stop by and send her well wishes!blogger-image-665982905


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


27 thoughts on “Coffee, Confessions and Recapping …I missed it all!

  1. ha ha ….yes, from the hospital bed LOL Seriously, I wish I was making that $h!t up. But, onward! Anyways….I wish I had someone supplying me with endless blueberries. We used to go to a blueberry farm in Michigan, and I think I ate more berries right off the bush than I actually brought home. So YUM!!!! My July goals have not even been thought of…a few other things on my mind…I need to come up with something. Ugh…thanks for the reminder 😉


    • Girl…apparently your body said …..”I need some REST!” lol

      Seriously though, hang in there and know that we are all sending you warm wishes for a fast recovery. You’ll be back out there stronger than ever! ((hugs))


  2. Wow! You are such an inspiration! I’m not sure how you do 100 push-ups at a time….I’m not sure I could do more and 15 or 20. Great week of training.

    Congrats on selling your house!


  3. Loving your cycling and push ups numbers!! You are in beast mode 🙂 That rocks.
    Your socks are adorable and a huge congratulations on selling your house!!
    That is great you are enjoying mixing up your training and your ankle is getting a break. I need to do this myself!


  4. Congrats on selling your house! Those socks are awesome. I love injinji and wrote about them in my post today. Although they take a few extra minutes to put on before a run! I bet the lower mileage is great for giving your ankle a break and strengthening other areas. Great job with the workouts last week!


  5. Congrats on selling your house! What a relief that must be.

    I too love Injinji socks–today I was at Sierra Trading Company (it’s TJMaxx for outdoorsy stuff) and lo and behold, they had tons of Injinji socks for $5! You can bet I scooped up a few pairs!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes! I also close my eyes and bite my lips when I do heavy weights. LOL. Your new socks are cute. 🙂 You can a great month. Congrats on 800 pushups. I can barely do one, unless I’m on my knees. 😉

    So awesome that you sold your house. That must be a huge relief. 🙂


  7. Congrats on the sale of your house! My parents has only been on the market about a month, but we’ve already dropped the price several times & there’s not much interest. And they need it to sell. Sigh.

    Changing up exercise absolutely keeps our bodies guessing! I am getting back into strength training after a short hiatus & even with just that short break there’s such a change in my body.

    Blueberry cobbler with NO sugar. For reals? I made mini blueberry strawberry crumbles yesterday — it had some coconut sugar & some maple syrup. I have to admit that while I’ll eat strawberries straight up, in pie I want a little sweetner.


  8. Darlene says:

    Congrats on the house sale!! What a relief for you guys.
    I missed Runfessions too – just not enough time in the day.
    You had a great month. Sometime we just need to slow down.
    Pushup challenge! WOW!! I don’t think I can do ONE!
    I won my injinis once and they were great but I need to try on a longer run and buy more fun patterns.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. MB Jackson says:

    Congrats on the house sale! That is always stressful! I had a couple weeks last month that I only ran 7 miles each week. I’m living with it to- not bothering me at all! LOL! It’s summertime! Baby Luna is a month old tomorrow, where does the time go!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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