Red, Hot and Blue Independence Week!

Happy Sunday and Happy Independence Week! I do hope everyone took a moment from their fireworks, barbeques and boating to reflect on the immeasurable privilege it is to live in this great nation! #proudtobeanAmerican  20170704_120545

It’s been a super hot week down here in the deep south with temps reaching into the 90’s every day and the sunshine has been plentiful! Most of my workouts have been indoors, under the reprieve of an air conditioner …and I’m really fine with that. Actually, I’m just really thankful for the person who invented the air conditioner as I would have surely not survived living in Mississippi before they existed! I completed my June Challenge having enjoyed the push-up portion so much that I’m continuing it into July, scaling back the numbers though. Here’s how my week of workouts looked:

  • Monday: 30 min. Spinning / Strength Training (total body) / 50 push ups
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run for the 4th of July (with Major Hubs and Chester boy)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Spin class / 2 mile run / 50 push ups
  • Friday: 4 mile treadmill run / Legs / 50 push ups
  • Saturday: 22 mile bike ride / 50 push ups

While I always prefer being outdoors, the one advantage of being forced to hit the gym is that it’s much easier to get those strength training sessions in that we runners love to put off! I have no races in my near future but still planning on some type of cycling ride/event. I’ve actually downloaded a training schedule for a century ride and will start following it in the next week or two. Speaking of cycling …if you missed my Friday Five 2.0 post, check it out here!eight_week_plan

We kept our 4th of July very low-key with yard work, grilling and relaxing. Major Hubs is gearing up for three weeks of National Guard training so he wanted needed some down time before Uncle Sam calls! I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our day …


My favorite vegetable medley to throw on the grill ….asparagus, mushrooms, red and yellow tomatoes!


Wasn’t expecting this color when I cut open our July 4th watermelon! Say what?? yellow is just unpatriotic ….but it was just as sweet!


Photo blooper courtesy of ole Chester boy! All he was interested in was cooling off after that 4 mile run! He did eventually cooperate (see photo above) …..


……and we rewarded him with a swim.

And that’s a wrap ….thanks for stopping by! Please visit our lovely hostesses HollyTricia and guest hostess Christine for the Weekly Wrap link up. There’s so much motivation, encouragement, love and laughter to be found among these bloggers!WWGuest-Christine


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


31 thoughts on “Red, Hot and Blue Independence Week!

  1. Love your festive pics! Interesting to see that century plan. We are eyeing one in October. Not sure I’ll be able to convince my husband to do 60+ mile training rides. 50 is tough enough – but I guess not tough enough to train for a century. πŸ˜€


  2. I’m loving the photo of your yummy food from the 4th of July!

    Ahh the lovely summer heat – where to begin?! There’s not much to say except I’ve started my countdown to Fall and I see no problem with that! I feel that the inventor of the air conditioner should have a holiday in his honor, lol.


  3. It looks like you had a festive holiday! I think I looked at that same plan. I’m contemplating one or two weekday trainer rides for 15 or 20 miles plus a long ride on the weekend. There are some weekend the long ride will be tough to fit in.


    • I know …I think if I can get in one outdoor ride during the week, one spin class and one weekend long ride ….I think it’ll get me there. If not, I’ll be happy with a metric century. I know I can do that distance! We can do it!!!


  4. You are ambitious, eyeing a century ride! Maybe someday for me…just not this season LOL You know, we grill veggies all the time, but I’ve never thought of grilling tomatoes like that. Hmmm….. πŸ˜‰


  5. Darlene says:

    That 4th pic of you and the hubby is so cute.

    We are not having a hot summer so I consider myself lucky.

    Still not motivated to do the long ones because boating is much more fun!!


    • I understand! We did the big fireworks shows when my boys were little ….now we can enjoy the peace and quiet of our backyard. Your day will come…enjoy these memories with the little ones though, they will be off with friends on the 4th before you know it! πŸ™‚


    • This pan has been one of the best “grilling” purchases I’ve ever made! It has come in quite handy!!

      I knew yellow watermelons existed, but I’ve never had one….and didn’t intend on having one for the 4th either. πŸ™‚


  6. Aww, Chester!
    My sis and I were just talking today about runs outside vs runs inside in the air conditioning. I said it was too hot to run outside yet I have a treadmill inside and can’t bring myself to use it in the I think of treadmill as only a winter tool!


  7. Yellow watermelon. Ok, that IS weird. It ain’t easy to get those dogs to cooperate with the photo ops! Mine always want to sit facing me because they know they’ll get a treat.
    Our fourth was also low key. Except for the race, of course!


  8. Omg, I have not had a yellow watermelon!!
    I want to be cycling more and strength training but my get up and go has been limited lol I keep hoping something will click soon!
    I like your cycle chart!
    I am over the heat…


    • I’ve been over the heat …which is why you see me cycling and strength training more! As soon as it cools off, I’m sure I will ditch it all for my first love! Although, I really wish I had the motivation to do it all …guess at 50, I should just be thankful I have the energy to do any of it! lol


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