This Week’s Gallivantin’: Celebrate all Celebrations!

It was yet another hot and humid week in Mississippi with a few much-needed rain showers. No complaints. I didn’t get all of my push ups in this week and only ran 3 miles, but I did get in two strength training sessions and 45 miles cycling. I’m contemplating heading up to north Mississippi in a couple of weeks to participate in the Bikes, Blues and Bayous bike ride. They have 46 mile and 62 (metric century) options. I’d like to do at least the 46 miler just to get my ‘feet wet’ in large group riding. They are estimating a little over 1,000 participants….quite a difference from the little 6 person Saturday morning group rides I’ve participated in the past. In the meantime, let’s see how my week looked…..

Sunday: 45 min elliptical

Monday:  3 mile run

When it’s 68 degrees on a July morning in Mississippi ….you run! Despite the 100% humidity, this run felt pretty dang good. Oh how I miss cooler temps. sighIMG_20170710_170327_295

Tuesday: Strength Training (upper body)/50 push ups and 45 minutes of speed intervals on the Spin bike (10 miles with medium to heavy resistance)


I wish I enjoyed working legs as much as I do back and shoulders!

Wednesday: Traded my #wednesdayworkout for #winewednesday ….it is what it is.20170712_181943

Thursday:  An overcast day looked to be the perfect setting for a 25 mile bike ride….until that dark cloud opened up and dropped a heavy rain shower on me! After 3 miles in the pouring rain, I decided to wrap up my ride with a total of 17 miles. 20170713_112151

Friday: Strength training (upper body & 50 push ups) and 45 min. on the Spin bike (15 miles)

Saturday: Major Hubs and I, joined efforts with his brother and his wife to plan a small celebration for my Mother and Father in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Their only request was that their children and grand children gather together at the little cabin they built on the farm land that he grew up on. The only gift they wanted was their family to come together with as much love and grace for one another as they have shown each of us throughout the years. What an honor to celebrate with them and witness as much love and tenderness shared between them 60 years from their wedding day!

DSCF2431 (2)

In other news …the house hunting continued this week and we’ve narrowed it down to two. As much as I hate the idea of moving again, I am so ready to get settled!

Also, if you’re a regular follower, you know that Holly (HoHo Runs) and I have plans to tackle a century ride, or at least a metric century, in the fall. If you’ve missed my recent cycling series posts and are interested, you can check them out here and here. Stay tuned for the third post in the series in which I will share with you the five things you absolutely must have when getting started in cycling.

WWGuest-Janelle….and that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out our lovely hostesses HollyTricia and guest hostess Janelle from Run With No Regrets blogs and see what fun activities they are up to during these dog days of summer.


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


24 thoughts on “This Week’s Gallivantin’: Celebrate all Celebrations!

  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    60 years of marriage, what an accomplishment! I hope they had a nice time at the party.

    Great job on your workouts this past week! Cycling is so much fun and a great workout – I haven’t been on a long ride in probably a couple of years though, unfortunately!


  2. Awww 60 years is something to celebrate 😉
    Moving again?? It is so much work!
    The group biking will probably be really fun. I am chicken though of anyone being close to me LOL I would be in the rear! I wish I could join you on the century ride.
    That “cool” day was the one and only in VA – right back to 75 for my next run lol


  3. You know I’m the opposite I wish I enjoyed working my upper body as much as my legs. I keep saying I need to incorporate more push ups and I never do. Then Tammy springs it on me and again I fuss at myself for not doing them regularly. All your biking is making me want a real bike. So excited to look for a new home. Are your choices in the same area your in now?


    • Haha! Yes, you are the leg queen and I’m the back and tri queen! 🙂
      Yes, house will be in Madison ….but a little further out. I’m not looking forward to another move, but ready to just be settled.
      You should get a real bike and come ride with Holly and I!! It’ll be so much fun!


  4. MB Jackson says:

    Oh that bike ride sounds like a big challenge! Kudos for giving it a try! Impressive! and for the record, you can never go wrong with wine Wednesday! Great anniversary photos! Congrats to them!


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