On the Road to 100 Miles

It was another hot and humid July week here in the South with temps reaching well into 90’s every day. I know it’s hot everywhere but geez …..it doesn’t even drop into the upper 70’s until after the sun sets. However, thanks to Lexi (my road bike), despite the relentless oppressive heat, I’m still managing to enjoy some outdoor workouts. 20170719_164850

This Week’s Workouts:

  • Sunday: 4 mile run
  • Monday: 13 mile cycling / 50 push ups
  • Tuesday: 3.5 speed intervals on the treadmill / strength training / core
  • Wednesday: 10 mile cycling / 50 push ups
  • Thursday: 30 mile cycling
  • Friday: Strength Training
  • Saturday: 3 mile run

Total Miles: Cycling – 53 … Running – 10.5

While I will admit that I am finally beginning to miss my running miles, the cycling and strength training is keeping me satisfied and mentally committing to a Century ride in the fall has given me a goal to focus on ….because we all need goals, right? If the weather permits, I am definitely going to sign up for the Bikes, Blues and Bayous bike ride in Greenwood Mississippi on August 5th. With 11, 22, 46 and 62 mile rides, there’s a distance for everyone. So, if you live nearby and are looking for a fun way to beat the heat, dust off your bike and head to flat lands of Mississippi’s delta to be showered in Southern hospitality, great music and all the chocolate milk you can consume. #carpecycling

Since most of us usually have annoying gym stories to report, I thought I’d share the cutest picture from one of my gym sessions this week. While crushing my core in the “big room” on Tuesday, the Silver Sneakers class was getting their cardio on with the Macarena dance. I couldn’t help but smile as some of those little old ladies still have some “moves”! 20170718_110346

In other news, I drove to my parents house on Friday for a few hours. After only a few minutes inside the house, I kept hearing chirping noises and finally asked what in the heck it was. My Mom proceeds to pick up a shoe box with a hand towel draped over it and told me to look inside …..facebook_1500845954592

…..four little fuzzy baby birds were all snuggled inside their nest. Apparently, my parents cat had decided to go on a bird hunt and left these sweet little babies motherless. So my mother has become a surrogate bird mom and seems to be doing a great job as they have grown tremendously. I’ll be interested to see how she will ‘teach’ them to fly!!

And to make a good visit even better …..I discovered that my parents have two very large fig trees that I never knew about. How did I not know this??? I mean, they’ve been in this house since I was in the 9th grade! Needless to say, I grabbed a bowl and went to picking my absolute favorite summer fruit. 20170721_172554

These are no doubt, some of the biggest figs I’ve ever seen and I’ve about made myself sick gorging on them. No preserves, jams or butter will be made with these ….raw is the only way to eat a fresh fig!

WWGuest-DarleneAnd that’s a wrap! As always, I’m linking up with Holly Tricia and guest host Darlene for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to stop by and visit these ladies and as many others as you can. You never know if your next best friend is just waiting to be discovered!

How are you beating the summer heat? Have you dusted off your bikes yet? Do you like figs? Raw or cooked? Have you ever raised baby birds or any other wild animal? 


Carpe Diem!

Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one ride at a time!



32 thoughts on “On the Road to 100 Miles

  1. Lexi and Sanity and going to make quite the pair at their Century Ride debut. I didn’t get a long ride in! I thought we were going to the lake Saturday so I didn’t ride yesterday morning. Oops. We went this morning (when I planned to ride!). I grew up with a huge fig tree right behind our house. My Mother always made fig preserves. I really was not a big fan.


    • Figs are sweet and delicious!! You should ask her! And ask if they dance for their cardio portion 🙂 I’ve been at the gym several times while they are having class and they crack me up. One time the instructor had to clap her hands and yell at them to get their attention because they were chattering among themselves too much 🙂


  2. A century ride sounds like a great goal to me! This running in the heat of summer thing is for the birds. How great your mom has been successful nursing those little ones along! You’ll be proud of me: I rode my bike this week for the first time since my tri.


  3. You’ll be happy to know there are only 60 days until Fall! I just try to focus on this since the heat and humidity is driving me crazy!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a fig before – do they taste like prunes?


    • Haha! Unfortunately down here, the first day of Fall doesn’t coincide with cooler temps. It usually doesn’t get cooler until at least October for us.

      No, figs are nothing like a prune. They are hard to describe though.


  4. I have never raised a wild critter (unless we talk about Lola, LOL! She was pretty wild when we got her).

    Love figs, although no doubt I’d be baking something with them or making jam in addition to eating them raw.

    Sounds like you had a pretty good week yourself!


  5. You are kicking butt on the bike miles 🙂 That is what I should be doing, but I am having a time breathing in this heat wave.
    OMG, the old ladies made me laugh…I keep wondering when I will get my big white sneakers and walk the mall lol
    The sweet birdies will be fun to watch grow 🙂
    I just checked to see how far a drive Mississippi was lol 14 hours…I guess I am not in for the ride, but I hope you love it!


  6. A century ride, wow! That’s a little outside my biking skills at the moment haha! I think biking is probably my least favorite thing to do TBH. I’d much rather run, even in the heat. It sure is stifling out there no matter what you’re doing though!


  7. The kids found a baby bird at the campground this weekend, I didn’t ask because I’m afraid of the answer but I highly doubt it made it. 😦 Your bike mileage is very impressive I wouldn’t worry about the running miles. Your getting in great workouts and hopefully soon it will be cooled off and adding back running will be a welcome change then. Maybe one day I’ll invest in a road bike and kick my campground bike to the curb. lol.


  8. I love all of your updates this week. The picture of you with your bike is a great shot. I also totally love the silver sneakers story/pic. Isn’t it great that they are just enjoying being active?!
    Happy training!


  9. Darlene says:

    Fresh figs are so much better than dried.

    You make me want to get my bike out. But I have trouble enough finding time to run.

    Can’t wait to hear how your Centennial goes!!

    Thanks for linking up.


  10. I wish I lived closer and I’d take you up on that bike ride!

    I once found a baby kitten in a barn. Its mother had either abandoned him or she’d been killed. Anyway, I rescued him, named him Little Bones (because he was nothing but skin and bones), and fed him warm milk out of a doll bottle. He survived and lived to a very ripe old age. 🙂


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