Bikes, Booze and BodyPump

Whew! Is it Sunday already with August just around the corner? The weeks really do seem to fly by don’t they? You’d think with all of these lazy ‘easy-livin’ summer days, that they wouldn’t seem to pass so quickly. But alas, they are moving at lightening speed and it’s time for another edition of the Weekly Wrap. Let’s get this party started!



BodyPump/2.5 miles on the treadmill …..I decided to make good on my desire to try the Body Pump class at the gym. I love to strength train with free weights and machines but have never done it in a class format, other than a HIIT class which uses your body weight as resistance. So, I woke up on Monday saying …today’s the day to try Body Pump. While it wasn’t terribly difficult, it wasn’t easy either. The weighted squats had my legs and glutes sore all week, while my upper body felt very little soreness. Next week, I’ll add more weights to the upper body portion of the workout ….am I the only person who feels like you didn’t really get a good workout in unless it hurts to move the major parts of  your body two days later?


Cycling 10 miles …..I took Lexi in for a face-lift. She got new tires and some glitzy new ‘Tiffany’s’ blue handlebar tape. While I was there, I also wanted to get a proper set-up done. According to my bike computer, I rode a couple of miles just during this process so once I got home, I had to take Lexi for a spin around the neighborhood to try out her new wheels and get a few more miles in.IMG_20170725_151754_890


BodyPump/2.5 miles on the treadmill …..why the heck not? I was so stinking sore from Monday’s class that I could barely get out of bed. What better way to work out the soreness than to do another 50-60 weighted squats, right? OMG, they hurt …in such a good way though!IMG_20170726_163159_139


Cycling 3.5 miles/Walking .5 miles …..what the what??? Yep. Today was a crazy frustrating day. I had planned all week on loading up Lexi and driving to Hattiesburg (1 1/2 hrs) to get a long ride in on the Longleaf Trace, a super flat and shaded 41 mile rails-to-trails path. Major Hubs had been in Hattiesburg the past three weeks at a military training facility, so the plan was for me to ride 40-50 miles then hook up with the hubs for dinner. Well, you all know the saying regarding the best laid plans of mice and men ….yes, they often go awry. My one and half hour drive turned into a little over 2 hrs due to a wreck and road work in several areas. Upon, finally, arriving at the trailhead, gearing up and clipping in ….I made my trek to the restrooms. For whatever reason, upon approaching the bathrooms, I unclipped my left foot first instead of the right, as is my norm but leaned to the right anyway. Apparently, this totally threw my brain off-balance which in turn threw my body off balance causing me to tumble to the ground in one of those ‘slow-motion’ falls. After looking around to see if I had an audience, I could only laugh at myself for such a ridiculous fall. No injuries, no cuts or scratches, no harm done. Determined this was going to be a great ride, I pressed onward. Two miles down the road ….I heard the sound all cyclists cringe upon hearing. POP! …followed by that hissing sound of air leaving your tire. Seriously? It just wasn’t meant to be today. I turned around and began the slow and sweltering walk back to the car, wearing clip-in shoes pushing a bike. Fun, fun. About a half mile into my ‘clip-clopping’ along the path, a fellow cyclist (wearing an Elmo cycling jersey) stopped and asked if I needed help. I answered in the affirmative and he proceeded to change my tire and ride back to the trailhead with me to ensure that I made it without any further problems. He noted that the new tire looked defective and advised that I not continue to ride on it. So, in a nutshell, I drove almost 4 hours round-trip to ride 3.5 miles and push my bike a half mile. However, lunch with my handsome soldier made it more than worth the while and the news that they had wrapped up their training early and he was free to come home was music to my ears! For the record …there may or may not have been something much stronger than usual in my nightly cocktail glass! Lessons learned? I will learn to change my own tire and I will never make fun of character jerseys again!20170727_183552


Cycling 40 miles …..after a quick trip back to the bike shop for another new tire, I was determined to get that long ride in. The hubs joined me for the first 15 miles then another 25 solo miles for me. Ahhh…redemption is sweet!20170728_125143


Running 3.5 miles …..with legs still a tiny bit sore from BodyPump, I decided on a short early morning run. While the humidity was still in the 90’s, the temperature was around 77 with cloud coverage, making it feel a little cooler than usual. Although, I was a sweaty mess within the first mile, it felt really good to stretch the old legs out. IMG_20170729_092934_722

….and that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with Tricia, Holly and guest hostess Deborah for the Weekly Wrap. Please be sure to visit these ladies blogs, leave a comment and link up your own post. We have such a great time supporting and encouraging one another in all of our fitness endeavors! A huge ‘Thank You’ to these ladies for hosting this every week!

In case you missed it, many of us bared our sweaty soles’ on Friday with Marcia’s Runfessions link-up. If you’re curious, pop over to the ‘Runfessional’ and see what all the hype is about …..I promise you’ll have a ‘cleansing’ good time!

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Run Happy and Pedal Hard!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one workout at a time!



32 thoughts on “Bikes, Booze and BodyPump

  1. Whew! What a busy week for you. I loved going to the body pump classes at my old gym. It is probably the only thing (aside from the people) that I miss! Sorry to hear that your bike ride on the path was a bust but that was more than made up for πŸ˜‰ Have a good week!


  2. I have always wanted to try body pump class, unfortunately my gym doesn’t offer it as a class, but I hope they do soon!

    Wow great job on your Friday bike ride – that’s a lot of miles!


  3. Oh dear gracious God…I would have NO idea what to do if I heard a “POP” while cycling. I do not own bike shoes, though, so I’d have a much easier time walking the bike back to the car.


  4. Your Thursday sounds an awful lot like our day yesterday, although sadly there’s no redemption as it’s back to work for Mr. Judy (and darn, it’s another great day for a hike, but the body is telling me it wants another rest day, sadly).

    Great job getting back out there & getting it done — and getting back to Body Pump after being so sore, too!


  5. Rachel says:

    Oh man, that does NOT sound like an awesome Thursday at all! And duly noted about the character jerseys because though I’m not a cycler, I do raise an eyebrow when I see one! πŸ˜‰ I will not anymore, on your behalf.

    I’ve never taken Body Pump. Sounds fun!


  6. Body pump twice – you added sore to your sore LOL what a beast πŸ™‚ I use to like class sessions because it is easy to not think and just push while someone tells you what do lol my gym now does not have classes.
    I am glad you did not get hurt when you fell! A flat tire stinks, I got one last year on my old bike – I had to push it home. You got a super ride in though, just a little later than you planned πŸ™‚


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