Ultimate Coffee Date: August Edition

Good morning and welcome to the Ultimate Coffee Date! The original plan was that I’d be about 30 miles into a 62 mile ride this morning in Greenwood at the Bike, Blues and Bayous bike ride by now. However, it’s kind of difficult to participate in a ride when your bike is in the shop, so therefore, I’m coming to you from my couch with coffee in hand and sulking just a little. Of course all is not a total loss ….Major Hubs put a smile on my face when asked if I would like to go furniture shopping. Well, yes of course I do …right after my virtual coffee date with the ladies!

Ultimate CoffeeDate.png

If we were having coffee ….. I’d tell you that, once again, I’m about to be swimming in boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. Yep. That’s right. It’s time to move again. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that we moved last November ….if you remember, it was only to a rental house until our home sold. Praise the Lord, we closed on that house in June and are under contract for our, hopefully, ‘forever’ home! I’m so excited about getting into a little more ‘spacious’ house, but not looking forward to packing and moving again …but then who ever is?

Backyard view

View from the deck of our new house ….. Hole #7. Guess I’ll have to take up golf now! I wonder if they’ll let me put my kayak in that little water hazard? πŸ™‚

If we were having coffee ….I’d tell you that while I have been a long time Nuun user, I just don’t like the ‘new’  active formula. I can’t deal with the aftertaste. I’m in love with Tailwind and have been using that on my longer rides, however, I really do not need that many calories, carbs and sugars for shorter workouts. While taking ‘Lexi’ (the road bike) in to the shop, I picked up a packet of Skratch pineapple flavored electrolyte hydration mix. Guys, I love it! Now, I’m not a fan of pineapple flavored anything …but this stuff is really quite tasty with only 40 calories per serving and less carbs and sugar than Tailwind, making it perfect for shorter runs, rides and workouts. It’s non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher. If you haven’t already given this stuff a try, I highly recommend it!skratch

If we were having coffee ….I’d update you on the rollercoaster of a ride I’ve been on with my hormones. For those of you who have gone before me and survived menopause, I salute you! Those of you young ladies who think PMS is bad ….well, just hold on to your running shorts and brace yourself for a bumpy ride! I’m ecstatic to report that my new GYN, a woman who understands the pits of menopause hell, had mercy on me and prescribed Bio-identical (natural) hormone replacement therapy. Within the first week, all hot flashes were gone and I was sleeping much better. We’ve had to tweak the cream a couple of times, but we now seem to be on the right track. More energy, less moodiness and better sleep makes for a very happy Lady Bird! menopause

If we were having coffee ….I’d tell you that as much as I’ve been enjoying cycling during these dog days of summer and really looking forward to Holly and I tackling that century ride together …I’ve about decided that running truly is the superior sport! Just in the past week, I’ve had one fall, one blow out, two near crashes, my chain came off once and Lexi is currently at the shop awaiting a new derailer. I mean, seriously, you never have to worry about a blow out on your running shoes or a chain coming off. It’s possible that a runner could get their ‘derailer’ a tad bent out of shape from time to time but it’s usually nothing a little time with the foam roller can’t fix.

Well, my coffee cup is empty and the furniture stores await me. Thanks for stopping by, as always, it was great catching up with everyone! Please stop by and visit our lovely hostesses Deborah and Coco and show them some love by catching up over a cup of joe with them as well. Thanks ladies for hosting this fun link up each month! the-ultimate-coffee-date2-1-600x600


……..before you go, the backside of my coffee cups begs the question:


Have you ever tried Skratch? What’s your favorite flavor? Are you a golfer? Do you enjoy furniture shopping?  


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!


26 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: August Edition

  1. MB Jackson says:

    Have fun with the furniture shopping! I can’t imagine moving, the thought is just awful but you have to do what you have to do! Yes, you need to take up golf! All those cute running skirts double as golf skirts πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


  2. All the best with your move! That’s a huge undertaking says the girl who hasn’t done one in 16+ years. I’ve got Tailwind sitting here and I’ve yet to try it, mostly because there are no direction on it as to how much water per pkt. I will soon though. Yikes on the fall and blowout. Not fun!


  3. I think it’s sort of β€œpunny” that you live near a golf course and love scratch- I have never tried it but will look out! My hubs loves biking but it’s true- he is always blowing out a tire or having a close-encounter with a car- I much prefer my running!


  4. Bummer on the bike! I love the giraffe mug, but the last one is cute too! Ugh on moving again. It is a hassle, but it’s also a new chance to be organized β€” at least that’s what I tell myself.


    • Haha! I’m glad you can see me golfing ….because I really am so totally uncoordinated when it comes to sports such as that πŸ™‚ But who knows, mayble I’ll give it a try.

      I’m really enjoying the Skratch. Tailwind is really good but it really is more for high performance ….which would be great for you!!


  5. I have heard of Skratch, but have not seen it anywhere around here. I’m not a Nuun fan…I didn’t mind the flavors, but just couldn’t get past the “fizziness” of it. If it was with me (in a handheld), and got warm? Yuck. Gag. Just not my gig. I liked Tailwind, but that was too much water for this gal who is always in search of a porta-pot after the first 3-4 miles of running. Does Skratch compare to Tailwind in terms of how much is recommended to drink per hour/activity? Or do you need less of it?


  6. OMG! Where did you get your coffee mug?! My coworker would LOVE the giraffe sketching. Sounds like Lexi has been giving you some grief. Hopefully, she settles down before your upcoming century ride! πŸ™‚

    Hope you had fun furniture shopping.


  7. I feel you on the moving–I am so sick of it, so definitely hoping not to deal with it again for a couple years. I hope yours goes smoothly, and congrats on the house!

    I’m glad your new GYN helped you to deal with the menopause symptoms! I’ll have to keep Bio-identical in mind for my patients!


  8. I’m sorry you had to miss the ride! I hope Lexi is feeling better. YAY for cane sugar! I will not do artificial sweetener. So, I’ll definitely have to try it. The thought of moving breaks me out in a cold sweat.


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