Wearsafe: Do you Run Safe?


It may come as a surprise to you that statistics show 1 in every 6 American women have been assaulted.  While there are no official statistics regarding assaults against women while running, jogging or cycling, Runner’s World conducted a survey and revealed the results in their article, Running While Female.

A shocking 43% of women surveyed said they had been the victim of some sort of harassment, 30% have been followed by someone in a vehicle, bicycle or on foot, 5% have been flashed, 18% have been sexually propositioned and 3% have been grabbed and/or physically assaulted while running. While the odds of a woman actually being murdered while running are very, very slim, the chances of enduring the above mentioned forms of harassment are enough to make many female runners uneasy about heading out their door or hitting up their favorite trail alone.

Ask any runner why they love running so much and most will tell you that it provides them the opportunity to decompress, relieves stress and anxiety and they love the feeling of freedom it brings. Yet, many female runners carry pepper spray on every run ….an unfortunate reality that our peaceful, stress-free, freedom runs are tainted with the fear of the possibility of an unpleasant encounter with something or someone.

This is just one of the many reasons the folks at Wearsafe developed their app/wearable integrated safety tag.

Each day we hear about people whose lives are impacted because they couldn’t get help when they needed it most. Our founders, David and Phill, realized that too often people in distress are unable to use their phones and dedicated themselves to solving this problem. By collaborating with top security experts, college students, designers, and engineers we have created a peer to peer safety solution that fits the way we live today. The result is Wearsafe, giving you the ability to instantly connect and get help in real time.

What is it?

A small wearable device, called a tag. Each tag comes with a clip to be worn on clothing and a key ring option. You can also buy an extra tag if you’d like to leave one on your key ring while having another for running, cycling and other outdoor activities.


photo courtesy of Wearsafe.com

How does it work?

The tag is seamlessly integrated to the free Wearsafe app via bluetooth. Within the app, you setup a ‘network’ of friends and/or family members that you wish to be contacted in case of an emergency. A simple press of the Wearsafe tag button sends an alert to everyone in your network providing them with your location. You have the option, in the settings, to allow the app to turn on the audio of your phone so that your contacts will know the exact nature of the situation you are in. If you have multiple contacts set up, they will have the opportunity to communicate through ‘text messages’ with one another and coordinate how to respond to your emergency.


photo courtesy of Wearsafe.com

How much does it cost?

This is a subscription based service offering three different pricing options and the tag is included free of charge with your subscription. (Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.)

  • 1 month subscription – $7 per month (billed monthly)
  • 6 month subscription – $6 per month ($36 billed every 6 months)
  • 12 month subscription – $5 per month ($60 billed annually)

While your initial tag is free, you have the option of buying additional tags for $30.


  • 200 ft range – you may send an alert from your paired tag even if your phone is up to 200 ft away
  • Long battery life – basic watch type battery lasts up to 6 months and the app will send you a notification when the battery is getting low
  • Water resistant – tag will last up to one hour one meter under water. So don’t worry, if you’re caught in the rain …the tag will still keep you safe.
  • Real-time feedback – the tag vibrates each time you send an alert so you’ll know that it was sent. It also vibrates each time someone in your network views the alert so you’ll know that people are aware of your situation and will be responding
  • Free for network members – the contacts you add to your network do not need a subscription, they only need to download the free app
  • Apple and Android compatible


Ease of Use and Setup:

Once you remove the tag from its cute little box, it will be ready to use in less than 5 minutes. After the app is downloaded and your tag is synched with your phone, depending on how many contacts you add to your network, you can be ready to go within 10 -15 minutes! And unlike so many other products these days, Wearsafe includes a battery with your tag.


As a Wearsafe ambassador, I am thrilled to have the tag in my life! I believe every runner, cyclist, hiker and any other outdoor enthusiasts should have one. The tag is also great for kids or anyone with potential medical emergencies.  I hope I never  have to press that button, but the peace of mind it brings me is priceless and has put the ‘freedom’ back into my running and cycling!

Use code LADYBIRDRUNNING to receive 15% off of your first annual subscription and a free tag.



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