Weekly Wrap: Labor Day Weekend ….literally.

Silly me, I thought Labor Day weekend was to rest …instead I’ve been laboring all weekend! It’s the price you pay for going on vacation the week before a long holiday weekend, I suppose. However, when you’re working on a move to a new house, it’s a good ‘laboring’, right? While most of you are poolside, on the lake or at the beach for that last ‘hoorah’, I’m taking a quick break from all of this ‘good laboring’ to join in on the Weekly Wrap link-up.

I’m not going to sugar-coat anything here, not much happened this past week in the way of workouts for several reasons …

  • I was still on Hawaii time 🤙
  • well, you know, THE move
  • a new training cycle begins this week and I really just wanted to take it easy before Coach HoHo hands my butt to me on a silver platter!

Yep, that’s right. In case you missed it, I revealed in yesterdays Ultimate Coffee Date that Major Hubs and I are working with Holly for my first full marathon and his second! As if it’s not scary enough just making the decision to give it a go, it’s even scarier to put it all out there for everyone to know about …you know, there’s always the chance of a DNF or DNS. However, I’ve decided that while there is that chance, the support and encouragement I know I’ll receive from you guys will be more than enough to see me through the training and that elusive finish line as well as more than enough sympathy and support while licking my wounds if, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t happen. I really don’t mean to sound so negative, it’s just the voice of an older, slower, injury prone and realistic runner who really wants to check this off of her bucket list, talking.

So, without further adieu, let’s see what the week looked like!

Monday: Rest

As if I needed more rest after a week of vacation! But, seriously, I did. There was also lots of phone calls to be made getting utilities set up, carpet cleaners and fence companies lined up for the move. RIP #nevermissamonday.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run followed by 30 push-ups

Caught a break in the rain Hurricane Harvey sent our way and took advantage of the slightly cooler temps, much lower humidity and dew point to get in a slow and easy run. It was really nice as I had no tracking device to think about (my TomTom died in the first half mile) on me other than Pandora playing in my ears. It was relaxed and peaceful, the way running should be from time to time. Can I get an ‘Amen’?20170903_144125

Wednesday: HIIT class

Ugh. There’s no peace in this class! I know I’ve said this so many times, but this girl is mean. I’ve been a group fitness instructor for years and I will admit that instructors do derive a tiny bit of satisfaction from pushing their students out of their comfort zones ….but geesh, this little 20 something year old girl must lay awake at night dreaming of ways to unleash holy hell on us!! with that being said, it was a great workout …in a sick, twisted sort of way.

Thursday: Elliptical 45 min.

Another rainy day forcing me to head to the gym for a little cardio.

Friday: 3 mile run with Chester

Realizing that I’d basically been about as active as a three-toed sloth all week, I decided to get out and get a short run in with the dog as we’ve kind of neglected his running lately …he loves to run as much or more than any human runner I know! He started turning somersaults when he saw me reach for his leash ….poor baby, someone call PETA!


He’s seriously stolen my heart!

Later on that afternoon, this happened ……


Eeek! It’s just gotten real now!!


Saturday: 0 miles running ….

….but I did get in 9,033 steps while making several trips to the new house. It counts.

While I still have much to do regarding this ‘move’ and have no doubt that the next couple of weeks is going to be crazy hectic, I’m excited about working with Coach HoHo and ready to get to work!

How are you spending your Labor Day weekend?

Can you remember your greatest fear when you committed to run your first 26.2?

Do you run with your dog? If so, does he push you or slow you down?

I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly and guest hostess Montana, from Pretty Lil Mudder for their Weekly Wrap link-up. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment on their posts and as many others as you have time for…. this is a great group of inspiring women!WWGuest-Montana-1

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: Labor Day Weekend ….literally.

  1. My greatest fear with my first marathon 10 years ago was the pain I’d no doubt experience in those late miles. I knew the better I trained, the less painful it would be. Do not overthink it and do not give a second thought to what others think of your successes or failures. Honestly? Nobody really cares because everybody’s doing their own thing. Just take each workout as it comes and do your very best with it and you’re golden.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chester is so cute!! I can’t wait to follow along with your training for your first marathon! I was such a dumb runner back when I decided to run my first full. It was in the first year that I started running, I was injured but still pushed through because I was too stubborn to back out. It was a fun experience none the less and I really got my money’s worth out of the event (it was a 6 hour marathon lol). Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  3. I’m so excited to follow your journey to that 26.2 finish line 😉 I was excited myself when I trained for my first 26.2 (Sept. 2013) but I did it on my own (via Hal Higdon). I had a good-sized network of fellow Facebook friends/bloggers who were all training for their first marathons as well…so we were in constant chatter about everything.I never felt alone, and come race day, I actually had more excitement than fear.


    • Thanks Kim! I’m pretty sure come race day, my nerves will be hard to contain! But hopefully, they will settle down once I get a few miles in. 🙂 But, first I just need to get to the starting line! As Holly keeps telling me ….baby steps!


  4. My biggest fear when I ran my first marathon was a DNF. It could have happened but my hubs told me he wouldn’t come and get me until I crossed the finish line. And there you go. You will do fine–you’re in good hands with Holly! And we will all help you too. You can’t lose!


  5. Recovering from a vacation is hard enough, but through in a time difference and an impending move – yikes! I’m no marathoner, but I’m sure Holly will train you well – trust her advice and you’ll do great!


  6. I (and several other bloggers) will be right here with you cheering you on until we have seen you through that 26.2 Finish Line!!! With Hoho Runs I know you are in safe hands! What a brilliant journey you are about to embark on! I am far from a 26.2 but looking forward to training for a Half Marathon in 2018!


  7. I work in retail so I don’t get to take Labor Day “off” or relax. 😦 I did get to relax Sunday after running my 17 miles. I have no doubt that working with Coach Holly you will meet your marathon goals!


  8. MB Jackson says:

    Your first marathon? Well this is exciting! Which one? Your vacay pictures were amazing! I need to go check out a couple of your other posts! Happy Hump Day!


  9. Rachel says:

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Congrats on taking the plunge and for working with Holly! You’re going to do GREAT!!! I can’t wait to follow your training!!


  10. Sometimes Bandit pushes me, but more often than not he slows me down — which is why I usually pick him up for the cool down.

    Looks to me like you had a pretty active week, especially with a move!

    You know, first off, you’re not slower. I’ve got that covered. 🙂 Secondly, anyone can DNF or DNS at any time, any length race, for any reason. So just go out there & do your best & of course you know Holly has your back!

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