Marathon Training Week 4: If’s, And’s and Sore Butts

I’ll just cut right to the chase, it was a rough week for marathon training and I have a lot of excuses for a shotty week of training. While I thought the recovery from the Dam Century Ride would be a piece of cake, being that I felt remarkably well on Sunday and Monday, my post century glory was abruptly halted by a UTI, bruised sit bones, fatigue and a new foot pain. Lesson learned …never underestimate the havoc a tiny little bike seat can wreak on one’s nether regions over the course of 100 miles! But before I digress into the TMI category here, let’s see how my week went down….


Monday: Coach HoHo said REST and rest I did! Even though I was really feeling well, aside from a sore tushie, I decided to take it easy with no running, no cross training and minimal unpacking. (Remember, we finally moved into our new house Wednesday of the previous week.) #swimminginboxes

Tuesday: 4 easy miles were on the plan but I had to settle for 3…. compliments of the beginnings of an irritating UTI. #cyclingprobs


Wednesday: Nothing…. other than more unpacking. By the end of the day, my legs and feet were aching and I kept feeling an intermittent pain in my foot reminiscent of an old stress fracture. While walking the dog or just walking around the house, every few steps, there would be a stabbing pain on the outside of my left foot. My first thought was …’seriously, I’m not even going to get past half marathon distance before I’m knocked out of marathon training??’ While still reeling from the century ride experience, I was also feeling like my marathon experience might be slipping away.  Overwhelming fatigue was beginning to set in. #feelingdefeated

Thursday: After talking with Coach HoHo, we decided to skip the 4 mile progression run on tap, rest and hope to feel up for Saturday’s long run. So, what does a runner do when they fear an injury may be rearing its ugly head? Bake! Banana bread …with chocolate chips in their new fall themed mini loaf pan. #comfortfood

Friday: Regularly scheduled Friday lunch date with the hubs and more unpacking. I finally realized that I had been wearing an older pair of Newtons all week while walking the dog and working around the house and wondered if this was causing my foot pain. During the night, the foot throbbed all night long and I really doubted I’d be able to get my long run in the next morning. #butIlovemynewtons

Saturday: I woke up bright and early to crisp, cool, fall-like temps, low humidity and a renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, the foot pain would go away with the proper shoes. I pulled out the KT tape and put on my most cushioned pair of running shoes I own and set out for an easy 7 miles. The temps made my lungs happy and I felt like I could run forever! The felt good. It did start to ‘talk’ to me a little toward the end of the run but nothing out of the ordinary for me. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I’ve dodged a bullet. #fallisintheair


After a week of rest, a round of antibiotics, a few salt baths and some KT tape, I’m happy to say that I’m feeling better and hopefully back on track with marathon training. I’m learning, albeit a tough lesson, to respect my aging body, give it the rest it needs and appreciate all that it has done for me. After all, it has given birth to three beautiful children, carried me across the finish line of 9 half marathons, a century ride and thousands of miles running and cycling ….it deserves a little (cue Aretha Franklin here) ….. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

WeeklyWrapAnd that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap link where a bunch of goal-oriented, running-crazed, like-minded women support, encourage and hold one another accountable in all of our fitness endeavors. Be sure to stop by and visit these ‘fabulous’ ladies!


Do you feel like your body takes longer to recover the older you get? 

Ever get knocked out of a training plan before you really got started good? 

What is your favorite Fall ‘comfort food’?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!

**If you missed our recaps from our epic adventure at the Dam Century Ride, you can read mine here and Holly’s here!


24 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 4: If’s, And’s and Sore Butts

  1. Ahem, yes, recovery is different as I get up in to the nether regions of this age thing. Yikes on all the fallout (bad pun intended) from the Century ride. No doubt you’re tired. You had me at chocolate chips. Now there’s a great recovery food!

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  2. You are such a badass in my book! Absolutely my body does not recover like that of its 30 year old self. I look like an old woman walking most days. Who would ever know that I could run fast by the way I walk? Can’t imagine how sore your tushie was after that ride! Have a fabulous week!


  3. Congrats on your century ride! And great job with your marathon training! It’s frustrating when we can’t get all the runs in but you will be better in the long run for taking the time to listen to your body this week. Hopefully you have an even better week this week!


  4. oh, I’m feeling good after my ride too – I hope I don’t get surprised by a new injury! I did take it easy yesterday and relatively easy spinning today. I hope the KT tape was not for the UTI. 😉 I used chamois butt’her post-ride to help speed the healing process down there. 😮


  5. Hey it is no wonder you’re still feeling the effects of your 100+ miles. That was no easy task and one many of us will never be able to do! Taking some time is by far better than pushing through only to find yourself starring injury in the face!
    Since I haven’t run all my life I have no idea what could have been. I didn’t start running until later in life but I’ve already accomplished way more than I ever thought possible so each time I cross that finish line of a race or just lace up on a weekly run I feel blessed my body allows me to do it!


  6. I’m so ready for another century ride adventure. But riding solo will not be the same! 😦 I love the mini loaf pan designs! I needed those for my gingerbread (with chocolate chips and pecans) made over the weekend. So now I’m singing… Sock It To Me, Sock It To Me, Sock It To Me… 🙂 Thanks for linking!


  7. I hate when a pain or ache starts plaguing you like that! You know i have struggled with injury and quite a bit of foot pain and an old stress fracture spots that won’t quit, so I get it. We do need more recovery as we age and I feel like it takes me so long now to heal when something does goes wrong, but these bodies weren’t made to last forever. I am glad you got your long run done, that is really the most important when training 🙂 No shame in intervals either, I used 4 x1 when I ran the marathon last year and did very slow long runs with intervals just so I could get through training healthy.
    I am still super impressed you rode 100 miles!! Very bad @s$ 🙂

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    • Thanks Karen! That is exactly mine and Holly’s plan for this first marathon of mine. As tempting as it is to want to push the pace some, I know that I need to just go slow and easy …with the goal being just to get to the starting line uninjured and hopefully to the finish line uninjured! 🙂 #fingerscrossed


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