Marathon Training Week 5: Steady She Goes

Another week comes to a close and once again, it’s time for the Weekly Wrap! I’ve been so inspired and motivated today by all of the Instagram posts of all those who took to the streets of Chicago this morning to run the 40th Chicago Marathon. Congratulations to you all …time to celebrate and relax!

It was an uneventful week of marathon training for me as I am still very early in my training cycle ….so I’m keeping things slow and steady with the sole purpose of reaching the starting line (and hopefully the finish line as well) uninjured.


I’ll just be honest here, with the recent move, there has been very little zero cross training and strength training happening in my world. I’m hoping to remedy that this week as running alone doesn’t do much for my metabolism …which inevitably leads to a thickening of the waistline. But I did at least get my scheduled runs in …

4 mile easy:ย Tuesday morning, I set out for my easy 4 miler only to find my watch dead. Well, that’s one way to ensure an ‘easy’ run. I have no idea how slow it was, just that it was slow. Mission accomplished.

4 mile progression:ย Wednesday evening, the hubs and I hit the gym for our progression runs. He had 5 miles to do at a much faster pace than I, so we figured we would probably finish around the same time. I misread my starting pace of 11:20 as 11:45 (I think I read the prior weeks email) and realized around mile 2.5 that if I was going to make the last mile’s pace of 10:50, I’d have to kick it up a couple of notches. What actually happened? 11:45, 11:32, 11:19 and 10:50…. 30 seconds faster on that last mile hurt a little! Lesson learned …pay close attention to your training schedule.IMG_20171004_220211_681

8 mile long run:ย Saturday morning I was out the door by 7 for what I thought would be a nice cool morning 8 miler. Ha! I really don’t know why I was so surprised to find it a swampy mess out there …I have lived here all of my life. Maybe it was the fact that it is October or maybe it was the fact that the last couple of Saturdays, the early mornings have been a little less humid …I don’t know. But regardless, it was a steam bath to say the least…. a hilly steam bath at that. However, there was plenty of cloud coverage and several training groups out with their pacers making for a motivating run despite the humidity. 8 miles done!

In other news….ย  I’m feeling much more ‘settled’ now in the new house. The highlight of my week was getting our fence finally installed, no more ‘poop scooping’ for me! (you can read about that on the Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and Coco). And although it doesn’t feel much like Fall, I’ve been doing some fall baking.


Pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips …thanks to Holly, I’m now throwing semi-sweet chocolate chips into just about everything I can think of!

I even spent a few hours yesterday giving my patio flower pots an overhaul with a few pansies, fox-tail and asparagus ferns …while sipping a glass of wine, of course!20171007_143151

….and that’s a wrap! A low-key week, which is exactly what I’m needing these days. WeeklyWrapHowever, I know that many of you ran some pretty big races this weekend and I’m anxious to hear all about them …so get those recaps ready!

Before I go, I would appreciate it if you all would chime in with your thoughts, opinions and favorite brands/models of hydration vests. I think I want one that will hold both water bottles and a bladder… or do I? Which ones are light weight, non-chafing and what is the best bladder size?

As always, I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap link. Be sure to pay them a visit and show them some love!



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one run at a time!



29 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 5: Steady She Goes

  1. I have a hydration vest from SL3S…I have a review of it in the archives on my blog (I think from July or August 2016). It has a pocket for a bladder, but I’ve never used a bladder (the thought kind of grosses me out LOL), but it has holders for two bottles, and those have served me well. I’ve only used it for a few long training runs (never needed it for a race).


  2. Awesome week of training ๐Ÿ™‚ You are getting it done. I hear ya about staying injury freeโ€ฆit is always on my mind and the weight training. I have fallen off the wagon and I need all the help i can get with my metabolism. I run with a Nathan vest
    (female cut) and I like the fit. It seems to for better than the camelbak I have. I would like a newer bladder though โ€“ I have the old style and the new clip hoses make the whole process a lot quicker to fill and clean! I may order a new bladder. I like being able to carry 2 liters for long runs! I suck it down quick. lol


  3. Your training is going great! Slow and steady, you will get there! I have a Camelbak Lite (I think โ€” or Junior) which is smaller. But I find running with the weight of a full bladder hard to do (bahahaha!). I did use it quite a bit during my first summer of marathon training. I should have let you borrow it! I made Banana Pecan Oatmeal bread Saturday and couldnโ€™t find any chocolate chips. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thanks for linking!


  4. Chocolate tastes good in everything! My son and I have discovered the magic of Cacao powder and nibs and we put it in our smoothies as much as possible. It’s anti-inflammatory, you know…


  5. I have a camelback with just bladder but I think it holds 50 ounces of water. Its always been enough for my long runs! I don’t think I would want bottles too because it would be too heavy. Great job with your training this week!


  6. Hooray for feeling settled in! I’m jelly of your fall gardening. Even though its 80 degrees here now, we’ll likely be frosted over within a couple of weeks and my mums, etc will be shot. I just went through the hydration pack process and for me the winner is the Ultimate Direction Jenny Pack. Made for women so it fits so right. Has a bladder and 2 bottles that collapse as you drink so you lose the bulk. I wore it in Berlin and it got me to about mile 24 and I didn’t have it filled all the way. Honestly I can’t say enough good about it. Light years better than my old one!


    • I like the sound of “it fits so right”! I’m so afraid of sinking $$ into something and it bounce around or chafe something terrible. Is it hard to adjust to running with one? About how much extra weight would you say it is when full?


  7. Darlene says:

    I don’t like to carry water but we don’t usually have warm temps and I just loop back on my runs. I love races due to the water stops.

    You are doing great with your training. Hope you have cooler temps for the rest of it.


  8. What a great week! I love to hate progression runs… I’m interested in the recommendations you get about a bladder / water sack – I’m into the part of marathon training which has me running 18+ milers for the next 4 weeks and the only way I can do it without getting bored is to get out of the city – where there are no water fountains!


  9. Oh, it’s so easy to misread (or forget) coaching instructions! Good job getting it done.

    But Ahem! Holly taught you to put chocolate chips in everything? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just lemme say, anytime dried fruit is called for, chocolate covered fruit is usually what I use.

    As to hydration vest, I absolutely love my Ultraspire Astral vest. I did get it cheaper via Active Gearup — which is also why I have to use the darn shoelace to keep it on my shoulder — but I just love how much I can carry (and not just water) and it never feels heavy at all to me. There’s such attention to detail about it, too.

    It can chafe my clohtes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Although it’s never chafed my skin. I use it for hiking, too, so it’s gotten a lot of use.

    The hardest part is the in-between runs, when I don’t want to chafe up those clothes but still need water! It doesn’t hold water bottles, although apparently they have a model that does, but having only run halfs, I’ve always had plenty of water with me.


  10. I laugh at your misreading the plan. I did that too! My target pace for intervals was like 9:50 but I misread it to say 8:50 I was cussing Holly like no tomorrow but I almost hit that! I came back to tell her all excited and she laughed ! and then told me my mistake. womp womp, after that she knew I could do better and made changes accordingly. Dang her lol!
    I’ll have to look at my pack I used for my marathon. I didn’t fill it all the way but almost. It really didn’t take much getting used too!


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