Marathon Training Week 15: Falalalalalalalong Runs

Last week Coach HoHo told Major Hubs and I that we were getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of our marathon training and she wasn’t kidding. As I mentioned in last week’s weekly wrap, I am pleasantly surprised that I’ve actually been able to complete these long runs with no greater discomfort than I normally experience following a half marathon. Even if something dreadful were to happen preventing me from finishing this race, I will forever be in awe of my body for getting me this far ….I truly never believed it would. And that, my friends, is what a great coach, wonderful friends and the most amazingly supportive husband in the world is for ….to believe in you until you begin to believe in yourself!


One of the things I find most amusing about marathon training, as a first timer, is how it totally plays tricks on your mind, especially one’s perception of what is considered a ‘long run’.  I mean, just a few short months ago, a 7 miler would  have been considered a long run ….now when I see 17 miles on my plan for my long run, those mid-week 5, 6 or 7 milers just don’t seem all that long! Speaking of long runs, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts.

  • Monday: 45 minutes on the Spin Bike
  • Tuesday: 5 easy miles (for some reason they didn’t seem so easy though) on the treadmill with Major Hubs slinging sweat next to me while crushing some 800’s
  • Wednesday: 45 min Stairmaster / 10 min Rowing / 45 min Weights
  • Thursday: 6 mile Progression run …. nailed this one!IMG_20171214_144208_834
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 17.5 mile long run ….the plan was for 17, but after taking a caffeinated Cliff gel shot around mile 14 and feeling a little more ‘pep in my step’, I wanted to go for 18. But alas, after topping a hill and feeling a slight cramp in my foot, my running route had brought me back to where our car was parked at the exact time Major Hubs was finishing up his 20 miles…so I decided to call it quits at 17.5 rather than making him wait for me to run another half mile and taking the chance on my foot totally ‘spasming’ out on me. Overall, this run went really well and was a great confidence booster!

    Anyone else run all the miles then eat all the pizza???? Can you say RUNGRY!


    Other than running, the week consisted of Christmas shopping, a much-needed well overdue hair appointment and a fun office Christmas party for the hubs (which included a fun photo booth). I have never seen so many adults having endless fun playing dress-up! 20171219_094456


….and that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with my girls, Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap link-up. Make sure you stop by and show them some love for hosting this each and every week …it’s truly a labor of love!WeeklyWrap


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


 What is your favorite food to satisfy the ‘rungries’?  Do you love photo booth shenanigans or do you shy away from them?


26 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 15: Falalalalalalalong Runs

  1. You are SO spot-on…marathon training does mess with one’s mind. Just wait until you get to the final month…maybe you’ll have a 10-miler for a scale-back week, and you will be so elated! (Wow! Yippee! ONLY 10 miles!!!). You are doing great with your training…I’m excited for your big race coming up!!


  2. Gotta love that perspective– I felt the same way after I ran my first long run! 10 miles will never feel like a big deal again. I’m really excited for you and Hubs!


  3. I totally understand what you mean about how previous long distances don’t seem long at all anymore, lol. I remember that I had a 10 mile run during a cutback week and I was like “Yes, a short one”. People thought I was crazy!


  4. Yes, I always laugh at marathoners, who consider 13.1 just another long run.

    Oddly enough, my perception of long runs has also changed, but now it starts at about 7-8 miles. 🙂

    You are crushing those long runs — fantastic job, Teresa!


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