Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2018

Good morning fellow coffee lovers! It’s the first Saturday of a new month and a new year, which can only mean one thing …it’s time for the Ultimate Coffee Date!  So put on your fuzzy slippers, pull up a chair and let’s chat over a delicious cup of Joe, tea, milk, OJ, mimosa, shot of whiskey, or whatever gets you moving!


If we were having coffee … 

I’d tell you that, as most of you probably know, I started this blog as I was approaching my 50th birthday ..hence the name Finding ‘Fabulous’ at Fifty. Obviously, I didn’t put much thought in to the fact that I wouldn’t be 50 forever and what would I do about the name of my blog once I surpassed that golden year. I turned 51 on January 1st and still feel fabulous …well, except for the hot flashes, menopot and mild arthritis beginning to set in my hands  ….but I digress. Anyway, back to my point …am I still ‘Finding Fabulous’ at Fifty’ if I’m 51? Should I change the name of my blog? I certainly can’t change it each year as I age. Do I wait until I’m 60 to change it? I may not even be blogging then. Does it really matter? Is it just a technicality? These are the things that keep me awake at night …not really. Hot flashes keep me awake, but these type of questions fill my head while I’m already awake. What to do, what to do? First world problems, right? Lol

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that @sammyruns on IG has inspired me to get serious about my core strength, or lack thereof. The fact that she has maintained a plank streak for well over 600 days is amazing to me! Therefore, I set a goal to do at least a one minute plank each day for one year ….here’s hoping to see my abs again one day!


If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that since I was already doing my own plank streak challenge, I decided to hop on board Rachel’s Burpees, Planks & Pushup Challenge for the month of January. Although I absolutely despise burpees, they are a great total body exercise and well, nothing feels more satisfying than accomplishing those things which take you out of your comfort zone. I joined in on their little burpee party late so I had to play catch up yesterday ….I pretty much feel like I’ve been punched in the gut and ribs today. Feels great though ..in a sick, twisted sort of way.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that this marathon training stuff can be a pain in the _____! I’m sure you can fill in that blank with any number of body parts and for me, right now, it’s a pain in the foot. Ever since my last long run, my right foot has been acting up. I have pain on the top of the 4th or 5th metatarsal when walking and running. It felt fine during my last run, but starting hurting later that day. It’s not a constant steady pain with every step which leads me to believe it’s not a stress fracture. However, after I’ve been on my feet awhile, it begins to hurt so bad that I have to lift that foot in order to take the weight off.  I have been cross-training all week rather than running and have an appointment with my podiatrist on Tuesday. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my one and only goal for this marathon was to make it to the starting line uninjured. I may be over-reacting a little bit, but I just can’t take any chances. I’m three weeks out from race day and need one more solid week of peak training before tapering. Pray that it’s nothing serious and I can get back to running soon ….I am so close to becoming a marathoner!


My cup is empty and Major Hubs just returned from his run …yes, I’m jealous … and it’s time to wrap this one up. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit our fabulous hostesses, Deborah and Coco and all the others who’ve joined in on this month’s edition of the Ultimate Coffee Date …because coffee is always better with a friend!The-Ultimate-Coffee-Date2-e1472303933116


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!


28 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2018

  1. Oh, no! I hope that foot behaves itself, at least for the next few weeks. I think your blog’s name is perfect just as it is…I think it shows that your quest for finding ‘fabulous’ was successful, and so you’ve continued on in hopes of staying that way 😉 Those burpees are gonna be the toughest part of this challenge. I’ve been planking every day for a long time…not even sure how long, but it’s been several years. And push-ups? I can sweat those out. But the burpees…UGH. My uncoordinated body just does not like them.

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  2. Now, if you were me (and it’s a good thing you’re not), I’d just ignore the pain. Pain? What pain? I’d run the race and then I’d go to the doctor. I actually did this and ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. It’s amazing how much a little fracture like that can hurt. I hope you get good news!

    PS I think you are just fabulous the way you are. I wouldn’t change the name of the blog at all!


    • I have certainly considered that approach! However, I still need to get som runs in before race day and I’m afraid I’ll do more damage during those runs to the point of not being able to ignore the pain on race day! Make sense? Ugh!!! It’s a tough call! Keeping my fingers crossed🤞


  3. I think the blog name is fine. If it bothers you, you could always change to Finding Fabulous Over 50. Very subtle difference. I do pushups but they kill my hands and elbows as do planks (a life time of water skiing no doubt). So I’m just not gonna even attempt the burpees. LOL. You know I’m hoping you get good news from the doctor!

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    • Pushuos hurt my wrists a little and my lower back …Im sure due to my weak core. Since this challenge includes pushups, I’m leaving the pushup out of the burpee …they’re evil enough without adding a dang pushup in there!😈😈😈


  4. I say it’s OK to keep your blog name – at least until you turn 60, then who knows?! 🙂 I hope your podiatrist has great news for you and that you can get back to running to finish out your training and get to that start (and finish) line in a few weeks!! Good luck with the plank challenge! Sammy is amazing with her plank streak. I am horrible. I can ever seem to last more than a couple days.


  5. I definitely hope you get good news on Tuesday! But I would also say at this point, as long as you can get back to running, I think you’ll do just fine.I’m sure Holly will tell you that, too.

    I would also say that you are probably fine with your blog title until you turn 60! Happy belated birthday! Does it bother you to have a birthday on a holiday or do you like it?


  6. Uh oh 😦 You have done enough training that just some easy runs would be fine, but try to cross train as hard as possible! You would be surprised how much it helps. I have run a half after 6 weeks off with no runs lol yes not smart but I felt fine…I was a bit slow but I still enjoyed it. I am worried for you!
    Your blog name is cute! But you could go with Finding Fabulous after 50 🙂


  7. Rachel says:

    How are you already three weeks out?! Time is flying!!!

    Also, happy belated birthday!!!! 🙂 Keep the blog name.

    I’m glad you’re going to see a podiatrist. Are you getting X-rays? It’s probably nothing but better safe than sorry. I’ve had my fair share of those niggles and random aches. They usually go away. Can you see a chiro who specializes in ART? They may be able to help. Fingers crossed it’s nothing.


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