Marathon Training Week 18: On Hold

2018 certainly came in like a wrecking ball …or a bomb cyclone, to be more precise. The arctic blast blew in, covered the northeast in blankets upon blankets of snow and even left those of us here in the deep South freezing our tails off with the most consecutive days of overnight temps in the teens than I can ever remember in my lifetime! I’m not complaining though since our forecast for the coming week is for temps back up in the 60s and it’s not a day too soon coming. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again …we’re just not prepared for weather like that down here. The city of Jackson had over 50 water main breaks this past week due to frozen water lines. But now that we’ve thawed out and the first week of 2018 has come to an end, it’s time for the Weekly Wrap.26.2

It is with great angst and quite a bit of ‘nail-biting’ that I report zero, that’s right, ZERO running this past week. I have something going on with my right foot that is making me just a tad bit nervous, yet I’m remaining hopeful that it is not anything that will prevent me from running my first marathon in three weeks. I ‘chatted’ over coffee at the Ultimate Coffee Date yesterday, if you’re interested in the details.  Bottom line is that I have an appointment on Tuesday with my podiatrist and we will go from there. In the meantime, I’ve been cross-training, planking and praying.

I did start the week and the new year out by spending New Year’s day celebrating my birthday! That’s right, the big 51! It was cold as heck, making it the perfect day to stay indoors watching football and sipping birthday Mimosas all day! I did prepare the traditional New Years day fare of peas, greens and cornbread for good luck. I threw in a sweet potato and a slice of honey baked ham …well, just because it was my birthday and I was not having cake. Lol


The rest of the week was spent cross training. I have a spin bike at home that got more miles in this week than in the past six months. I also made a couple of trips to the gym for some rowing and other cardio. FYI, if you’ve never hit up the air bike at your local gym or crossfit box, you should. It’s a serious workout …not your typical ‘cycling’ workout.


Since I was going stir crazy not running, I decided to join in on Rachel’s Burpees, Planks & Push ups challenge. I had already committed to a plank streak for the year so this just sort of fell into place. One week down and I’m already sore in a couple of places that I forgot existed. Planks are not so bad, push ups make me sweat and burpees make me curse …but it’s good to challenge yourself!


Besides feeling sorry for myself and worrying all week about my foot, Major Hubs and I did have a little fun. We took in a musical at our local theater, a wedding and an old friends military retirement ceremony. Screenshot_20180103-185947

…and that’s a wrap! Here’s hoping and praying that I have some running miles to report next week!

Did you have the traditional New Years fare? Ever been sidelined just weeks before a big race? Any other challenges going on?

WeeklyWrapNewI’m joining in with Holly and her new co-host Wendy for the Weekly Wrap where like-minded women support, encourage and motivate one another in all of our fitness endeavors. Be sure to stop by their blogs and show them some love!



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


48 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 18: On Hold

  1. My fingers have been so crossed for you that it’s a wonder I was able to write my blog post. Nothing but positive vibes coming your way. Your NYD meal looks scrumptious. I cooked collards and black-eyed peas. Didn’t think about cornbread. Darn. Keep up the cross training and good luck at the doc’s. Thanks for linking!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that your foot is bothering you 😦 You definitely mad the right decision to not run this week. I hope that you’ll able to resume running soon. I also have some weirdness with my foot and I used KT Tape for my long run and it helped out a lot!


  3. Oh girl, I’m sending all the positive, healthy marathon running vibes your way. Hope that foot is ok! I’ve looked for black eyed peas around here the past couple of years for New Years and nada. I guess we don’t do them up here, go figure. Wow teens is crazy cold for you guys!


  4. Still sending healing vibes your way. Hoping for a good dx tomorrow.
    No, we don’t do any traditional New Years food. Last year I had a brunch after our NYD race (which was canceled due to cold this year — you know it’s really cold up here if that happens!) & my friend did bring me some black eye’d peas. It was soooooo yummy.


  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Sorry to hear about your foot pain, I hope you get good news from your doc! Happy birthday – mimosas are always fun 🙂 My mom’s family was always good about making greens and black eyed peas for the New Year. I need to start incorporating that tradition too!


  6. Darlene says:

    Oh no about your foot. I hope you get good news. You are smart to rest it.

    I ran 2 5k races when I had a stress fracture but I was not signed up for any big races at the time.

    Sending healing vibes your way from the FRIGID NE.


  7. Congrats on playing it smart and taking care of your foot. That’s so hard to do especially with 17 weeks of training behind you. I hope you get good news from the podiatrist.


  8. Keep praying! You have done so much work. i am going to go read your post, but I’ll be thinking of you. I’ve tried to train a few times and got injured and couldn’t keep going, it stinks! You are too far along for that 😦 The deep freeze has been tough! We are not equipped here either…with plows, salt, etc…and it didn’t melt at all! Hugs!!!!
    Oh, I hate burpees lol I am so clumsy doing them…OOOOOiiiie!


  9. Happiest of birthdays to you New Year’s baby! So that makes it a new year in every sense! Your description of your town not being prepared for weather like that is the same with us in terms of rain. Gaborone is such a dry, dry city and when it rains (not even anything extreme) we lose power, we get potholes, people drive crazy, etc etc! Lol!

    Really hope you get some good news about your foot this week. Crossing all my fingers and toes. Will be back to check on progress.

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  10. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!!!

    I not only was sidelined, I was completely unable to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon that I trained all summer for…5 days prior the doc said I would be taking my life in my own hands if I ran it!! Now I’m left to figure out if I have another marathon in me??!!

    I hope you’re back on the road soon, fingers crossed!!


    • Geez, that would be so frustrating …to put in all of that training and not be able to run on race day. However, your health is always more important than a race!! I’ve gotten the go ahead to get back out there and see what happens. We shall see!! P.S. I know you have another marathon in you!!!


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