Marathon Anticipations

In some ways it’s been a long 20 weeks, yet it also seems to have flown by. My journey to my first 26.2 is coming to a close and the only thing left to do is weather stalk, rest, hydrate and daydream about that finish line. I shared with you all last week all of my worries and concerns, so I thought it only fitting that this week I share with you the things I am most looking forward to with this, my first and most likely my only, marathon.


1. The Bling

No, I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to torture myself with months of training, sore muscles, black toenails and a few episodes of dreadful butt chafing just to get a medal. Heck, these days one can get some serious bling just for walking a 5k. Nah, the medal is definitely not my ‘why?’ …but I’m no doubt looking forward to having this well-earned chunk of metal hanging around my neck wp-1516503576393..jpg

…….and I’ll wear it with as much pride as Sean Kingston wears his ‘box of crayons’ chain!



2. Margaritas and Tacos

If you recall, Major Hubs and I decided at the beginning of the year to get really serious about cleaning up our diet. We both wanted to drop a few pounds before race day …well, so we’d have a few less pounds to haul around for 26.2 miles. In this effort to clean up the diet, one of the things we cut our was our weekly visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We also decided that we’d also celebrate our marathon finish at said Mexican restaurant. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone 23 days without tacos and margaritas ….it’s not pretty folks. The thought of those warm salted tortilla chip dripping with delicious cheese dip will carry me 26 miles! I’m actually looking forward to the brain freeze I always get from sipping my margarita just a tad too fast ….hmmm, if this is an addiction, I don’t want rehab.


3. Getting a Massage

Since I never treat myself to massages, yet I whine like a baby after every long run about how sore my muscles are ….Major Hubs bought a gift certificate for a post-marathon massage. Yes! He’s pretty much the best hubby in the world …and I’m sure he’s tired of me begging him to rub my nasty feet each week.


4. Filling up this wine glass

Sure, I can drink wine anytime in any glass. But this one, this one is special! Major Hubs gifted this one for my birthday and I’ve been saving it for my first post-marathon glass of wine ….and I will fill it all the way to the 26.2 line! That should numb any residual pain from the 26.2 miles …..

5. Just Finishing!

Smart ass, right? But seriously, who doesn’t look forward to crossing the finish line of a marathon ..heck, any race for that matter. Finishing brings an end to the pain and exhaustion. But crossing that finish line brings a great feeling of accomplishment and pride for all the hard work put in to months of training as well. And yeah, who am I kidding ….with a marathon, comes some bragging rights and the irresistible urge to find a way to work it in to every conversation for the next few months!


So there they are ….just a few of the many things I’ll be thinking of to get me through 26.2 miles of hills and quite possibly, rain.

Of course, the fabulous upbeat, 70’s funk, head-banging music suggestions from some of my ‘gal pals’ will help pass the miles as well. The icing on the cake will be knowing that my #1 fan and love of my life will be waiting for me at the finish line to greet me with a kiss and a ‘hey good looking, you did it!’, just like he’s done for almost every race I’ve ever run! No matter what happens, I’m a blessed woman.


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one race at a time!

I’m linking up with Marcia, Erika and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run, as well as Rachel, Lacey and Merenda for the Friday Five 2.0.



38 thoughts on “Marathon Anticipations

  1. Why no massages? I try to do them fairly regularly (like every other month). That will definitely feel amazing after 26.2!
    We miss Tex-Mex. There are a few Mexican places here, but seriously, we’ve never found anything worth the calories.
    Major Hubs is so sweet. Love the glass! And that bling should absolutely be very special.


  2. How did I miss that you are running the Mississippi Blues Marathon? Wait, I had no idea there was a marathon. I only new of the half since I ran it a few years ago. Once you are done then you MUST treat yourself with tacos, margaritas, wine, nachos, and then do it all over again. Train and run another marathon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m just not sure I could go that long with our Mexican nights. You rock! Take your wine glass with you and fill that sucker to the rim with your margarita(s). Two birds… One stone. I’d sport that medal around town for weeks, maybe months. I can’t wait to “see” you cross that finish line, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, filling it with my margarita is a fabulous idea!! You’re not just a great running coach’re a great life coach as well!! Lol

      Thank you my friend for guiding me on this journey …I’ll do my best to make you proud and myself proud!! xoxo


  4. Oh I love this – I think with all the training and the concerns and worries that go along with it, we sometimes forget to reflect on what we are looking forward to. That wine glass looks amazing!! And you have bragging rights for LIFE once you are done. Every conversation at work, at a wedding, at a birthday party, wherever, will have some opportunity for you to say, “When I ran the marathon…” Lol! Best of luck, you have got this!! *fist pump*


    • I know …I really should’ve been getting them all along. I wanted to get one this week but was advised against it since my body is not accustomed to it. Maybe after this race, I’ll start getting them regularly. Thanks for the support Deborah!!


  5. I’m really excited for you to join the “club”! I’m telling you that there is NOTHING like the finish line of a marathon. It is so emotional. I can’t wait to hear all about it! You got this!

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