Marathon Training Week 21: It’s Show Time!

Wow, what a journey this has been! When I embarked on the road to my first full marathon, I honestly had no idea of what lay ahead nor what the outcome would be. I’ve had serious doubts all along that my body would ever allow me to complete this distance. After months of conservative training in an effort to prevent an injury, I still ended up with an injured foot ….and not from running, but rather hitting it on a piece of furniture! Ahhh, such is life. An extra week of taper was taken and my last scheduled long run of 20 miles never happened. While this only added to my worries and fears, Coach Holly remained calm, cool and collected ….a pillar of strength for this rookie marathoner to lean on. 26.2

While I expected to be an absolute basket case the last week leading up to my race, I actually was very calm. I guess I had gotten all the ‘crazies’ out the week before when I began weather stalking and freaking out over all the ‘What if’s’ that could possibly happen on race day.  Oh no, this week I remained calm, focused on rest and all the positive things I could muster up regarding running 26.2 miles.

Monday:  40 burpees and 1 min plank (80 were on the schedule)

Tuesday: 40 burpees that I still owed from yesterday / 4 min plank / Ran 3 easy miles and walked 1 mile with Chester boy. The foot felt pretty good with only a couple of  twinges. However, it really hadn’t started to really talk to me until I’d get up around 5 to 6 miles ….so I still was just not sure how it would hold up.PicsArt_01-29-09.52.03.jpg

Wednesday: 1 min plank / foam rolling / Rachel’s push ups were on tap but I decided that, other than the planks, everything else in this challenge would have to wait until after my marathon. Push ups make my upper body sore and burpees …well, they just make everything sore and who wants to go in to a marathon already sore!

Thursday: 1 min plank / Expo shenanigans …Major Hubs and I decided to go ahead and pick up our bibs on the first night of the expo so that we could stay in, carb load and try to relax as much as possible on Friday evening.IMG_20180125_200638_043.jpg

Friday:  1 min plank / Rest all day / foam rolled and finalized my music playlist ….the only time I got out of the house was to meet the hubs for lunch and to pick up a few last-minute items … i.e. rain ponchos. That forecast of rain on race day never wavered.  I cooked a big pot of spaghetti, texted Holly a zillion times with last minute advice, laid out my race clothes and turned in early. It really was nice to be in the comfort of my home and sleep in my own bed ….and I truly think it had a positive impact on my performance.20180129_094940.jpg

Saturday: Race Day!!

I woke up at 4:30 am to the sound of rain. Shocker, right? No worries. Remember, I had been preparing myself mentally for this over the past two weeks. I was ready to embrace the suck.20180129_100735.jpg

If you follow me on social media then you all know that I did, in fact, complete my first marathon. Yes! I am a marathoner!!

I will save all the details for my recap once I get my thoughts together.  However, I will say that it was truly an amazing experience and even though I woke up Sunday morning feeling like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat ….I have to admit that, as crazy as it may sound,  I’m already entertaining the idea of maybe, just maybe, doing another one day!


I carried my ‘sole sisters’ every step of every mile!

….and that’s a wrap! I’m linking up Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Please stop by and visit these fabulous ladies’ blogs and as many others as you can …I can attest first hand to the amazing support and encouragement you will find in this group. If you have a goal or dream you’d like to pursue, yet have any doubts or fears …put it out there. State it and claim it, then let others encourage you along the way. Sometimes you just need to know that someone else believes in you …and that is exactly what you will find here!WeeklyWrapNew


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!


42 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 21: It’s Show Time!

  1. I am so proud of you 🙂 rain is so hard for that long of race! I sure hope if you decide to do another you get a gorgeous day! It was earned this time around.
    I am impressed you entertained that thought lol it took me 6 months to even let that thought of maybe enter my mind. I was over it LOL
    That is a holotta burpees! You rock 🙂

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  2. Seriously, I am SOOOO proud of you! I remember when all was said and done, and I was reflecting on my first marathon, I had the revelation that it really wasn’t that much harder than a half marathon, just twice the distance LOL I also knew immediately after the finish line that I wanted to do another (just not right away). Way to go, Teresa! It has been great to follow you along on this journey 😉

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  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Congratulations on joining the marathon club! Looking forward to your recap, I’m glad you had a great experience, especially with the rain!


    • Thank you so much Marcia!! I didn’t believe I could do it until I completed that 19 mile run …then I was worried my foot would not hold up. I’m so thankful it did and even more thankful for wonderful running friends like you!! xoxo


    • Thank you so much Michelle! It has been so much fun sharing this journey with you all! Even as I lined up at the starting line, I wasn’t convinced I was going to be able to do it…. but knowing that you all had been rooting for me for the past 5 months helped push me along.

      I’m so glad you are going to give it a go ….I’m dead serious when I say this …if I can do 26.2 miles, anyone can!!!

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  4. Hey Miss Marathoner! I will admit that I was stalking your social media on Saturday because I wanted to see your “I DID IT!” photo!

    So super proud of you and your accomplishment! Also it doesn’t sound crazy at all that you are thinking of doing another one! 🙂


    • I love that you were stalking me and I’m so dang happy that I had an “I did it” post to share rather than an “I bonked” Lol Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement along this journey …you have no idea how much you all have meant to this old lady attempting her first marathon!!! xoxo


    • Trust me …they were the most pitiful excuse for burpees you’ve ever seen. Lol And I only did that on Monday …nothing else after that!!

      I’m trying to get all of my thoughts together for the recap …..soooooo much to tell!!! 🙂


  5. Darlene says:

    So proud of you. I never doubted that you could do it.

    You need to do another one. This time with sunshine.

    Anxiously awaiting your recap. I mean we’re all been part of this journey right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! You were all on this journey with me and it kept me motivated and determined!! While the thought of another in better weather conditions is tempting …..I think I’m done. But who knows …I thought I’d never do another half after my first one of those as well. Lol


  6. My friend…what can I say? It was such a pleasure being with you through this journey as a coach and as a friend. You had several things working against you (foot, rain, hills — to name a few). But you did not let it get in the way of your goals! Heck no. I believe it fueled your fire. Congratulations Marathoner!! I can’t wait to read the recap! Thanks for linking.


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