February Runfessions

It’s the last Friday of the month which can only mean one thing ….Marcia has opened the Runfessional and it’s time to come clean!


Okay, let’s just go ahead and get the obvious out of the way ….I runfess that I’m in a funk. A running funk. A workout funk. Heck, who am I kidding …it’s a total eclipse of the heart kind of funk and I know exactly what’s causing it. It’s not the infamous post-marathon blues, or even the earlier than normal heat and humidity that has descended upon us.funkmeme

I runfess that I have only run maybe 3 or 4 times since my marathon. I’m just not feeling it. I have found my way to gym at least once per week for some cardio and have been taking the dog for walks almost daily  …but let’s be honest here, when you’re dealing with the stagnant metabolism of menopause, that’s just not going to cut it. If something doesn’t change soon, I’m going to be the size of a barn! Although I haven’t posted much about it, I have been keeping up with Rachel’s February challenge …it’s about the only thing these days getting my heart rate up above 60 bpm!

Nope, no post marathon blues here ….this funk has Uncle Sam’s name written all over it. Major Hubs is deploying soon. While I’ve known about this for well over a year, it’s just so easy to not think about it until it is staring you in the face. Well, it’s not only staring me in the face, it’s giving me the stink eye as well. I’ve been through one before and I have no doubt I’ll get through this one as well  ….however, I runfess that it never gets easier to watch your heart board a plane in fatigues with a rucksack thrown over his shoulder headed to the other side of the world. But on the flip side I have to shamelessly runfess …..oh my goodness, the homecomings! They somehow make it all worthwhile!


2012 Homecoming after a 12 month deployment in Afghanistan

Sooooo, in light of the aforementioned funk and upcoming deployment and despite my countless claims that last month’s marathon would be a ‘one and done’ deal ….I runfess that I signed up for another marathon. Yep. I’m an idiot. Holly has been really talking up the Revel Rockies race to me lately and considering my current ‘funky’ situation and the fact that I will have nothing but time on my hands for the next 6 months …why not train for another marathon, right? Besides, who can resist incredible views like this and a downhill course to boot! RevelRockies

I do, however, runfess that I am totally not looking forward to training in the heat and humidity. Ugh…. Holly, the things I’ll do for you!!!

Please forgive the ‘woe is me’ nature of my runfessions, but I do feel so much better getting that off my chest! Thanks for listening and hopefully, next month you’ll find me in a little better mood!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one runfession at a time!


23 thoughts on “February Runfessions

  1. I didn’t sense any woe is me in your post at all! Heck, Mike went away for a weekend for work and I was lost! I can’t imagine a year without him.

    Holly has done her best to sell Revel to me–I’d do the half, but I just don’t think I can swing it. Which makes me sad because I’d love to join you guys!

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  2. Oh, deployments totally stink! My husband has never been gone as long as your husband, but he did do a 4-1/2 month deployment in the fall of 2010 (returning mid Januaray 2011), and it was tough on all of us. Our oldest was a sophomore in high school (and her boyfriend decided to dump her in the middle of all that), our son was in 7th grade (and his dad missed the son’s first football and basketball season), and our youngest was a 4th grader and totally didn’t understand any of it. Thankfully, we had a lot of support from friends and family. Congrats on hitting “submit” for another marathon 😉

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  3. I cannot imagine how hard it is to what your loved one leave for a deployment. I thank you both for the sacrifice you make for our country.
    I have to tell you that I had a feeling that you would be running another marathon 😉 Training will be a good distraction – when is the race?


  4. No woe in your post at all – you’re just expressing how you feel and nothing wrong with that at all!
    I’m so excited for you to tackle your 2nd marathon. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about this race series so I have no doubt that you will have a very good experience!


  5. Oh, that must be so hard. Some funks are legitimate. I’m grateful to your husband and you for his service.

    Marathon training sounds like a good diversion though.


  6. I’m so glad you’ve decided to run REVEL with me! I hope your arm has healed from all that twisting. 😉 You know we’ve got to do another century ride too. Training for one will be a great way to recover from this marathon. I’ll have logged plenty of trainer rides for cross training by then as well.

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  7. Mmmm hmmmm and who told you you’d be signing up for another marathon sooner than later?? Yeah, that’s right. That does look like a goodie. And perfect for occupying you while Major Hubs is away. Sorry you have to go through the deployment again but I get it too. Remember time flies and so will you…down that mountain!

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  8. It’s really funny how we make connections online – today I thought, I haven’t seen Fabulous’s posts in a while so I got onto your blog to find this post! So sorry to hear about Major Hubs’ deployment – I can’t even imagine the stress of that. I think you are well in your right to have a “woe is me” moment (or two)! And can I just say, I had a sneaky suspicion that was not going to be your first and last marathon! Lol! Let the training begin!

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