Dog Days of Summer: Playing Catch Up

Since last month’s marathon, Revel Rockies, I’ve been pretty much ‘chill-axing’. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out just means I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants in regards to my workouts.

I have to admit, it’s been really nice not having to get a certain number of runs and miles in each week. As much as I love running, my body does respond well to a varied workout routine and with the unbearable heat we’ve been dealing with, indoor workouts have been a welcome reprieve. And since there have been no real race specific training going on, I’ve been MIA with all of my favorite blogging link-ups. I’ve missed runfessing, catching up over coffee and wrapping things up with you all! So, let’s kill three birds with one post and see what’s been going on in the Lady Bird’s nest lately.PicsArt_07-08-11.27.33.jpg

Someone once said, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I couldn’t agree more …especially when it comes to my workouts. After a week of marathon recovery, I’ve been strength training like a boss, cycling, pool running, flipping tires and hitting as many group fitness classes as I can. No chance of getting bored this summer! And yes, I’m still lacing up the running shoes a couple of times per week.


So, what running/racing plans does the ladybird have in mind you ask? Well ….I runfess that I fell for the July 4th discount code and signed up for my first 25k trail run this fall.

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I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now and decided this would be a good time to try something new. You know …that whole ‘never stop challenging yourself’ thing. Our local Fleet Feet store is offering an organized group training plan with Wednesday/Saturday trail runs. I like the idea of not only the advice of seasoned trail runners, but also the company on the trails as running single track trails alone around here is not the safest way to go. Training starts July 25th.

In other news …most of you know that Major Hubs has been deployed since March. I’m seeing the light at the end of the long dark deployment tunnel as we are down to roughly seven weeks. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that our post deployment trip has been finalized and booked! We’ll be heading across the pond to visit our colonial cousins in the city and the countryside. If you’ve been and can offer any tips, suggestions and favorite restaurants, please comment!united-kingdom

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had scheduled a consultation for the fat-freezing procedure Cool Sculpting. I decided to proceed with the procedure and I’m pleased to report that after three weeks, I’m lost a little over one inch in my tummy area. I’m scheduled for my follow-up appointment for post procedure pictures in late August as they claim the best results are seen after 2 – 3 months. Stay tuned for a full review!

Last but not least, let me introduce you to my newest granddog ….Ammo. I runfess that I’m quite smitten with him and can’t wait to take him on a run with me when he’s a little older. I also runfess that having a puppy in the house again was quite exhausting  ….toys everywhere, muddy paw prints on my freshly mopped floors and rough housing throughout the house.  I couldn’t help but wonder if this is just a sneak preview of what grandchildren will be like!20180708_170434.jpg

…and that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with my fabulous friends Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to pop in and see what they’ve been up to this week!WeeklyWrapNew



Finding ‘Fabulous’ at Fifty, one workout at a time!




24 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer: Playing Catch Up

  1. OMG Ammo is so adorable! I’d be smitten too! You’ve got me this close to exploring the Cool Sculpting avenue. I can’t stand the fat distribution that came with menopause. London will be ok food-wise but British food in the rest of the country leaves something to be desired, unless you’re a fan of traditional pub fare. Nevertheless you’ll have a wonderful time.

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    • Regarding the Cool Sculpting, I will say that if I continue to see more results in the next several weeks, I will definitely be back for another session! However, if one inch is all I get …then I’d have to say it’s not worth the $$

      I’m so excited about London ..thanks for all of your help with that!


  2. I’m definitely all about variety in my workouts. It’s becoming essential as running is becoming more difficult for me. Your new pup is precious!

    How exciting that Major Hubs deployment is almost over. You have just been so patient and calm during this separation. And you have that trip to look forward to!

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  3. So exciting that you signed up for the 25K trail race AND that you have an awesome trip booked to the UK. I hope that the next seven weeks just fly by for you!

    I’m glad to hear to you are pleased with your cool sculpting results. My dermatologist office offers it and my sister was really interested in doing it but we don’t know anyone that has gone through the process. I’m going to speak to her tonight and tell her that you were happy with the results!

    Your new granddog is the the absolute cutest!

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    • Kim, I will say that if I continue to see results over the next few weeks, i’ll be super happy with the procedure. However, if one inch is all I get then I’d have to say it’s not worth the $$. I’ll keep you posted!


  4. deborahbrooks14 says:

    Great idea to combine all of your posts into one. I was scrambling around last week trying to get them all done! I love to mix up my workouts a well. You have been busy! 7 more weeks you can do that for sure!

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  5. Oh, Ammo is so cute – and he definitely looks rambunctious! I’m glad you’re in the home stretch for the deployment. A 25K trail run? Sounds challenging but fun!

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  6. Two of my favourite things. Trail running is fabulous. Lifts the spirits and fitness. Hills and uneven ground sure did improve my running. As for puppies. I got my Ted a year ago and now we’re training buddies. There is no way of getting out of a session with his brown eyes pleading at me to go out.

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  7. The trail race sounds fun. I think I’d really like that as long as the trail wasn’t too technical. In my mind, it seems like a cooler option. Oh Lordy…granddogs. They can be very rambunctious. I runfess I’m always happy to see mine go home. I’ve never been to the UK. I know you’ll both enjoy that trip. It’ll be a great place for catching up! Thanks for linking.

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  8. Haha! It is most DEFINITELY a preview of what grandkids will be like. Whenever my kids spend the weekend with my parents I am so embarrassed when I pick them up – their house always looks like it has been turned upside down! LOL! But having said that, my parents seem oblivious to the mess and have the hugest smiles on their faces!

    I love that you have signed up for a 25k Trail! The longest trail I have done is 15k but would love to try something a little bit longer than that. Well done on all the variety in your workouts!

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