Where, oh where, is Fall?

It’s been so long since I’ve written a ‘Weekly Wrap’ post that I could, technically, write a monthly wrap. However, I’ll spare you the painful detail of an entire month and wrap it up in summary style.

I would love to report that since October has rolled around that I’m enjoying crisp cool trail runs strewn with beautiful fall colored leaves. But alas, it’s still hot and humid down here in the south and there are no fallen leaves to hear crunching beneath my steps. I’m hopeful that Fall will make its presence known at least by race day …..Thanksgiving for sure! (I’m serious folks!)Ways Bluff

Strength Training:

Since the Major Hubs returned from his deployment, we’ve been trying to find our new routine for getting strength training done. I’m happy to report that the past couple of weeks we have managed to squeeze in a couple of weight lifting sessions per week. It’s not as much as either of us would like, but it’ll have to suffice for now.

Cross Training:

Aside from the one 45 minute pain session on the stairmill, my strength training has had to count as cross training. I haven’t been on my bike in months and haven’t hit up my beloved BodyPump class in forever either. I just can’t seem to find make the time.


Ahhh, running…. the one area I’m actually really satisfied with right now. Despite the lingering hot and swampy temperatures, I have been having some really good runs. Yes, they are slow, but that’s okay on trails, right? Aside from face planting, my greatest hesitation in taking on trails was fear of hurting my already weak and injury prone ankles. Much to my surprise, I feel stronger than ever …both aerobically and physically. I truly believe that the past few months of running on uneven terrain, having to be intentional with every foot landing, has improved my ankle strength and stability as well as my core strength.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve most likely caught on to how much fun I’m having with this new adventure. In fact, I’m loving it so much that I’m already looking for another trail race and even hoping to convince Major Hubs to jump on the band wagon. Three weeks out from race day and I’m already looking for another …I’d say that’s a good indicator that I’m hooked on trails!

Looking Ahead:

Is it bad luck to look beyond your current goal race? If so, I’m doomed. I’ve got my eye on a 10 mile road race in November, a half marathon in December (I’m looking at you Holly!), another 25k trail race in January and dare I even say it …..maybe, just maybe an ultra in March? Yikes! Can’t believe I said that out loud. A lot of stars would have to align just right for that to happen …time will tell.

Trail Stats:

109 single track trail miles, 3 ticks, 3 snakes, 2 spider webs, 1 briar bush, a swarm of yellow jackets, 4 deer, countless stumbles, 2 black toenails and 1 fall.

And that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with my long-lost gal pals, Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap.

Tell me… are you already scouting out other races before you even toe the starting line of your current one? Do you consider strength training cross training? Is it Fall where you live?


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one run at a time!




22 thoughts on “Where, oh where, is Fall?

  1. Come north, my friend! We’ve got cool temps! We’ve got races! I have a half in November but since it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, it’s a tough sell.

    I’m glad to see how much you are loving trails. I wish we had trails around here, but most of our paths are paved.

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  2. You’ve done an excellent job training for your trial run! I would love to run in the woods for the scenery and outdoorsy feeling of it, but worry about my previously broken feet. I can’t think past this heat so I don’t know what my Fall/Winter plans will be yet. I’m sure we can come up with something! Thanks for linking.

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    • Actually the trails are a softer surface for previously fractured feet. 😁 Now that I’ve been running them, I can feel how hard the road is when I do a weekday road run. I never would’ve believed it had I not experienced it myself. I’m sure hoping we can meet up for something soon ..maybe the Battleship 12k?


  3. I always like to be singed up for the next race before I run the upcoming one. 🙂

    I totally agree that trails will make your legs/feet/ankles stronger (although actually I had a weird ankle thing going on when I was training for my trail half).

    I’m sure if I had a group to run with I’d do more trails. There’s a trail race I’d really like to do, but it’s the week before my next half. I know it’s not a great idea right now, especially with all the travel we’ve had over the last couple of months. Maybe it’ll rain I won’t have to have FOMO!

    An ultra? REALLY? Girl, you’ve got it bad.

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  4. I am always scouting for races, I am glad I’m not alone! That point you make about becoming stronger when trail running is so true – I find that when I run on road, I struggle to engage my glutes which affects my knees. BUT… with trail running they are fully engaged. Imagine how much stronger my glutes would would become if I did more trails!
    PS: So glad to see Major Hubs is back safe and sound!


  5. How wonderful! And I am better at trails than I thought I would be, and it was interesting to me that when we were doing some walking on uneven surfaces on holiday I was more stable and confident than usual. Nice to see someone else join me in terrifying ourselves by booking ultras – mine’s in July …

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