This Week’s Gallivantin’: Love is in the Air

weeklywrapWelcome to the last full week of February…while last week was the longest week ever, the month is flying by! Other than Valentine’s Day, the highlight of my week was that I got my “new feet” and I have mixed feelings about them. It’s one of those odd love/hate scenarios ….they feel so good yet hurt so much all at the same time. Ever experienced anything like that? Anyway, I was told to wear them only a couple of hours the first few days then build up over the next two weeks. I’ll save all the frustrating rants for another post …I hear there’s another edition of Runfessions coming up soon. wink,wink So let’s get on with this week’s Weekly Wrap hosted by Tricia and Holly where we all wrap up our week of workouts and all of the accomplishments and challenges that go along with them. Be sure to stop by these wonderful ladies blogs and others to see what all they’ve been up to! Continue reading

For the Love of Running

Why do runner’s love to run so much? 756cdc45d7e218676f4f969eb5918191It’s a question all runners are asked from time to time by their non-running friends and family and no matter how hard we many try to explain it …no one will ever understand until they become a runner themselves.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all of the love that is being shared today, this week’s Tuesdays on the Run link poses the question “What do you love about running?” For many of us, even though the journey which brought us to running may all be different, we all fell in love with it for many of the same reasons. That is what makes the running community like none other and is a great place to kick off my list! Continue reading

This Week’s Gallivantin’: Changing Gears

Hello and happy Monday from the deep south where the sun is shining and the weather is fabulously warm! We had a beautiful week which felt more like summertime than a typical February week. My Saturday morning run was filled with the smell of fresh-cut grass and the sound of weed eaters ….I hope it never ends! However, I’ve lived in the South long enough to know that there is always a frost just before Easter, so I’ll not be packing my cold weather clothes up just yet …but spring is near folks and it inspires me to take all of my workouts outside! Speaking of workouts …this is the “Weekly Wrap” so let’s see what was done this week.

Monday: 4 miles (tank and skirt) and dinner with friends

Tuesday: Spin class

Wednesday: Rest ….oh yeah, there was Mexican food and Margaritas!


Thursday: Spin class, 4 mile run with Chester Boy (yes, it was cold in the morning but was in shorts by noon) and date night with Major Hubs!

Friday: Rest and spent a little time with the tool box assembling my new toy! (I love the bright orange …because if you have to be pedaling 15 to 16 mph and going nowhere  ….you might as well have some color under your wheel!)


Saturday: 5 mile run (again, tank and skirt) followed by 16 miles on the trainer.

Okay, so it was just an average week of working out. I never found time motivation to do strength work. Yep, I lost my mojo this week. Perhaps it got slurped up in the cocktails I had Monday evening while dining with friends or maybe it got buried in the basket of tortilla chips and salsa consumed on our Wednesday taco date. Nevertheless, I am sure to find it when I attempt to get into my jeans soon!

I’ve been thinking about switching gears a bit anyway. The custom orthotic inserts I’ve been fitted for should be in this week and was also told that I should seriously consider switching from my beloved Newton running shoes to something with a more stable structure. Ugh! I do hate the whole “looking for and trying new running shoes” process. It’s just not that easy for my finicky feet. I just can’t put on a new brand/model of shoes and head out for a 5 miler…. I have to ease into it, giving my feet plenty of time to get adjusted to the shoe. At the risk of sounding all negative here, this process could take even longer due to the fact that I will be adjusting to not only a new brand of shoes but also the new orthotics.  So, with all of this in mind, I’m thinking that my grand ideas of running a spring half marathon is probably not in the cards for me. I need to change gears and focus on other goals ….maybe a duathlon, metric century, more strength work or just focus on adding even more variety of cross-training.  Whatever it is, I will remember to find joy in the journey …because that’s what this beautiful, wonderful life is all about ….the journey, not just the destination.

Speaking of enjoying the journey …I’ll leave you with a few fun pictures from my boot scootin’ date night with the hubs at the rodeo!20170210_081642


How was your week? Anyone else having unusually warm weather in your corner of the world? What fun date nights are you having with your Valentine’s this month? Tell me about them and be sure to check out other bloggers and the hostesses, Holly and Tricia of the Weekly Wrap link. They are all having a fun-filled heart-felt February! weeklywrap



Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one gear at a time!

5 Reasons to Run Boston’s Freedom Trail Guided Tour

A couple of years ago, Major Hubs and I had the opportunity to spend the July 4th holiday in Boston. If you are a patriot of this great nation, I highly recommend this city, especially for the Fourth of July, as a bucket list destination. It was a fabulous trip, filled with history, art, theater, fireworks, the Pops and baseball, of course!

One of the things the hubs and I always make a point to do whenever we travel is to go for at least one run through the city, town or countryside while we are visiting. We both feel there is no better way to see a town through the eyes of its locals and to get a feel for its energy than while out on a leisurely run. In the process of planning our trip, I stumbled upon this little company that provided a guided running tour of Boston’s Freedom Trail, was intrigued and therefore, signed us up.  It turned out to truly be one of the highlights of our vacation! Continue reading

This Week’s Gallivantin’: For the Love of Fitness

Ahhh February …the month of Love !  The month of candy, heart shaped boxes, flowers, jewelry, teddy bears, conversation hearts and romance ….Valentine’s Day! Don’t you just love it? Well, it doesn’t have to be just about couples and romance you know. Think of it as the month to show others how much you care …about their health and fitness. Share with them your love of running, cycling, yoga, etc… Whatever it is that you love to do, make it a point this month to reach out to someone ….a friend, coworker, spouse, child, relative and invite them to a class with you, to the gym or out for a slow jog/walk. Whatever it takes to get someone else motivated to make a change for the better and begin their fitness journey, that’s what it’s all about, right? Sharing the love …our love of health and fitness. Continue reading

Ultimate Coffee Date …cream or sugar?

Ahhhh yes, waking up to a beautiful chilly morning on this first Saturday in February can only mean one thing, right? If you guessed “saturday long run”, I’d say nope. But if you guessed “Ultimate Coffee Date”, I’d say yes! So grab your favorite coffee mug, pour yourself a cup of Joe and let’s catch up …after all, it’s been a month since we last had coffee together.

If we were having coffee….. 

I’d tell you that I met my monthly goal of 50 running miles per month for January. Finished out the month with 54.1 running miles and 68 cycling miles. February will be a few days short, so I’ll have to make up a few miles here and there. I know, I know …some of you girls are putting that much in a week, but that’s a huge success for me considering the I hardly did any significant running the last half of 2016. The ankle is still tender after runs and stiff every morning, but I think I’m on my way back!19273-Steve-Prefontaine-Quote-Success-isn-t-how-far-you-got-but-the.jpg

If we were having coffee…..6df5fcaab24e6c3ad828cd4061049943

I’d tell you that little bright idea I had to do a juice cleanse …well, it wasn’t so bright. I’ve already told you guys that I bought some of the juices at my local grocery store to have a little “juice tasting” if you will (for the record, a wine tasting would have been preferable). Well, out of the SIX bottles that I bought only two of them actually tasted good and two were moderately tolerable and the other two I couldn’t even get past the second swig. So, there you have it….no juice cleansing for me. But now, this chick    ———–> she just may be on to something!

If we were having coffee……

I’d tell you that the hubs and I are still trying to nail down our summer vacation plans and that those “summer” vacation plans may end up actually being fall vacation plans due to Uncle Sam requiring some extra training of his unit this summer. We are toying with three options …a West coast trip, an East coast trip or a tropical destination. All of these will be fabulous, of course, and two of them would include a half marathon in a new state! Win! Stay tuned…50dd66bc924ef2ba626d05b6cfc574b6

If we were having coffee….

I’d tell you (this may come as a surprise to some of you) that although I’m a small town city girl (because there is a difference between small town and big town city girls), I do love spending time in the country. I love riding horses, walking in the woods, wading through a creek and shooting guns. Every year in February we have the Dixie National Rodeo in town for a couple of weeks. Usually, Major Hubs and I would drive over for one night to catch the rodeo and a concert (usually an up and coming country music star). I’m super excited that we can take in as many nights as we want now that we live in the same city ….because sometimes a girl just needs to put on her cowboy boots, hop in her husbands pick up truck and go watch some real men ride some bulls. One thing is for sure ….you won’t be seeing any man buns, skinny jeans or saggy pants at the rodeo! Giddy Up!this-is-how-real-men-wear-teir-jeans

Yes, I’ll leave you ladies with this image to ponder …you’re welcome! And if by chance you happen to prefer men in skinny jeans or saggy pants, my apologies …it’s definitely a generational and/or cultural thing.

Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning …I’m off to get a workout in. I do hope you enjoy your weekend and please be sure to visit our wonderful hostesses Coco and Deborah for their Ultimate Coffee Date linkup.the-ultimate-coffee-date2-1-600x600


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!

The World is Your Gym

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to February, the month of love! This week’s Friday Five topic, with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness is all about our favorite gym workouts/equipment. Now before we get started, let me first just say that I am a self-professed gym rat! I love the atmosphere and I feed off the energy from everyone else around me.I love that while lifting weights, there is the one guy over in front of the mirror with arms like Hulk Hogan while at the same time, there is the sweet little elderly lady on the leg press working one leg at a time to try and maintain enough muscle strength to keep her from having to use a walker.  I love that at any given time while on the treadmill, there may be one person to the right of me that is a lean mean running machine working on speed intervals while to the left of me there may be someone huffing and puffing just trying to walk a couple of miles …and they all inspire me! I’m moved by the fact that in one building there are all of these people on their own personal fitness journey, all at different levels and with different motivations and goals. There’s no judgement and no competition, just everyone striving to be a better version of themselves. That’s motivating and inspiring to me and I love it! Continue reading