….all is calm, all is bright!

As Christmas 2016 draws to an end, I reflect back on the past few weeks and realize just how blessed I am. The passing of time and the circumstances of life have a way of slowly changing the holidays for us. As I look back on the years when my boys were little, the weeks leading up to Christmas was always hectic and chaotic yet filled with excitement and magic. The anticipation the children felt for Christmas morning filled the house as they counted down the days until Santa’s arrival. Our Christmas Eve traditions of attending church, baking cookies to leave for Santa and spreading “Reindeer food”, a very special blend of corn and glitter, around the front lawn was always something I looked forward to as much as my children. Just seeing that innocent, child-like belief that Santa’s reindeer would be feasting in their front yard while Santa was busy working inside always filled my heart with joy. As the boys grew older, the magic of Santa was replaced with the truth, hope and joy of fully understanding the true meaning of Christmas and I am grateful for that. If I’m honest, however; Continue reading