Ultimate Coffee Date: It’s Homecoming Month, Y’all!

First things first y’all …it’s homecoming month and if we were having coffee, I’d be strolling in the coffee shop grinning from ear to ear and about as giddy as a school girl with a brand new crush!

But since we can’t have coffee face to face, pour yourself a cup of your favorite morning beverage, pull up a chair and let’s catch up with Deborah and Coco via the Ultimate (virtual) Coffee Date.

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Rocky Mountain Coffee Date

Good morning from Colorado! Another month has passed and it’s the first Saturday of June, which can only mean one thing in the blogging world ….time for the Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and Coco. I do enjoy these little windows of opportunity to catch up on what all is going on in everyone’s world and since Holly and I have arrived in Denver and are preparing to run the Revel Rockies marathon tomorrow ….I thought it’d be fun to join in from the mile high city. So, grab yourself a cup of joe, get comfy and let’s chat!20180601_111139.jpg

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Ultimate Coffee Date: October Edition

The months are flying by and the calendar says it’s Fall, yet it feels as though we are stuck in a perpetual state of ‘summer’. It’s the first Saturday of the month, I’ve finished my long run and poured myself a cup of coffee with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream ….this can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and Coco! So grab a cup of coffee, with or without Bailey’s, no one’s judging …and join us!

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