🎶Rainy Days and Taxes Always Get Me Down🎶

Happy Sunday and welcome to the Weekly Wrap! I’m honored to have the opportunity to guest co-host, alongside Wendy, this week for my friend Holly as she takes a much-needed break ….a little birdie told me she’s been basking in the sunshine and soaking up some vitamin sea down in Margaritaville! Who else is super jealous?

In the meantime, the marathon ‘train’ing keeps rolling down the tracks and there were a few stops along the way this week ….some pleasant, some not so pleasant and one exciting venture on the horizon.

The not so pleasant pit stops this week were rain and taxes …good grief, I’m so sick of rain. When it storms and rains an entire day, Saturday no less, the same day that you have to stop procrastinating and file your damn taxes …well, it just plain sucks. On the flip side, however, there were some beautiful 80 degree sunshiny days and an afternoon spent alone with my youngest son. You know, it’s rare to have several hours of uninterrupted quality time with a teenager these days ….so I relish in them every chance I get. Oh yeah, and the exciting venture? Well, you’ll just have to read on for that one!Revel Rockies Continue reading


Marathon Training: Hello April!

While the first week of April down here in the ‘crooked letter’ state rolled in with temps soaring and dropping like a roller coaster, I stayed focused on marathon training and my goal to lose some ‘fluff’ while the Major is away.

This training cycle, I’m determined to focus on strength training. This is something I wanted to do for my first marathon, but just never found the time motivation. I truly believe that most of my running injuries, aches and pains can be lessened, if not eliminated, by more time spent with weights. I also know that I was at my leanest and toned, back in the day when I never missed a strength workout. Besides, for me …I just feel stronger, sexier and healthier when I’m in a regular strength routine. Revel Rockies Continue reading

Marathon Training: Lady Bird Gets Her Groove Back

March coming to an end not only means Holly and I are just 2 months out from our marathon in the Rockies, it also marks one week completed of my ‘deployment marathon’ as well.  After throwing myself a 4 day pity party, I woke up on Tuesday morning, laced up the running shoes, had a little chat with myself and hit the old running path where I put in so many miles training for my first marathon …it was there that I think I finally got my groove back. One can only feel sorry for oneself for so long, right? Besides, HGTV bingeing, popcorn, pizza and wine does not burn calories and it certainly doesn’t help with marathon training! Well okay, who am I kidding? The wine helps ….for both marathon training and surviving the deployment marathon!

Revel Rockies Continue reading

Deployment Marathon

It occurred to me the other day that not only am I in training for my second marathon, but I am also beginning my first week of a different sort of marathon training …..the marathon of waiting. Most of you know by now that Major Hubs left in the wee hours of the morning on Friday for a six month deployment …so the waiting marathon and countdown has begun. Deployment.png

We have endured a deployment before (12 months) and I can attest to the fact that it never gets easier. The stark feeling of loneliness upon walking in your home after their departure takes ones breath away and the quietness is deafening. However, like every other trial in life, time eases the pain and every day brings hope and a renewed spirit. It’s a process and I will find my way once again.

The past week included zero running. The only workout completed was the hour and half weight session the hubs and I did together ….it was the most romantic workout I’ve had in a long time!  (Yes, even a workout can be romantic when you know it’s the last one for quite some time) We squeezed as much into the past week as we could and soaked up every single moment together. There was a trip to the Bird Family Farm for some peace and quiet, a college baseball game, a birthday family cookout, quiet dinners together, long walks with the dog, evenings on the deck and even dancing barefoot in the kitchen to our favorite songs. I regret absolutely nothing I did or didn’t do the weeks leading up to his leaving.


However, one can only feel sorry for themselves for so long. I’ve had my eye on a local trail race for quite some time and the fact that it was promoted as ‘the perfect race for beginner trail runners‘ made it even more appealing. So I put on my big girl panties, registered 10 minutes before the deadline and found myself at the starting line of my first trail run on Saturday. I’ll recap it soon but will leave you with a little teaser ….not only did I have a great time, I also discovered a little ‘hitchhiker’ from the trail on my body during church this morning!!! Eeek!


As much as I miss Major Hubs, I know that getting back to a regular routine is the best way to combat the blues. So this week I’ll get back to my regular running/workout routine. I am still dealing with an irritable hip flexor that just won’t calm down. Any advice regarding this will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for your kind words of love, support and encouragement for the both of us during this time. I’ve received texts and messages from so many of you and it truly warms my heart. I try to be intentional at keeping my political beliefs separate from my blog  …however, let me just say that no matter which side of the political fence you stand, please never take for granted the sacrifices our service men and women make. Remember this …they do what they do because they love and believe in the United States of America and the principles it was founded on no matter who holds the office of presidency. They serve you, the American citizens, and fight for your freedom  …they do not serve a political party. I am grateful for every man and woman who serves or has ever served and I am beyond proud to be a soldier’s wife.


Official hanging of the yellow ribbon

…..and that’s a wrap. Three days down and 150+ to go!

Trail runner? What’s your favorite distance? Any advice on cranky hip flexors? 

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Marathon Training ….Here I go again!

I’m back! It’s been over a month since I participated in the Weekly Wrap but don’t think I haven’t been keeping up with you all ….I just needed a little break. I needed a break from running, working out, talking about running and working out and just really everything. Ever feel that way?

If you follow me regularly, you know that I completed my first marathon in January …so that, in and of itself, requires and demands some down time. You also know that Major Hubs is deploying VERY soon so I’m sure you can imagine that I have simply wanted to devote all of my attention to spending as much quality and quantity time with him before he leaves. In addition to that, there is a lot of things that need to be taken care of before a spouse leaves on a deployment ….things that one may not ever consider unless they’ve been through one. Needless to say, things have been a little hectic around my house.

With all the being said, I did sign up for my second marathon and the training miles aren’t going to run themselves …..so it’s time for me to get back in the game, get focused and link back up with all of my fabulously supportive Weekly Wrap gal pals!

Revel Rockies

If you recall, I signed up to run the Revel Rockies marathon with Holly. It is a beautiful downhill course in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. Again, my goal will be to simply finish this race uninjured. However, this course will bring a new set of challenges …some that can be trained for and some that can’t.

  • First of all, the time limit for the full will require that I finish at least 10 minutes faster than my first marathon. That’s probably doable since it is a downhill course.
  • Second, it is a downhill course. I’ve only run one downhill course and it was a half marathon. The downhill felt fantastic and I ran paces that I hadn’t seen in any of my training runs ….until the course flattened out. Downhill running pretty much trashes your quads and makes flat running feel like you’re climbing hills. I can’t imagine what my legs will feel like after 26 miles of downhill!
  • Third, altitude. I honestly don’t know if or how this will affect me.
  • Fourth, I’m 12 weeks out from race day. Is it even feasible for a rookie marathoner to train for this in only 12 weeks while still only running 3x per week? Time will tell!

I do have a plan and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works. Here’s how my first week went ….

  • Monday:  30 min stairmill to work the glutes and quads / 15 min. rower /20 pushups, supermans and plank


    Climbing the Empire State Building …without the beautiful NYC skyline views

  • Tuesday: 3 mile run / 30 burpees
  • Wednesday: Spin class / 30 pushups, supermans and a plank
  • Thursday: 2 miles downhill repeats / 40 burpees


    It was just too pretty not to take these burpees outside!

  • Friday: 5 mile run / 40 pushups, supermans and a plank


    Getting the guilt trip from Chester for not taking him on this run

  • Saturday: 1 hour strength training with the hubby

When the weather forecast predicted rain all day for Saturday, I decided to move my long run to Friday ….yeah, that didn’t quite work out and 5 was all I could get in that day. I’ll have to make that up this week. Overall, not a bad week of workouts but I’m not sure how good of a week it was for ‘marathon training’. Oh well ….pressing on.

How was your week? What are you training for? Ever run a race in high altitude? Any tips or advice?

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Marathon Training Week 21: It’s Show Time!

Wow, what a journey this has been! When I embarked on the road to my first full marathon, I honestly had no idea of what lay ahead nor what the outcome would be. I’ve had serious doubts all along that my body would ever allow me to complete this distance. After months of conservative training in an effort to prevent an injury, I still ended up with an injured foot ….and not from running, but rather hitting it on a piece of furniture! Ahhh, such is life. An extra week of taper was taken and my last scheduled long run of 20 miles never happened. While this only added to my worries and fears, Coach Holly remained calm, cool and collected ….a pillar of strength for this rookie marathoner to lean on. 26.2 Continue reading

Marathon Training Weeks 19 & 20: Taper Time

I didn’t write a Weekly Wrap last week because, quite honestly, I was just frustrated with my training …or lack thereof. Yes it was time to taper and I was fine with that. However, due to my foot issue, I’ve done more than taper …I’ve pretty much been on the bench. Will it have negative effects on my performance come race day or will all the extra rest be the perfect recipe for my first marathon debut? Only time will tell, but I’m leaning toward the perfect recipe! Positive thoughts bring positive results, right?

26.2 Continue reading