Run thru History 10k Recap ~ Vicksburg, Ms

If you are looking for a challenging 10k course and just so happen to be somewhat of a history buff, this race is for you! It is a beautiful course run entirely within the Vicksburg National Military Park which commemorates one of the most decisive battles of the American Civil War. It is filled with civil war cannons, fortifications, trenches, monuments, statues and plaques echoing the stories of the thousands of Confederate and Union soldiers who fought and died on these battlefields. The beauty of the park will inspire you while it’s considerably dramatic hills will humble even the strongest of runners. Continue reading

This Week’s Gallivantin’: One Step at a Time

Another week, another weekly wrap! I really don’t know what is going on with me lately. During the week, I feel like I’m getting good solid workouts in, then when I sit down to work on my post for this link-up, I think …”that’s it? No wonder, I’m not losing these extra pounds that Aunt Minnie has gifted me!” Then I vow to amp it up for the coming week only to find myself in the same boat the following Sunday…. sigh  On a more positive note …it was an absolutely beautiful week with plenty of sunshine and warm weather for said workouts!

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This Weeks Gallivantin’: A Wrap on January

This Weeks Gallivantin’ brings us to the end of not only this week, but my birthday month as well …wasn’t it just Thanksgiving a few weeks ago? Anyway, it’s been a great start to the new year and so far, 50 is feeling pretty fabulous! My workouts are still a little scattered and all over the place and I just can’t seem to get back into a routine …hopefully that will come soon. Speaking of workouts, let’s see how I did this week:

  • Sunday: 40 minutes Powermill
  • Monday: 13.1 mile run
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: 9 mile bike ride
  • Friday: 45 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: Rest

Not a bad week for cardio but I did no weight training whatsoever, and I missed it. I really enjoy do my weight workouts with Major Hubs and his work schedule has been crazy lately …we gotta hit it hard in February!  However, it hasn’t been all a loss since I am happy to report that I have managed to lose 3 of those holiday pounds that found me…even after eating an entire pint of Halo Top birthday cake flavored ice cream for supper one night! (Well, it is still my birthday month, you know!)


I might be slightly obsessed with this stuff!

As you all know, my January half marathon was cancelled due to an unusual and somewhat unexpected ice storm. The race director offered a virtual race option for those that wanted to “officially” post a time and feel like they actually earned their medal and race swag. I woke up Monday morning and decided I would just go out and run 13.1 and get it over with. Not the brightest idea and certainly was the hardest 13 I’ve ever run, but I did it and now I can wear that jacket with honor. The hubs was so impressed and felt just a tad bit of spouse pressure, so he bit the bullet and ran his 13 Thursday evening …most of it in the dark! He’s a tough old bird! I started out with the grand idea that I would ride my bike alongside him and be his “water station”,  but when one of the dogs got out AGAIN, I had to cut my ride short. But hey, it’s all good …he got his 13 in and I managed to get in a few on the bike to round out our day. Continue reading

This Weeks Gallivantin’: Easing on down the road

Happy Sunday from the sunny and 70’s South! Yep, that’s right …this time last week, we were covered in a thin sheet of ice, completely shut down and slip sliding all over the place! Mother Nature is one hormonal woman; but I’m neither judging her nor complaining as I, myself, can go from hot flash to freezing cold in the blink of an eye and I do love a nice warm 72 degree run!

It’s been a great week of workouts as I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable easing back into more running and slowly increasing the mileage. Here’s how my week played out … Continue reading

This Weeks Gallivantin’: Slacker, Sluggard and Sloth, oh my!

Yes, that about sums up my week. I’d like to think that I could blame my lack of activity on my ankle injury, children’s activities, a super hectic job or anything that sounds better than the truth …just had a serious case of couch potato-itis. I did mange to get my strength training workouts in and a 5k on Saturday, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time to get any cardio in between all of the terribly unhealthy meals I consumed!5e93db90309b89e83bb97dc86b4d8964

I guess we all have weeks like these, right? Come on …please tell me that you do too! Oh well, here’s how it looked…

Monday: Leg day

Tuesday: 45 minutes on Elliptical

Wednesday: Back/Biceps

Thursday: Chest/Triceps

Friday: Shoulders/Core

Saturday: 5k with the hubs

This was a super hilly out and back course and while I enjoyed the challenge, I knew it would affect my time. The advantage of out and back courses is the obvious, for every hill you climb going out, you make note to yourself that you will have that downhill coming back! Yay!! Unfortunately, the same is true for every downhill going out ….there’s an uphill coming back. And it all adds up to a bunch of hills that begins to wear you down by the second mile. The one thing that kept me pushing through the hills was the fact that I knew that last quarter of a mile stretch to the finish line would be downhill. The plan was to endure the hills and open it up during that last stretch to make up time. Good plan, right? Right. Well… when I turned the corner onto that last stretch that I was soooo looking forward to, it hit me….that strong North wind right in my face all the way to the finish line! Despite the hills and headwind, we both came away with 1st place AG awards…another benefit of small town 5k’s, the competition is usually not too stiff 🙂20161008_0900140

The good news is that I watched a video on how to tape for post tibial tendonitis and I’m happy to report that it felt pretty good …for a 5k. I’m not sure how it would hold up for longer distances though.20161008_094444

I have to share with you the very special overall awards that were given out at this race. They were handmade by members of the Mustard Seed, a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. They have made finisher’s medals for a few local half marathons as well. They also have handmade greeting cards and custom photo Christmas cards on their website which I’ve linked above. I think this is a fabulous way for these incredibly talented individuals to be a part of something they otherwise may not be able to participate  in.


With that, my week is done. As sloth-full as it was, I will redeem myself this week after being inspired by all of the incredible Chicago marathoners stories I will be reading in this link up!! Oh yeah, speaking of link ups…..I’m linking up with Tricia and Holly aka Chicago marathon finisher for another edition of Weekly Wrap. Head on over there and prepare to be inspired by some seriously incredible women balancing life, children, full-time jobs and a lot of running!weeklywrapxoxo,

Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, even while occasionally slacking!

Bucket List Races

Considering the fact that I’m doing good to be able to run a mere three miles these days; my dream races most likely won’t be getting crossed off my “bucket list” anytime soon. But hey, I’m only 49.75 years old…there’s plenty of time!

I love reading other runners dream races because it gives one a little glimpse of who they are, what motivates and excites them. I’m not really that into big races; I enjoy the energy of them but not the chaos of trying to navigate all that they entail just to get to the starting line. I do love to travel; however, I do not want every trip to be centered around a race. Therefore, my husband and I make a point to get a run in everywhere we travel believing that there is no better way to see a city, town or countryside better than on foot (or bike). We’ve run the historic streets of Charleston and Boston, covered just about every inch of Central Park, hiked the mountains of the Grand Tetons and explored every nook and cranny of Key West on bicycles. With that being said, there are a few races that are on my bucket list and one day will get crossed off!

1. Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon

Anyone who knows me even in the slightest, knows that I am a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur and I can’t think of a better way to spend 2 1/2 hours covering 13.1 miles!


Isn’t this just absolutely beautiful? And of course, the bling is fabulous as well ….both beautiful and functional!dt-common-streams-streamserver

2. New York City Half Marathon

Okay, I know this sounds crazy to all of you marathoners out there who dream of running THE New York City marathon. What runner wouldn’t love to be a participant in, what I believe to be, the greatest marathon in the USA! However, I must be realistic …I will never run a full marathon and I’m perfectly okay with that. Therefore, I set my sights on things a little more feasible. While the hubs and I have travelled to NYC many times and run the streets of Central Park numerous times, we absolutely love the energy of the Big Apple and I imagine the route of this race (Central Park to Times Square and ending at Battery Park) would be filled with an energy as only New York City can deliver!NYC_Half_Marathon_-_Aug_'06.jpg

3. Grand Teton National Park Half Marathon

To be honest, it wasn’t until last year that I even knew this race existed. While planning our summer trip to Wyoming, I stumbled upon this race series and found it interesting, at the very least. However, it wasn’t until after our incredible trip to the Grand Tetons that I decided to add this one to the bucket list of races! In case you missed my vacation recap (check it out), I’ll let you in on a little secret ….I absolutely fell in love with this part of the country and secretly want to sell everything we own, pack up the necessities and move to Jackson Hole!13782222_1422419297775671_661722321431275343_n13508841_1395292297155038_1607150375752667134_n

I’m absolutely in love with this medal! Actually, the entire series of National Park races are just beautiful and would be a wonderful goal for some of you “series junkies” out there. Each finisher’s medal represents the NPS emblem for that specific park.

Now that my insatiable desire for travel has been stirred, I must go and begin researching and planning next summer’s vacation. It’s never too early!

I’m linking up with MarciaPatty and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run! Today’s topic is, obviously, bucket list races and destinations. Go on over and check out these ladies and some of the many others who have linked up …you never know which race you will be inspired to run!Tuesdays-on-the-Run-2

What races are on your bucket list?

Have you ever participated in any of these three races? If so, send me the link to your race recap …I’d love to read it!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one bucket list item at a time!